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Lag issues

Discussion in 'Help' started by ChicasBooty, Jul 27, 2021.

  1. (Survival) Does anyone else get the issue when they cannot walk in a straight line without being put back 50 blocks? And everything placed 5 minutes prior gets deleted?
    Posted Jul 27, 2021
  2. I recall the "getting pushed back issue." But the blocks getting deleted never happened to me. I think this is more of a problem with your internet connection, this is mainly just lag issues as it says in the title. There are most likely only simple fixes like restarting your router, restarting your game, etc.
    Posted Jul 27, 2021
  3. Hey, these sound like issues with your internet connection, as mentioned by @Polar8 . If it was server lag then (correct me if I'm wrong), you'd be experiencing massive fps lag or delays when trying to interact with any GUIs and whatnot. Especially considering it doesn't seem to be affecting everybody, the issues you're experiencing most likely have to do with your ping.

    I suggest resetting your router, using a LAN cable (if possible), or putting your device closer to your router. Let me know if the problem persists! Also, let me know which Survival server you're getting these problems on (eg. Survival-10).
    Posted Jul 28, 2021
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