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Processed [Java] Disasters Minigame

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by GuardianInASuit, Jan 28, 2019.

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  1. Disaster Minigame (Java)

    Original Thread: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/disasters.18642/

    Easy Mode: You spawn in a map with 16 players. The game picks 1 thru 3 disasters after a 15 second grace period the game will announce the disasters and start. The game last 4 minutes after the 4 minutes is up the game will announce the player who survived as winners.

    Hard Mode: You spawn in a map with 16 players. The game will have a 15 Second grace period. After the grace period ends. The game will announce 1 disaster at the beginning and after 30 seconds it will add another disaster and after every 30 seconds a new disaster will be added after 4 minutes the game will end and the survivors will be declared as winners!

    Team Mode: You spawn on an island with a team of 4 and there are 4 teams. After a 15 second grace period the game will announce 1-5 disasters and the goal of the game is to be the last team alive! This game will last until the last team is alive!

    Disasters List

    Useful “Disasters”

    Fun disasters which don’t harm players but can be interesting when paired with other disasters. Should only be 1 per round.

    Bats! - Players can transform into bats and fly around. They get a max of 15 seconds per round.

    Double Jump - Self-explanatory, players get double jumps with a 10-second cooldown

    Wormholes - Portals appear which teleport players to a random location in the map. Can be any location which isn’t above void or could be spawned.

    - - -

    Easy Disasters

    Swap- Every 15 to 20 Seconds you get swapped with a player. You can fail and not swap players but it is very rare to fail.

    Zombie Infection- 1 player starts off as infected and the slowly lose health as they try to infect other players.

    Karate Pig - Pigs attack players. Simple really

    Alien Invasion - Players need to stay indoors else UFOs target them and beam them up

    Hot Potato - A few players have potatoes and have to pass them before the timer runs out. Should be 50% of the players.
    Big Larry- Big Larry is a huge slime that spawns and will case after players and break blocks as it moves around the map.

    Pumpkins - Players have pumpkins on their head with blindness. (+ Speed to make up for no sprinting)

    Heavy - Players can’t jump, double jump, or fly. Cancels out and disasters which affects
    Sink Hole- A hole starts in the middle of the map and slow grows and grows

    - - -

    Hard Disasters

    GWEN Wave - Floating guardians fly around and increase your XP Bar. Once your XP Bar fills, you blow up.

    Douglas - Think dragons but with just one dragon.

    Black hole - Black holes appear and disappear. They suck players in within a 5 block radius. You’re warned if you’re within 10 blocks of one. Activate 5 seconds after spawning

    Flash Flood - The map starts flooding with damaging water. Should rain.

    Minecarts!!! - Minecarts move towards players, pick them up, and then drive off the map. In order to get out of one, you need punch it enough.

    The Floor is Lava- The game will announce what blocks will be turned into lava

    Cold Snap- Players have to huddle together for warmth every second they aren’t close to another player they take 1 heart of damage

    - - -

    “It depends” difficulty Disasters

    At the start of a round, the difficulty of these disasters could be determined by a random difficulty value.

    DMT - Players have to quickly guess a word based on an image which appears in their hot bar (As a map). If they don’t answer correctly, they lose 5 hearts (Half) Higher difficulty = Longer words + shorter times

    - - -

    Coming Soon

    Community Suggestions

    Posted Jan 28, 2019
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  2. Honestly really enjoy this idea. This seems like it would probably fit better in the Nano Games rotation though. I like a lot of these disasters, as most of them seem challenging enough for the players.

    - If this were to become a Nano Game rather than a stand-alone game, I suggest that the game would pick 2 of the "Easy" disasters, then the final disaster which would be picked from the "Hard" disasters.
    - Another suggestion if the game were to become a Nano Game rather than its own game would be to only have one life. If you die/lose at any point, you'll be kept out of the game instead of respawning. I feel like no respawns would not only make the game more challenging but instead prevent almost everyone from winning.

    Anyway, a game like this seems pretty fun, and I hope to see more suggestions for disasters get added! Have a good day :)
    Posted Jan 28, 2019
    GuardianInASuit likes this.
  3. I love this game mode! A game like this is needed, I believe a lot of players will enjoy it. Maybe make flooding come from different spots each game so it isn't known where it will start from.
    Posted Jan 28, 2019
  4. Locked

    The UIC [Update Ideas Crew] and I will be reworking this idea into a Nano Game instead of a full Minigame all Suggestions/Ideas will be taken in. See you when we post V2​
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 4, 2019
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