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Make your list of the best players for every kit(:

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by Swampie_, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. I hear you


    *Iron Golem: Idiotinatree* and so...
    Posted Feb 24, 2020
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  2. What games would this include? Were would they advertise this data. How will they collect the data of thousands of games?
    Posted Feb 24, 2020
  3. Why does anyone still think tree is legit. As for the thread I guess
    Everything else: Deidara is his prime
    Posted Feb 24, 2020
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  4. Really overthinking this bro
    Posted Feb 24, 2020
  5. AllyKatty (I think is how you spell it) is probably the most deadly Zombie kit user I have ever seen in SSM. Definitely deserves a top spot!
    Posted Feb 25, 2020
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  6. Deidara was better zombie but allykaty I think is the best one that still plays there arent many zombie players.
    Posted Feb 25, 2020
  7. Best squid is TrunksBrief :sigils_down:
    Posted Feb 25, 2020
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  8. Who is the best Whiter Skeleton?
    Posted Feb 25, 2020
  9. George is better and Deidara was far better
    Posted Feb 25, 2020
  10. Best cow is BoxingWithBoxes
    Posted Feb 25, 2020
  11. yaaaa deidara was better lol
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
  12. Someone has trouble letting go of the past
    Posted Mar 1, 2020
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    Posted Mar 2, 2020
  14. I dont know, most wither players just run and use image swap.
    Posted Mar 2, 2020
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  15. Take a guess

    In fairness, it's completely accurate (and honestly wasn't that long ago in the grand scheme of things), Deidara had such strong fundamentals that he could pick up pretty much any kit and beat other great players with it

    Now if we are talking strictly about mains, this is obviously a different story and we get very different results, but this isn't the thread of the best kit mains, its the best players, and there has never been a player as dominant as Deidara post-2016. Period.

    Good pubstomper and main, but not the best player. Other players had a better secondary / pocket Cow than Boxes
    Posted Mar 3, 2020
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  16. Mauo was the best at skeleton
    Posted Mar 3, 2020
  17. who? lulw
    Posted Mar 6, 2020
  18. Anyone with decent cps as golem can hit trade, even if he isnt legit, what he does is still possible.
    Posted Mar 6, 2020
  19. i dunno what kits he uses but his name’s Josh592004, really good SSM teams player :D
    Posted Mar 6, 2020
  20. Thats false, a golem won't trade with spider or wolf because of how minecraft works. The direct double jump cause the spider and wolf to have extra range on their hits I believe because the game gets confused on the location but I'd need someone to verify the exact reason
    Posted Mar 6, 2020

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