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Likely and Unlikely Mobs that could get added

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by Leftyo, Oct 20, 2019.


Should Super Smash Mobs be version specific?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Super Smash Mobs one of Mineplex's best games in my opinion.
    let's get down to the point, if SSM gets an "Update" it should be version specific to 1.14+
    reason being is that i think most people could agree that there tired of playing the same classes over and over again they want more
    i'm going to list Mobs from 1.9-1.14 that are most likely or most unlikely to get added, and i know that this could happen because
    Skyfall was a game that was 1.9 and then it was taken down for an odd reason.

    SORRY if the stuff i write for these mobs are kinda repeated and lame i wrote this and like 11:00 PM cause i was board.

    - Shulker:
    the Shulker could get added to SSM, reason being is that you can already envision a move set for this mob
    like for example shooting Shulker Bullets at you, its size is a full block so it's not as challenging to hit.
    - Husk: the Husk could also be another likely mob to be added to SSM but, the only issue is that it could be to
    similar to Zombie.
    - Stray: as i said for Husk the Stray is very Likley but, the issue is that it might be too similar to Skeleton.
    - Polar Bear: The Polar Bear is a Very Likely Mob to be added and it could be considered as a Tank Class to just like
    Iron Golem or Cow.
    - Vindicator the Vindicator is one of my Favorite mobs in Minecraft, and in my opinion is a very very likely mob to be added.
    i think his moves sets could also be a bit easier to think of, he could leap at you with his Axe kinda similar to Slime Slam.
    - Evoker: the Evoker is also one of my all time favorites, the reason he is likely to be added is that he has a lot of moves up his sleeve.
    his move set could be summoning Evocation Fangs in a straight line kinda Similar to Fissure and could maybe Shoot Vexs at people or summon
    a lot of evocation fangs surrounding him kinda like Fish Flurry.
    - Llama: the Llama i've noticed lately has been requested a couple times while i've been playing SSM. his move set could consist of Spitting at you and i'm
    not too sure what else he could do to be honest.
    - Illusioner: the Illusioner is an odd mob and an unused mob ingame. in my opinion could be a likely candidate for SSM he could use a Bow and shoot you with that.
    and could also make 3 other Clones of himself, that could be a move he could do in SSM kinda similar to Wither Image.
    - Dolphin: the Dolphin is a likely mob to be added its size isn't too small its the same as the Squid and the move set could be a bit
    similar to that of Squid's.
    - Turtle: the Turtle his size is appropriate for SSM and his Defense stats could be the second best because he is a Turtle (as in diamond armor)
    he could have like a Shell Spin attack or something, and is given slowness because they are the second slowest mob in the game.
    - Phantom the Phantom also known as Creature of the Night Skies could be a VERY Likely candidate for SSM. he could have flutter jumps just like the Chicken to
    give him the ability of flight kinda. and could have a Slime Slam attack called "swoop".
    - Drowned: The Drowned is a very unique Mob being an Underwater zombie its size is the same as a zombie and his move sets could throw Tridents.
    - Ravager: the Ravager, when everyone saw this big creature they all wanted him to face off against the Iron Golem and that day could come but, SSM to
    have a better epic battle. the Ravager could be another Tank Class and is a great matchup to Iron Golem or Cow.
    - Pillager: the Pillager could be a likely mob to be added but, its move sets might be similar to Zombie or Skeletons. his move sets could be
    Piercing Arrows or Multishot Arrows and the longer you have it charged the more damage it will do similar to Block Toss.
    - Panda: the Panda could be added and his move sets could consist of throwing bamboo at you or doing a roll attack at you and it could be consider as another
    tank Class.
    - Fox: the Fox could be a great match up to Wolf or Spider due to its Speed and Mobility it could get. it could summon Sweet barries from the ground as a
    defensive move kinda like Fish Flurry. another move concept i haven't seen yet is the ability to steal Moves let me explain. so the fox does steal things off the ground and if you
    get close enough to a player you could disable the move that they are about to use on you for 3-5 seconds.

    - Vex:
    the vex is a unlikely mob to be added in my opinion due to its small size.
    - Parrot: the Parrot is also a unlikely mob to be added because of its small size aswell.
    - Cod/Tropical Fish/Salmon/Pufferfish: these guys may not be added due to the Size difference but the Salmon and Pufferfish do sorta have a chance they are slightly larger then the rest of the Fish.
    - Brown Mooshroom: the brown mooshroom was a surprise when it came out cause it was never announced, and i don't think the Brown Mooshroom could get
    added because the Red Mooshroom is used as a Smash Crystal already.
    - Wandering Trader: his move sets could be too similar to Villagers.
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
  2. I think there are solid reasons why an update to 1.14 could be beneficial for the server (though I overall don't think it's a good idea) but this is definitely not one of those reasons. Currently, SSM is updated and a new kit is added very, very rarely, and a new update still isn't in sight; not to mention last time we got a word about an update they didn't seem to be interested in adding a kit but only a balance update.
    The way things are going right now, imo it's a max of 2 updates in the next 3 years, and even if a new kit was added each update we have enough new kits to add in 1.8-
    Ocelot/cat, horse/zombie horse/donkey/mule (each can be a different kit as well but would be repetitive) and cave spider. "Player" kit is a big meme but could work as an actual kit with very interesting moves regardless.

    Anyways, even if MP would survive this long and the game will be updated, this would be an issue only years from now.
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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  3. Imagine 1.9 combat in SSM. Blaze, Horse, and any kit with range would be broken af. At least wolf would be useless lol.
    But it isn't happening so I'm not sure what's with all these 1.9+ posts lately
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
  4. Skyfall wasn't removed for "some odd reason", it was removed because very few people stuck with the game due to nobody wanting to switch to 1.9+ to play it. And that's exactly why ssm/mineplex in general will absolutely never incorporate 1.9+ until Mojang fixes pvp. Around half of Mineplex (though honestly I would estimate about 60-70%) play on 1.8 because of visual bugs on 1.9+ and mimic pvp being wonky.
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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  5. Hello!

    I don't think Mineplex will ever move on from 1.8, from what I've seen the majority of the player base plays on 1.8. Though I wouldn't necessarily oppose the update, mainly because of SSM. So many of these mobs have so much potential that I've sometimes thought about a kit idea for them. It also brings in so many more weapon options, Trident, Crossbow, etc.
    Skyfall was taken down because not many people played it because it was 1.9+.
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
  6. skyfall was a great concept, and aside from a few bugs, it was actually really fun. it was doomed to fail solely because it could only work in 1.9 :L
    --- Post updated ---
    on a more hopeful note, imagine all the innovation and sudden tenfold increase of resources that would be available to servers like mineplex if mojang just made combat not terrible and we could actually be running on the latest version... mojang plz fix
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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  7. Ocelot was confirmed to be a no-go due to small size back when Mineplex still used Enjin for the forum site, the mob itself is not small but the hit box is smaller than the rest of the body as a good portion is not apart of the hit box, much like wolf
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
  8. It needs to be 1.8
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
  9. That rule had been removed a while ago, though kits like silverfish and endermite still won't be implemented, most likely.
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
  10. Heyo!

    I don't think SSM would become very popular in a more updated version, nor is adding more mobs. The reason sky fall didn't do so well was because of it being in 1.9, which made a majority of players not plat it. I feel the same would happen with SSM, even if it were to swap to 1.14. I'll go into further details.

    SSM is a game with a load of kits, so it is difficult to balance all of them out. If you are also going to add a whole new set of kits in a completely different version, this will make it even more unbalanced and broken. Sure it would be cool to see some of the newer mobs within the game, and a lot more abilities become possible, I don't think it would benefit SSM. A majority of the community are 1.8.9 users, so attempting to perform a transition like this would not end well either. Regardless of these factors, I will still go ahead and leave my feedback for most of the kits as well.

    Ravager, Fox, Parrot, Shulker, Panda, Polar Bear, Llama, Dolphin, Turtle, Phantom, Fish. These ones all have awkward hitboxes, especially the ravager. They would all be really weird to control, and most likely wouldn't be able to provide a good moveset that already doesn't exist. Polar Bear, Dolphin, Turtle, and Fish would all be super similar to a Squid/Snowman/Guardian move set probably, and already have their own issues. Fox, Parrot, Shulker, and Phantom all are pretty related and all have small hit boxes, so I would be opposed to these ones as well. Panda and Polar Bear are pretty similar, so maybe as a Smash a Polar Bear could become a Panda, just to decrease the amount of kits. The Llama is just weird in my opinion and is like a knockoff of horse, without including the hitbox for it as well.

    Husk, Stray, and the Drowned all are just secondary kits for Zombie and Skeleton, so unless you propose removing all of the kits, I don't see these being added as they aren't really needed. Also, Drowned's moveset would most likely be fairly similar to a Guardian and Squid, so I don't think this one would be good.

    Evoker, Vex, Vindicator, Illusioner, Pillager. These should all be combined in one class, kind of like Villaged and some in abiliies. Maybe as a smash they could summon one-hit vexes, but definitely not a kit by itself due to its hitbox. These could just be the opposite of Villager for a counter type and another achievement kit, but ultimately it is not needed.

    Brown Mushroom, Wandering Trader. If anything these would not be listed as their own kit, but rather a separate thing for the Cow kit and the Villager kit.

    The abilities you propose for these kits are interesting as well, but they seem very unbalanced with how the game is set up now. I don't believe this game would fit well for SSM, nor be a good replacement due to the reasons listed earlier. Great ideas though, I thought a lot of them were interesting and very unique. I'll leave this at a -1, but great ideas either way. Have a nice day!
    Posted Oct 23, 2019

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