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Is survival still open?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Misrucks, Apr 20, 2022.

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  1. I've been trying to log in to survival since i wanna check my base, and whenever i log in i connect to survival 7 and it would say "We cant connect to this server. Does this server even exist?". I really hope my base and my gboxes wouldn't get stolen since i came back and i dont want to come back poor

    By the way, i opened my imperial crate and immediately got disconnected meaning i didn't get any rewards.
    Posted Apr 20, 2022,
    Last edited by a Moderator Apr 20, 2022
  2. It just has to be restarted, it’s not permanently gone.
    Posted Apr 20, 2022
  3. Thread Moved -> Survival

    Hello there!

    Like @traincar100 said above, survival servers occasionally go down and need to be restarted so that they are playable again. Unfortunately this is relatively common so you will need to wait until it is restarted. Until then, you can switch to another survival server that is online in a party or with /ftp when your friend is in a different survival server.

    Regarding your imperial crate, the rewards are given to you as soon as you open it, not when you click on the individual chests. You should still have the reward from the crate, you just won’t know what it was.
    I hope this helped, and please feel free to message me with any further questions or concerns!

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    Posted Apr 20, 2022
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