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Implemented Immortal rank needs a color change

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by SuperThePiplup, Feb 16, 2020.

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  1. Hey.

    I don't post on the forums much due to me no longer being active within the Mineplex community, however I decided to check after the announcement of the PPC rebranding. I personally believe that (at least on the forums) Immortal hurts to look at on a visual standpoint. I understand they can't tone it more towards orange due to it more than likely being mixed up with staff ranks, however even though I don't particularly know the solution I'm sure SOMEONE does. (I mostly don't know due to my unfamiliarity of the current ranks colors)

    Please take this into consideration <3
    Posted Feb 16, 2020
  2. Posted Feb 16, 2020
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  3. Thread moved to General Idea Discussion

    It is planned to change the colour of the immortal rank. I'll link my response to the thread that @Arianagrande____ linked:

    Link to that thread: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/immortal-rank.97276/#post-339252

    I'll apply the necessary tags and leave the thread open for discussion, feel free to message me with any questions.
    Posted Feb 17, 2020
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  4. I'm glad that they are going to change the color since yellow doesn't fit in very well compared to the other ranks. Can't wait to see what color they choose.
    Posted Feb 17, 2020
  5. I'm still advocating for a lavendar purple color. But a lot of people say it will resemble Hero too much.
    Posted Feb 17, 2020
  6. Hey,

    I actually think that the colour amaranth or a peachy colour would better suit the Immortal rank, due to the fact that these colours are used to represent immortality in different civilisations. These colours also aren't too bright, which means that it wouldn't be too much of an eyesore to look at, and as a background on forum posts it's light enough to not cause too many issues but enough of a colour to be noticed.

    ~ TheGrandmaster
    Posted Feb 17, 2020
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  7. Sadly, Minecraft does not let you pick and choose what colours you can have. There are 16 possible colours that you can use for text colours and rank colours, and many of these are either ugly, or just already used. The 16 colours are as follows:

    This list is originally from @crazygeek516's post on the Mineplex Discord. The original list can be found here.

    Dark red: Management and Development - Admin+, Devs
    Red: Titan and the YouTube rank
    Gold: Staff ranks - Trainee, Mod, Sr. Mod
    Yellow: Strongly disliked - Immortal
    Dark green: MPS purposes - MPS Hosts and Co-Hosts
    Green: Legend
    Aqua: Ultra
    Dark aqua: Eternal
    Dark blue: Management - Build and Map Leads
    Blue: Builder
    Light purple: Hero
    Dark purple: YT and Streamer

    White, grey, dark grey and black are unused.

    Please notify me if any of that is incorrect.

    So unless you want Immortal to be the same colour as the chat, a colour will have to be re-used. I have no idea which one would work best, but I'm making sure you're aware that we can't have amaranth or a lavendar purple.

    We all know dark red is the best colour anyway...
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  8. I mean, what if we just let immortals pick their rank color similar to what we do with levels? Chat is already super wonky with chat colors so might as well make everyone's rank look a little more "personal"?
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  9. Honestly, I think Immortal should be Dark Green because it was never used in ranks before.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  10. Idea Implemented​

    In our most recent update/fix for the Immortal rank, we implemented a new command to change your rank color, strictly to Immortals only. I'll be marking the thread as implemented and locking the thread. Thanks for the suggestion. (Yes, this is copy pasted from another thread.)
    Posted Mar 3, 2020
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