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Not Planned Ideas after finishing the Welcome Tutorial

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by TekMonkeyJr, Jul 2, 2020.

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  1. This list will be just things that the Villager could be used for after doing the Welcome Tutorial

    New name: Victor the Villager

    After completing the Welcome Tutorial, Victor will be used to either be:

    - A Trading Station

    Clicking Victor will open up a menu where you can trade with either Friends or random people throughout all the lobbies. Both players will be able to trade up to 9 different items (same amount of items as the hotbar). When both players agree, they can click a green emerald block for yes or a redstone block for no. Players won't be able to trade cosmetics you get from the leveling system.

    - Loot Blacksmith

    You can put in 3-5 cosmetics of same quality for a higher piece of a cosmetic. However the quality of cosmetics you are putting in, the higher you have to pay in shards.

    If you put in:

    - White = 250 shards
    - Blue = 1000 shards
    - Purple = 2000 shards

    What do you guys think?

    (Btw if these ideas don't get implemented, then at least take out the "2000 Gems" text next to the "Welcome Tutorial" text if you've already done it.)
    Posted Jul 2, 2020
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  2. I think it's alright if it remains functioning like it has so far. The tutorial can be revisited this way.

    As for the suggestion, there aren't many ways to give something to another player anyway (villager morph, santa morph, treasure party bombs), and in the case of the villager morph, it takes 20 gems to throw a 10 gem emerald. Since it generally goes against these systems and the way Mineplex treats cosmetics, I don't think this one will get to production, especially with the time it would probably take to develop.
    Posted Jul 2, 2020
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  3. I agree with @Thenorn, I think it'll be beneficial if we keep the welcome villager there regardless, returning players that haven't played since years, for example, can use that villager to remember what to do on the network. I'll have to sadly disagree with both of your ideas; I don't think trading or selling cosmetics would do good for the community, especially when it comes to compromised accounts where we can have a trade that goes from a compromised account to a hacker's account for instance. Another concern I have is that essentially selling cosmetics would bring no benefit to the players as in return you can only buy treasure chests which will give you cosmetics back again, I think if we have another reason to use shards for, them maybe only then can we introduce something like this.
    Posted Jul 2, 2020
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  4. Hey!

    I think the idea of revamping the welcome villager is most definitely a unique idea that I have not seen come up before and I would love to discuss it!

    First off, before I even consider if the welcome villager should be removed, I will go over the suggestions you made. Both of your ideas, The Trading Station and the Loot Blacksmith, revolve around finding new ways for players to unlock cosmetics. I have to say that at the moment, I disagree that the community needs this right now and that it would cause massive changes to the cosmetic market. I assume that the motivation behind these possible changes is to allow for newer players and perhaps players who do not play often to unlock the cosmetics they do not have/are rare to get. However, I see this as only causing unfairness between players. Most players who have all or a majority of the cosmetics on the server have worked very hard to get them and would have had to play on the server for a very long time. So I feel like if either of these were to be implemented, some form of compensation would be required for players with a majority of the cosmetics. Also, there is a reason that some cosmetics are hard to get and I feel like that should remain. Whether it be the fact that it is a seasonal item or something that does not get found often in chests, most items are still possible to get and require a certain level of dedication to obtain. I believe that it is much more satisfying to obtain a hard-to-get cosmetic after a long time of trying than to have the whole server having every cosmetic. While I understand the difficulty of achieving all of the cosmetics, it is a worthwhile attempt for those who try in their respect and they do not make or break the sever experience.

    Now, I agree with @Hxmza in the aspect of your post about the removal of the welcome villager. In our current state, we have old players returning daily who may have not been on the server for several years. The welcome tutorial should always be a basis for players on the server and it allows for a consistent friendly attitude, in my opinion.

    Overall, I love the inspiration behind your post but for the reasons stated above I am not in full support of the ideas. I do agree with you that the 2000 gems sign should be taken off the welcome villager after the first time a player completes the tutorial though. As well as allowing for all server cosmetics to be possible to gain at any moment in the server's history so new players can always begin the grind to unlocking every cosmetic!

    Thanks for the post! -1
    Posted Jul 3, 2020
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  5. Hey dude.
    I actually disagree with these ideas.
    About the first idea, what are you even going to trade, cosmetics? First of all, it doesn't seem fair that someone grinds a certain game for 20,000 shards for an Illuminated Chest, then trade it of to someone for a cosmetic they got from an old chest, without then realizing they wasted 15,000 shards. Plus, why would you even want to trade your cosmetics? They are things you worked hard to get, why would you want to let them go so easily. On the other hand, this idea does have some potential. During the Halloween time period on Mineplex, I really wanted the cosmetic set that spawned double the flaming pumpkins, and would have gladly traded some of my cosmetics for them. However, I am going to give this idea a -1 because I feel like people will get ripped off and then complain because they lost those extra shards.
    About the second idea, I don't see this being used very much. Sure, you get a better cosmetic, but at what cost? It'll cost you that much time and that many shards (probably more than just buying chests to get that better cosmetic) just to get those cosmetics back. With this idea, I also feel like Admins will get a lot more complaints because they don't like the rarer cosmetic and want their other ones back. This'll just be extra work, and I feel like Mineplex would rather not go through that.
    Overall, I don't think these ideas would work very well on Mineplex.
    Posted Jul 3, 2020
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  6. Hi there! To start, we don't plan on replacing the tutorial, even if you've already completed it. It's very helpful for players returning to the server who have forgotten about a few key aspects on the network, and would like to go through the tutorial again. If we ever have any future ideas involving more NPCs in the future, there would likely be a new spot created for one rather than replacing an old one.

    Next, a trading station has been denied multiple times in the past. The reason being is that treasure chests are supposed to be luck based regarding what cosmetic you'll receive, and you shouldn't be able to trade for any cosmetic you'd like.

    Lastly, "cosmetic scrapping". This builds on to the previous point that the chests are supposed to be randomized in the items they give you. As soon as you open a chest, you've got to stick with the cosmetics you received. However, in our most recent Immortal update, we did implement a feature regarding chests scrapping if you wish to save up immortal points for this feature. You will be able to turn chests into shards (before opening them)! =)

    Thank you for putting the time into creating these lovely ideas! If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message.

    Thread Locked >> Idea Not Planned
    Posted Jul 12, 2020
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