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Is anyone else experiences your game ends when a spectator comes into your Mob Arena game

Discussion in 'Mob Arena' started by Mystic 0440, Apr 11, 2019.


Are you having you game glitch when a spectator comes into your game?

Poll closed Apr 18, 2019.
  1. YES

    1 vote(s)
  2. YES, multiple times

    1 vote(s)
  3. NO

    2 vote(s)
  1. Hiya! I know have said it all in my title...lol! But, seriously, I am hoping I am not the only player who has their game glitch when a person who knows me comes into my games as a spectator, and just them coming in glitches the game and you can finish the round you are in but it is now froze sort of, the game didn't freeze and no one moves and then it kicks you out, it just stops (like it did back at the beginning when we hit the round with the creepers, showed 1 more creeper but you killed them all and it wouldn't move into the next round or end so you can leave and get xp) just like it use to but now when a spectator comes in to see you, and when that round ends and you should start a new one it actually places the spectator into the game, not as a player but as a spectator who is not there in the game, they have no armor, etc. If you have been in my games and this has happened, sorry, I have no control over this happening, and I have reported it actually twice as a bug, and I tell my friend that it is glitched so that they don't come in if I am playing at Mob Arena, I have lost a lot of xp with this glitch as well as those playing with me. I will inform the team when I have had a spectator come in and glitch the game that they need to just leave, the game will not start even when the spectator leaves nor if I leave, and we will not get out xp because the game will not end and send up to game hub.

    If you are also having this issue in Mob Arena, can you please post, so that maybe we can get this glitch fixed as they did when it was caused in the creeper round.
    Thanks and good playing!
    Posted Apr 11, 2019
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  2. This glitch has never happened to me, but my friends have mentioned it happening. I'll upvote to try and get attention to this!
    Posted Apr 11, 2019
  3. I've never had this issue, quite weird. I didn't even know you could join a game as a spectator. Your best bet will be to report it as a bug at https://www.mineplex.com/bugs
    Posted Apr 18, 2019

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