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Le Retour d'Icarys (intro thread)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Icarys, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. Hello, Mineplexians, Mineplexphiles or whatever the word is!

    As you'll have garnered from the title, my IGN is Icarys. I actually originally joined Mineplex back in 2013/2014, played for a few years, then my activity stagnated as I went through high school, then I didn't play for a few years (as my interest in Minecraft in general declined), but yesterday I made my triumphant return by playing some Turf Wars. I'd love to hype myself up, but the rust is real. Did get a pretty sick triple in one of my games though, so watch out! I also played a few rounds of Block Hunt and Micro-Battles today. These three games I mention are ones I actually played quite a bit originally, so I'll most likely be most active on them though. Pretty sure this is the norm, but I'm quite busy these days, so I cannot say that I'll be very active though.

    Here's some points to explain a little about myself:

    1. I'm in college currently, studying Computer Science. Am also an intern at Amazon, believe it or not. So I chose a wonderful time to return (lol jk, leisure time is just as important as work). Back in the day, I had an interest in Minecraft plugins that never really took off sadly.. but perhaps things will come full circle in a way and I'll find myself developing some sick minigames, who knows? Early-teenage me (when I originally played a lot) also aspired to be a Helper; what is now "Trainee" was known as back then. Maybe adult me will realise that one too sometime. It's not something I'll rush into though, re-integrating into the community is most certainly a prerequisite to that for me currently. So those are the most likely things I'd do if I were to go for some staff/related role. If future me does, it'd be pretty rad to revisit this thread to say "i did it".
    2. Another relic from back in the day is that I used to play Castle Siege a lot, I daresay that and Champions (CTF/Domination/TDM) were my main games. I have noticed that there's a movement to #ReviveCS, so I'll be supporting that of course. The Champions gamemodes also have a special place in my heart, so I'd love to revisit those also.
    3. I'm 1000% open to making new friends here, since a lot of people I would have played with haven't been online in quite some time. I am currently taking a break from Discord (part of a much needed social media detox), which is what people seem to use, but I'll be reachable on here, and even in-game. Can't really say what game(s) I "main" at the moment, but during my real-life endeavours I've learned to be open-minded, so I'm open to playing anything! A definite pro is you'll most likely be better than me at games. Might have to carry me though. I work out, so don't worry, I don't weigh much, I hope.
    4.I also play Terraria (had it for nearly 6 years now), so I'm also open to playing cooperatively with someone. Steam tells me I've sunk a total of 1,653.1hrs into it, so in other words I'm a bit of a veteran. Other than that, other hobbies include watching Netflix (which is my main mode of procrastination, you could say I'm branching out), anime + manga, reading, music... In terms of reading I like philosophy/mythology, and on the music front I pretty much like a wide range of stuff... RATM and Linkin Park are certainly different to the likes of Imagine Dragons and Of Monsters and Men, so it's tricky to name a specific genre I guess.. they're all sub-genres of rock or metal in some form so I'll go with that. Boruto has had it's reputation for being boring, but it's been getting good lately, so I've been enjoying that. Being a Naruto fan for a few years may have influenced my tastes. I don't sit down all the time, I also work out occasionally, hopefully I'll get more active - running/walking and calisthenics are two things I'm doing, while I cannot really do boxing/kung fu :(
    5. 5 is my favourite number, so I just wanted to have 5 points really. I'm Irish though, so there's that. I've heard all the jokes, so I'd like to say I've built up an immunity :potato:

    That'll be it for now, I suppose I'll see everyone around! Will probably browse the forums now and then, but I'll also be around in-game. Bonne journée!
    Posted Apr 13, 2021
  2. Hii! I'm Maeve

    For starters, I see you're Irish, I'm in Ireland as well! As for the rest of the intro - it's great to meet you. Seeing you're an intern at Amazon is awesome, what kinda things do you do in a regular workday? I'd imagine conditions are a bit different nowadays given the pandemic and I'd imagine 2x since you're studying computer science in college that you can work from home if you are coding. I'm still curious, though!

    I'm going to college either this year or the year after, hopefully into astronomy. I'd love to work in a space agency in the future as an astronomer or perhaps an astronaut.

    On Mineplex, I usually play Speed Builders, Master Builders, or Mixed Arcade. I used to play a lot of Skywars but I don't like it anymore post the last update, so I haven't played it properly in years.

    I played Terraria for a little bit, I enjoy the game! No way am I a veteran, though, I got a good 20 hours in it. But I've played similar games too, like Starbound. I love them both especially in multiplayer, and want to get back into them again.

    I love anime, manga, and reading in general. You mention mythology which is one of my favourite things to learn about! I'm especially interested in Mesoamerican mythology, like the Mayans, but Greek mythology interests me loads too - so much that I taught myself how to write and read Greek, and am still learning it as a language. I also love math so it's helpful everywhere for me with all of the letters :p
    Posted Apr 13, 2021
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  3. Heyo!

    Firstly, welcome to the forums and welcome back to rejoining & playing Mineplex! Secondly, I'm glad you're liking the games you're playing right now, some of the games I like to play on Mineplex Includes Cake wars, NANO games, and Survival games.

    If you're rusty I probably wouldn't recommend playing CW or SG. But, if you're trying to get better at PVP I'd recommend playing Cake wars. Now, you mentioned college and I hope that's going well since that can be pretty hard, computer science sounds very interesting as well and a good thing to do.

    I've been playing since 2015 on Mineplex and I think my account was made in 2014? or at the start of 2015 which is almost the same as you which is pretty cool.

    Also, you said you're open to the new possibility of friends and I'd recommend joining the Mineplex discord for that, you can chat with other people and join parties to play CakeWars with others. This doesn't just have to be Cake wars, if you're just trying to play games in general and or chat with players I'd recommend joining.

    Link to the mineplex discord if Interested: discord.mineplex.com

    Anyways, thats all I really have to say, welcome to the forums and I hope everything goes well with school, if you have any questions you can feel free to message me.
    Posted Apr 13, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 13, 2021
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  4. Yess, good to see a fellow Irish person on here! In my opinion, the work involves a lot of meetings, got to meet with my team, got to meet with my manager, mentor... and other people. Working on a project I've been assigned currently, but I can't speak too much on it. Trying to network with other people has been tough imo, but I've made a few contacts. There's a lot to take in too regarding work, but people are nice/encouraging I find, and it gets easier. To be honest, computer science for the most part was able to adapt to being online - we had an "electronics" module where there were a few hurdles to overcome though, like procuring equipment such as wires/breadboards.. Coding is definitely a big part of things, but there's also other theoretical parts, like protocols/architectures..
    Astronomy sounds cool, something I'm sometimes curious about myself! Being an astronomer/astronaut sounds really interesting, there's always new things happening in this field as far as I can see.
    Would definitely recommend Terraria again, we could play it sometime if you want :P
    Yes, mythology is pretty cool, I currently have some stuff on Greek/Norse mythology, but Irish mythology might be worth checking out :P I couldn't commit to Greek myself because of other things, but I can read (but not understand..) it lol.

    Thanks for the recommendations, I will be sure to check out the discord when I can. Will be sure to reach out with any questions!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 14, 2021
  5. Hey Icarys!

    My name is Caleb and I'm from Ireland too! It's great to have a fellow Irish community member, or at least someone who is considering returning to the community and establishing a presence here. My Mineplex journey is pretty similar to yours - I originally joined back in 2014 too, played consistently for a while and then took a hiatus for a few years when I was moving into secondary school. I returned to the community in December 2019 and applied for staff a few months later. Interestingly enough, I was accepted a week after lockdown began here - lots of free time! As for now, I'm currently in Transition Year choosing my Leaving Cert subjects, and on here I'm a reinstated Moderator as of a few says ago. I aspired to be a staff member as early as 2014 when I was between 10 and 12 years old, which led to quite a few ... questionable applications.

    I think it's really cool you're an intern at Amazon; you must be a wizard at computer science. Is there a specific role you take on or do you do a little bit of everything? From your reply above it seems like you have a few different tasks to do. I honestly have no insight at all so I'd love to know more. Also I'm sure you're really excited to get back into the building considering how most people in the country are working from home where possible.

    I love Terraria! I've been playing it for years now. When I was younger, I was seriously addicted to Minecraft and I started thinking of another game I could get that I could balance my time between. I had heard about Terraria, so I decided to buy it. If I'm being honest I'm pretty sure I got it because I heard it was like "another Minecraft" according to some people, which was a really unfair comparison now that I think about it. It's not at all. Anyway, been playing it since 2015 I'd say. I play on console which always got the updates later, so I literally used to check the community forums and the Terraria official Twitter page every day for news. Nothing beat my excitement when 1.3 was announced for the Xbox One edition. 1.4 hasn't arrived on consoles yet, so in the meantime I'm playing through an expert mode world.

    That's it from me, but I'd like to add you can find me in Speed Builders most of the time, occasionally I'll be playing Nano Games. Hopefully time management won't be an issue with you because of college (I'm sure it might be for me if I do eventually go on to study medicine!) and you might be able to pursue your everlasting goal of Trainee if it still interests you.

    You might want to read over the rules at https://www.mineplex.com/rules/ in case they changed while you were away; took me a while to adjust when I returned too! Completely up to you though. Thanks for letting us get to know you better through all that detail and I'll see you around sometime :)
    Posted Apr 14, 2021

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