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Java Needs to Take Notes on Bedrock.

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by PinaGulotta, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Hey!
    I recently went onto the bedrock version of Mineplex, and I gotta say. For someone who has been playing on Mineplex since 2014, I’m impressed! Every game has easily 80+ players playing and has a total of over 7000 PLAYERS constantly. On bedrock they also found the balance for all the games. With java, the game either has either around 100 or 100+, or the game is dead and it takes forever to queue for it. Bedrock also has DRAGONS! Which I used to love. Anyway overall bedrock is going places and instead of focusing on that, more effort needs to be put into java. Bedrock is almost perfect and java needs to take some notes to get back on top.
    Posted Jul 18, 2019
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  2. Hello!

    As being a Mineplex player and having a sophisticated gaming rig, I play on both Java and Bedrock. Now, there's a few key points I would like to make more transparent. Mineplex has had a partnership with Minecraft for quite a long time, about a year or two I would say. Furthermore, to add on to their partnership, Mineplex's Bedrock server is featured for everyone who launches their Minecraft PE for multiplayer. Since this exists, it makes it easier for players to just select a server. Another point that I would like to mention is that Minecraft exists on multiple platforms, such as Windows 10, mobile, console, Nintendo switch, etc. which make up PE (Pocket Edition).

    These key points make up why Mineplex is primarily more popular on the Bedrock version since it's more diverse when it comes to platform compatibility.
    Posted Jul 18, 2019
  3. I didn’t think of that woah. Yeah it becomes more impressive with java when 1 platform can kinda compete with 3+ other platforms. But still, the layout, games, and atmosphere in general are a lot better.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 18, 2019
  4. I can back up your claim about some of this stuff. The performance for PE is so excellent because C++ is easier to code, and can compress into smaller files for updates. Also, gameplay needs to be specific because some players use controllers, and even touch screen on mobile. The atmosphere looks cleaner because, like I said about coding, it takes a lot less processing power to render all the images and pixels at once, thus makes everything seen a lot sharper and sleek.
    Posted Jul 18, 2019
  5. First, there's more people on the Bedrock server because there's less competition while the fact that Mineplex Java MP has as many players as it does is impressive.

    Second, MP has had hacking problems for over a year and just like a free market economy, when there's other options that are "better quality", people who would otherwise play on MP just aren't. Yes there are people that think that a hacker free game on another server would be more fun than playing against cheater on Mineplex.

    Third, the Butch system of queuing did a lot of things better than the old system, but the one downside is that it killed just about every game on Mixed Arcade.

    Yet, these things are being processed by Staff and Developers and MP did just hire a new Gwen Dev. (haven't seen one of them in a while). So, when Arcade is fixed and @ToonBasic get to roll out on the Anti-Cheat things will be upwards from there. Believe me, the day when you see on your Java server list something that says Massive Anti-Cheat Update, people will be flocking to see if it's worth playing on MP again.
    Posted Jul 18, 2019

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