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Is this easy mode?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Karrrrl124, Dec 22, 2019.


Should this taunt be removed?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Heyo!
    I highly recommend that the OP locks this thread, since it seems that the thread has turned into an arguement. People are quoting each other and I really don't see a purpose of this on the forums. I would lock the thread if I had the right permissions. So just my opinion on this thread's status. @Karrrrl124, it'd be nice if you read this and act. Other, I'm hoping for someone with the permissions to lock this thread. I hope you can all see where I came from to type this up ;)
    Ta Ta,
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
  2. Hello,

    As someone that spends most of my time on the "actual playerbase" (as you stated) and even uses the Easy Mode taunt occasionally, I can confirm that it is often initiated at the start of games, which is typically when most people use taunts anyway. I have never seen anyone intentionally be rude with it, and the only thing I've noticed that could be considered slightly annoying is just spamming it throughout the game. However, this isn't really considered toxic as I notice people do this with other taunts all the time.

    I don't think the Easy Mode taunt is meant to promote toxicity, or that it "disregards the Mineplex chat rules". Overall, it's just meant to poke fun, and the only time I use it myself is when I'm with friends to get a good laugh or at the beginning of games (when mostly everyone else uses taunts as well). I feel like you're blowing this way out of proportion as I've never witnessed the taunt actually "degrade others"; from what I've observed, it's mostly just used to express a bit of pride at one's accomplishments since it's only awarded to level 80+. The purpose of all taunts is to "taunt your enemies or just show off"—as quoted from the cosmetics menu—but not necessarily through abusive means. That being said, I don't have anything against the Easy Mode taunt, but to some extent, I do understand where you are all coming from.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
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  3. I'm not going to spend the time quoting everyone about their feelings, but I will just put it out there that yes y'all definitely got the definition of taunt right and clearly the votes say keep the Taunt.

    Other than that, Minecraft is a game, I agree with a way to toggle certain chat features such as taunts, but I don't get mad over someone's toxicity in chat, I get annoyed by them - another point of taunts - but just because someone's calling me bad or trash and that I'm too easy to deal with doesn't make me want to quit altogether, but I'll use this nifty little feature called /ignore if it really gets to me.

    Sorry if the above is really jumbled I'll fix it when I'm back on my PC as I'm currently on mobile with 3%
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
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  4. What it's meant to do, and what it's actually used for, are two different things. I've seen multiple occasions of people using the taunt the instant they kill someone. Obviously, this is an attempt to get the killed person annoyed/mad. Whether you see it or not, it does happen.

    Yes, I really like the idea of using /ignore to hide the taunts of players.

    No offense, but I hope you never get the permissions to do this. Arguments are not inherently bad, and just because it gets a little "heated" doesn't mean the thread is useless. People quote each other to reply to each other; to continue the conversation, and it's absurd how you don't see a purpose in a discussion within the community.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
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  5. I absolutely agree this thread should be locked, the community has decided and staff have stated they're opinion. Also don't start a statement with "no offense, but" and then proceed to offend someone. It generally makes the comment worse. You telling someone you hope they don't get something is another brilliant example of why this thread should be locked.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
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  6. A thread shouldn't be locked when a discussion is still going on, despite what the polls say. Just because the poll favors against the idea doesn't mean the thread is useless and should be locked. The point of the forums is to create discussion, and when you just start locking threads because people disagree with them, that kinda defeats the purpose. Yes, the idea can be denied, but that shouldn't mean all discussion should be stopped.

    Me telling someone that I hope they won't be able to abuse permissions, again, wouldn't warrant a lock. It was just a tangent that was part of my original post, which pertained to the topic at hand.

    I'll just stop it at here because the thread will actually be locked if we keep going.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
  7. What I clearly mean is even if players younger than 10 play minecraft, we shouldn't cater to them as minecraft is INTENDED FOR ages 10+. And no I actually started playing 7 years ago when I was 11.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
  8. I feel like this whole thread is just a mash of "you're toxic", "taunt bad", and "taunt epic". Let's look at both sides of the spectrum.

    Reasons we should remove the taunt:
    • It can promote a sense of toxicity, especially towards lower-level players who don't have access to that taunt, and also might not be as experienced.
    • From an outside perspective, it may look bad for Mineplex to push this, as it seems we're promoting bad behavior in that sense.
    • Players feel it is unfair to others, not to be able to own it, but also if it is used maliciously.
    • Closet cheaters can use it to further push an already bad situation.
    Reasons we should keep it:
    • It is a taunt. As @Oscaros_ mentioned, taunts are inherently meant to nag others or display a sense of passive-aggression, in a fun way.
    • It is limited to high-level players, hence the double meaning of skill accumulated through experience.
    • It's easy to oversee and not take personally, hence being perceived as a joke rather than an insult.

    Both sides have valid points, but then, shouldn't we remove all taunts if we look at the negative stance for this discussion? Taunts are clearly perceived as aggressive and are therefore not fit for our player base because they marginalize different players and can be used to infuriate others in heated situations. Well, how about

    It's a joke. It's meant to be percieved as a joke and not be taken seriously. It's an award given to high-level players to mark a significant milestone in their MP journey; and as such is meant to play on the fact that they've reached an insanely high XP level.

    We allow the words "EZ" and "L" on our server (if not in excess - once or twice), as a joke to others or to poke fun at enemy teams, so the taunt doesn't break any rules. It doesn't promote toxicity - it isn't screaming at people to tell others that they're losers or bad. The only time it becomes toxic is when you allow it to be interpreted as such. If a player seriously takes the taunt too personally, or as an attack to their online ego, it will be perceived as a bout of toxicity.

    Right, you allude to the fact that cheaters commonly use this taunt. You need to be level 80 to own it, and although players using ghost clients at that level do exist, it is very unlikely that this is a common occurrence.

    As aforementioned, we allow players to say "EZ" and "L" a couple of times in-game unless we deem it to be in excess or completely malicious. The taunt is primarily a joke and doesn't break any verbal rules we have, else it wouldn't have been made.

    This is a video game. You can expect players to want to throw some shade at each other. We ask that it remain banterous and respectful towards players that do not wish to be met with that kind of behavior, but also want players to be able to poke fun at others at times.

    This whole "the taunt is toxic" discussion has gone too far in my opinion. Even for normal taunts. I've been called toxic for using the emoji taunt, which displays "<3" and ":D" emotes in chat.
    This isn't about players using it, it's more about players taking its meaning too seriously and not seeing past the joke behind the taunt itself, and the meaning it holds as a cosmetic reserved for level 80+ players.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 6, 2020
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  9. Not all of the taunts contain references to clearly toxic phrases like "EZ" and "L" so this point is invalid.

    The taunt does technically break a rule, which is General Rudeness/Abusive Behavior. The taunt is almost always used more than once in any circumstance, which is just another reason it should be removed. And both of those Mute Reasons are completely up to the Moderator who answers the report/witnesses the infraction.

    Chat infraction cases become toxic when Moderators like yourself interpret it as such, which in my case has happened multiple times.

    It actually is very likely that this is a common occurrence, and if you deny the fact that closet cheats are a common occurrence then obviously you are [​IMG]
    This is a server on a video game in which certain rules and properties are being enforced. If I hadn't of had such of a bad experience for mods trying to enforce "General Rudeness" in chat, I wouldn't of made this thread. I'm just trying to remove or at least create awareness of something children older than 10 years old would recognize as hypocrisy.
    Now you are pointing out that Mineplex is handing out tools for toxicity as a level reward.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 6, 2020
  10. If saying Is This Easy Mode? is punishable for a mute or warning then it should be removed. If not then it's fine.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
  11. It's not.

    Here is the listed rule regarding General Rudeness:
    Here is the definition of a Severity 1 Chat Offence:
    Check out the listed rules here:

    If you or somebody you know was muted for the offense of "General Rudeness," then they were either A. being excessively "rude" or B. they had a history of being rude to others, which resulted in their mute.

    Note: As the rule states, you are REQUIRED to be warned before being muted. Being muted on the spot for fields of "General Rudeness" are not mutes associated with that offence; but, rather, more extreme and specific offences regarding an area of disrespectful behaviour. For instance, telling somebody to cause self-harm is rude; yet, it is punishable under the offence of "Death Threats." Why? Because you're telling them to hurt themselves...

    Note: As the *moderators* above have mentioned, saying "EZ," "L," or "Easy" does not, in itself, warrant a punishment.

    Note: Saying the examples in the previous note by themselves is not "general rudeness." That being said, spamming them, insulting the other player, starting flame-related arguments, and further insulting them does, in fact, warrant punishment.

    Note: For your friends who were punished for "General Rudeness," I would love to see the actual evidence against them, should you have it. Evidence is not in the form of the message listed in /ph; rather, it is in the form of the chat snaps used to create the punishment (which contains all players' messages up to a certain point), as well as previous punishment records. So many players go on rants about how they were muted for "General Rudeness" for "saying 'EZ' or 'L,'" when, in reality, there is a lot more behind the reasoning as to why they received a mute for a severity 1 punishment that cannot be disclosed by staff members and that is held back by the other parties involved.

    Now, back to the taunt. *Insert EmmaDuttyGilbertTheThird's "No" here*
    Yes, that is an MTT meme. Fight me.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 6, 2020
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  12. Then I see no reason for why this taunt should be removed. If it's not mutable to say it, no reason to remove it.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
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  13. You misinterpreted what I was saying. I'm mentioning the fact that a taunt in itself can be perceived as rude. I've been reported for using the emoji taunt, which displays an objectively positive message. In that right, people still perceive taunts as rude regardless of their message due to the nature of their use: they're meant to taunt [annoy, jab at, aggress] others.

    In no cases does it evert break the AB rule.
    It does not break the GR rule because it is exempt from those parameters, and as you don't seem to have taken from my whole wall of text, it is a playful jab/joke at others, which we do not punish in chat either.
    If a person is with their friend and says "ez" many times (directed towards that other player), we will not punish if we understand the context and nature of those messages.
    Taunts are inherently supposed to fall under the category of a joke, and therefore this exemption always applies.
    Either I don't understand what you're saying, or you've misunderstood me. I apologize if my writing is a bit hard to read: I'm stating that any taunt is only as aggressive as you subjectively perceive it to be. If you can take it at face-level, understanding that it is a joke, then it won't bother you as a player.
    If you seriously believe that it is a personal attack to your skill-level within a game, then I feel that there already might be tensions between you and the player using the taunt. Perceiving the taunt as a snide remark just unnecessarily escalates the situation.
    I want to make it clear for this point, that it is about the player not understanding the nature of the taunt. As aforementioned, it is a playful remark. If anyone takes it personally, it is upon them to handle it as such.
    Many games have taunts while still upholding sets of strict rules. Other servers, even full-on games like Overwatch, Sea of Thieves, or Apex have these as features, while sitll maintaining quality in the conduct of their players. It's meant to be a fun addition for players in the game. The same goes for actions such as teabagging. It's rude. We don't punish it, though. We understand that it's a form of banter; competitive as it may be, it's banter.

    True! It is! My point, though, is that it's rarer to find someone with such a high level not only cheating but also using that taunt after killing players - and having it as a common occurrence as you mention. I play this server daily and have yet to see that instance with my own eyes. If it's such a common occurrence, I do apologize. Feel free to report those players at mineplex.com/reports with proper evidence, and our team will do its best to evaluate the situation.

    Correct. We hold our players to a certain level of maturity and expect all players of the server to be relatively well-behaved. As I mentioned, though, this is different from a chat offence; as with teabagging or the example I gave of other games [see the point about rules].

    I don't see how I'm pointing that out(?)
    I stated that we give out the taunt to players who have achieved level 80 (which is how it has always been). In this sense, you're ignoring what I said: my whole point is that we're not handing out a "toxicity pass" - I'm trying to explain that players who view the taunt as toxic are taking it too personally and that it can be compared to other taunts in that players generally use that as an excuse to call out 'general rudeness' when, in fact, it is not.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
  14. I'm not gonna push any of your points further as it seems you're just going to evade and not make accurate replies. I understand that it is better in your standpoint to make it seem to other readers that I'm misunderstanding you. You've continued to make incorrect analogies and are comparing other games to this server. (In which the enforcement of rules on toxicity is nonexistent)

    The only conclusion I can see from your arguments is that you just fundamentally disagree and have a different experience on the network than I have. On my part and on this thread I have failed to provide primary evidence other than my word. I would imagine if I were to make a video compilation of this taunt in use it might change your mind, which again, I haven't done and I will not do, solely because of the representation I have seen in this thread. I understand that most players would like to have a little bit of a loophole for the rules, as anyone would.

    I will not be gathering any more information on this subject, as it is clear it will not be removed.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 6, 2020
  15. Thread being locked
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 6, 2020
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