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Immortal Shop

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Paladise, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. Here is a simple list of the different perks that you can get from the Immortal Shop. You can see a more detailed list by clicking the cosmetic chest in your hotbar (in lobbies) then clicking the sunflower.

    120,000 Immortal Shop Points:
    • Gift Immortal. Allows one use of /giftimmortal. This will allow you to gift 1 Month of Immortal to another player.
    80,000 Immortal Shop Points:
    • Custom Weapon Name. Changes the name of your weapon to Your Custom Weapon Name.
    65,000 Immortal Shop Points:
    • Disguise Command. Allows access to /disguise. You will be given a random name, skin, rank, and level. (You cannot get a staff member rank, from what I heard, and also staff will be able to track down rule breakers using /disguise).
    35,000 Immortal Shop Points:
    • Chests Into Shards. In the Treasure Chest menu, Shift-Right-Click to convert chests into shards at a reduced rate.
    • Bulk Treasure Opening. In the treasure chest menu, Shift-Left-Click to bulk open all of your chests in one go.
    • MPS Extension. Allows access in MPS to: Access to /ig (Immortal give), Unlock all kits setting, Enhanced /bc
    • Gems to Shards. Allows you to convert Gems into Treasure Shards at a reduced rate.
    25,000 Immortal Shop Points:
    • Lobby Beacon. Saves where you are standing in the Lobby. You will spawn there rather than the center. Sneak while placing to remove your beacon.
    20,000 Immortal Shop Points:
    • Punch another player to send them flying into the air!
    15,000 Immortal Shop Points:
    • More Community Ownership Slots. Allows you to create an additional 4 communities.
    • Bow Weapon Names. Allows you to use your Weapon Names on bows!
    • Axe Weapon Names. Allows you to use your Weapon Names on axes!
    • Any Tier Weapon Names. Allows you to use your Weapon Names on any bow and sword/axe tier!
    • Halloween Horror in MPS. Makes Halloween Horror playable in your MPS.
    • Pumpkin's Revenge in MPS. Makes Pumpkin's Revenge playable in your MPS.
    • Christmas Chaos in MPS. Makes Christmas Chaos playable in your MPS.
    • Area 51 Raid In MPS. Makes Area 51 Raid playable in your MPS.
    10,000 Immortal Shop Points:
    • More Skin Changer Pages. Allows you to save an additional page of skins in the Skin Changer.
    • Each Monthly Immortal Reward since September 2016.
    5000 Immortal Shop Points:
    • Bloody Stream Disc. Yes this is a JoJo's reference.
    • Perfect Balance Immortal Symbol. Changes your Immortal Symbol Prefix in chat to <perfect balance>.
    • Hazardous Material Immortal Symbol. Changes your Immortal symbol prefix in chat to <hazardous>.
    • Musically Inclined Immortal Symbol. Changes your Immortal symbol prefix in chat to <musically inclined>.
    2000 Immortal Shop Points:
    • Big Larry Balloon. A floating Big Larry Balloon that appears above your head! [​IMG]
    • Big Garry Balloon. A floating Big Garry Balloon that appears above your head!
    • Taunt in Lobbies. Allows you to use /taunt in lobbies! [​IMG]
    • More Mission Slots. Increases your Daily Mission limit by 3 and your Weekly Mission limit by 2.
    Posted Jul 10, 2020,
    Last edited Jul 10, 2020
  2. thanks
    Posted Sep 23, 2021
  3. Very helpful ! Thank you!
    Posted Oct 5, 2021
  4. A really handy guide, will use this to assist players when they ask about the perks or how immortal points are used.
    Only suggestion would be to put it into a table
    Posted Oct 7, 2021

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