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Introduction to the "Help" Section

Discussion in 'Help' started by Jarvis, Feb 2, 2017.

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  1. Welcome to the Help Forum!

    What is this, and what questions can I ask?

    This section of the forums is the section where you can ask any questions you may have about Mineplex, which you would normally ask a Moderator. Community members are able to give you their help or input on the matter, and one of our available Moderators will also get back to your thread very fast, confirm the correct answer and resolve your issue!

    You are able to ask any kind of question pretaining to Mineplex. We do however recommend you check out the following list of FAQs before attempting to create a thread, as they may easily and efficiently answer your question, before creating your thread:

    - Frequently Requested Documents Listing:

    (URLs will be updated)

    - Mineplex Global FAQ
    - Mineplex Support Centre
    - Compromised Accounts Appeals FAQ
    - Unable to submit an appeal - Fix Guide
    - How to Attach Your Character - Fix Guide
    - How to get Your Rank Tag On The Forums - Fix Guide
    - Creating Reports Correctly - Guide
    - How to access Screenshot .minecraft folder/upload screenshots - Guide

    If you do decide to submit a thread, please try to provide as much detail into your situation as possible so that we can know what exactly is wrong.

    Note that this --the "Help" section-- is NOT the right section to report players/bugs/etc.! Here is a set of quick access links to the most commonly requested and mistaken Forum Sections:

    - Frequently Requested Links Listing:

    - Report Players Breaking The Rules Here
    - Report Map Bugs Here
    - Report Gameplay Bugs Here
    - Report Mineplex PE Bugs Here

    - Contact Our Customer Support Team (Rank and Purchase-related issues)
    - Contact A Specific Staff Member (Other/Moderation-related issues)

    - Apply For Trainee (Pre-Mod trial position)
    - Apply For Builder
    - Appeal Your Punishment

    - Full General Public Document Listing:

    All Public Documents List

    If are sure that the above links did not help you out, and you do create a thread; once a Moderator comes across your thread, they will answer your question correctly and lock it immediately to prevent your notifications from getting spammed after you've already received your requested answer!

    Regular forum users may respond to your thread posted in our Help section. However, they may not always be able to provide you with the most recent, correct information and/or solution to your issue. You risk getting a response that is, in your case, may not the most correct thing to do.
    As such, it is recommended to wait for a Moderator+ (Moderator or higher ranked staff member) to respond to your thread first, confirming or providing you with the correct solution, before acting upon the answers you receive.

    Can you answer questions too?

    Yep, most definitely!
    Please do make sure you have familiarised yourself with the Forum rules before starting with answering these questions as to avoid breaking any rules in the process, but we definitely encourage you to help out fellow community members if you know a potential solution to their issue/question!

    If anything, our Moderators can always correct you if you were wrong! So win-win for both!
    Posted Feb 2, 2017
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