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Map Guidelines

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by BlueFlash, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Someone recently has sent me this;
    an image showing a rough guideline for how to build a BlockHunt map(originally from https://www.mineplex.com/threads/block-hunt.93/). I do think it is great that this is being said outright, it has become evident that many maps don't follow these guidelines. I believe rather than accepting new maps we should ensure these maps fit the guidelines.
    This post is in no way saying I dislike the maps or the build styles. Just that they do not fit the designated guidelines.

    So the first point speaks about the size and block spam. Two (recently accepted) maps have an exceedingly large size seen below;
    shadowed amazon -

    Atlantis -

    Thames Block spam;
    This block spam is excessive on the paths in the map, which can stunt a hider running from a hunter. Not only this, but it feels extremely unnatural that random wooden poles stick out of the ground this breaking the path. It barely adds gameplay value (apart from the wooden poles) and can be quite obstructive.

    The second point suggests the idea of exploiting with tnt kit, however many of these spots are known within the community I don't wish to share the majority of them. But I wish to provide an example that this occurs.

    This is one of many exploits on that map alone where a hider can reach inaccessible spots and can easily be fixed through a quick placement of blocks.

    The Third point is quite hard to outright prove in screenshots or videos. However, I would like to bring attention to these maps.
    First of all Thames. Thames Square lacks any spots outside of block piles. Yes, there is a painting room, but that isn't a spot in the map. There are no little trees or spots where a hider can perch like there are on maps such as Nakoji or Riverwood.
    Second of all is Eclipse, This map lacks any spots for hiders outside of block piles as stated before. If you wish to not be in a block pile, you best hope to pick a building and pray it isn't checked by a hunter during the game time of the map.
    Shadowed Amazon is another. However, unlike the two above it does contain three spots that aren't "block piles". these are in trees which are so glaringly obvious that a hunter checks them every game and quite often is considered worse than being in a pile of blocks.

    I will do a summary for the other maps i believe also fit this description.

    Hidden Fields is another which has only got spots for block piles (or infestor mains)
    Confined, This map is rather large and contains a single spot which can be considered an extra spot. One tree with moderate parkour. But it is well known and not a very good spot for consistent wins.
    Lylinore Forest This map has no reliable spots what so ever. It has not got any spots outside of "block piles"
    Mesa Village. This large map has no spots other than "infestor spots" (the crane) and "block piles"
    Spadazalin’ spring. This map by far has no spots and the best ones are standing on a roof or flower in plain view for hunters at 3/4 directions they could face.

    The Market This is by far the worst map for hiding, it is far too confined and has no spots for hiders. This map is awful for hiders.

    Vineyard Mills This map suffers what Market suffers from, except it is larger so it can be forgiven a slight bit more. But it suffers from barrier spam in spots that shouldn't have barriers

    Treasure Caverns. This map is awful and i will touch more on it in later points.

    The fourth point suggests that Hider Spawn shouldn't be in direct view of hunter spawn.

    This happens on Desert Village as seen below;

    Quite often on this map if a skilled hunter is present they shoot straight into this area and can kill hiders during the hide time. This is clearly infront of hunter spawn and hiders can easily be spawn killed through that.

    The fifth point is a coding point so N/A

    The sixth point suggests that maps need variety (although I do agree 100%), this isn't the case on treasure caverns. As seen below;
    This screenshots 11 houses, of which the variety shows two types of houses. one "large" one which has a bottom flaw of 3 wide. and a "small" one which has a bottom floor of 1 wide
    The interior of the houses are more varied than the exteriors, only slightly. Usually 2 or 3 block difference within the homes. as seen below.
    The interiors don't feel completely different at all, more like a "spot the difference" game that children play.

    The Seventh point is also a thing that is quite obvious. So wouldn't be accepted if it had happened.

    The point of this thread is to show that quite a few maps that are in the game are bypassing this restriction put in place for a quality game experience.

    A small mention would also be the excessive barrier spam. I believe if a spot can be parkoured to it shouldn't be barriered, If you wish a hider to not reach a spot, make it inaccessible rather than barrier it, as it feels cheap to the community.

    It isn't just me who has came to these conclusions. Many people in the community have mentioned many of these maps (and often times more) for issues spoken about in this post. I would hope these maps would be changed (Significantly) to fit the guidelines. Not a small change to every house in treasure. Or adding a tree to eclipse. a major change that would make the maps fit these guidelines and feel natural
    Posted Sep 14, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 14, 2019
  2. There are a few spots for hiders you missed
    Also for hunting the way TnT hunter should work along with Taser is that it should be treated as a Tactical Kit not an Offensive as well as Radar being a support class. The only offensive class should be Leaper. Leaper is the only kit that can get to hard to reach places and they can get there without being shot off if they know the right spot to jump from. Where Leaper is in pursuit TnT can break a wall in to get the remaining and Taser would stun them. Radar sniffs them out of hiding.

    Sorry for the rant just that's how I feel about hunting kits
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
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  3. Aye; first of all, thank you for taking the time to make this thread!!!
    I want to get into your points a bit and definitely try to get some of the stuff changed so you block hunt players can be happy!!
    1) I agree with Atlantis being too big and personally want to change it too tbh. Same for the random block spam on Thames, I heard many ppl dislike it and really will try my best to get it changed to how it was before. However, I have to disagree with Shadowed Amazon being too big. It has a size of ~150x150 which has been figured as the max./average size for BH maps (Cookie, Pirate, Riverwood.. all those maps are 150x150 too) so I personally do not feel like having that changed!
    2) Okay so, the provided example I definitely an issue we will be fixing, I'd love if you could send me the other issues you got via dms!
    3) Thames is known yea; I tried my best to add some more unique gameplay a few months ago but it is one of the OG maps and we would rather not do major/big changes on it.
    Eclipse is eek, I play alot of BH myself (at least I used to) and I know you can still survive pretty good on there so I feel like changing that would make it more unbalanced.
    EEK, I believe most of u didnt find some cool spots for Shadowed Amazon yet :eyes: :eyes:!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just search bit more <3
    Hidden Fields and Confined are imo pretty balanced, they both have a few tree spots and hiders usually do win on it, at least whenever I played those.
    Lylinore Forest, yes, yes I agree I will suggest adding some more nice spots!
    For Mesa I think its pretty balanced, and Spring is well, you can definitely win but ye, Ima suggest something.
    Market.. UGH
    Vineyard Mills got something brought up already by GI.
    4) Yes I agree with that, the desert village spawn should be moved/covered, no doubt :)
    5) -
    6) Well, giving a map more variety is hard in past, but I can definitely try bringing it up at future map testings to make sure we get more unique block hunt maps!!! :clap: Also gotcha with Treasure Cavern.
    7) ??????

    Personally I really agree on the thing with the barriering, for myself I really try to make sure that you do not jump at barriers on my new maps as thats ree!!!
    I feel like its good when community members bring their opinion up and personally like listening to it, I noted quite a few things you brought up down and hope we can find a solution for the maps together. c:
    If you have any other Questions feel fre to ask me!

    Posted Sep 14, 2019
  4. Alright going to reply to these 3 statements.

    3) For Thames Square just remove the barriers blocking the neos on each side at the one leaf spot that was modified to be "more interesting" and I'll be happy but don't remove the logs. move the logs in the street, but don't delete them

    Just give us the blasted trees on Eclipse Town. It's that easy :P
    Same thing with TREES BEING BARRIERED on The Market. Also maybe talk to Extro to see if he'd be interested in adding some underground stuff to bring more size to the map maybe - probably a dumb idea lol

    I'm Glad to hear that Vineyard Mills is getting some love. Would enjoy being able to get on top of hider spawns roof like you can if you exploit... (Not telling you how)

    4) Don't cover it. Just split the spawn area in half on each side of hunter spawn maybe?

    6) Just don't go too crazy with it lmao

    Please make more accessible maps as well.

    One last thing: I think modern should be more specific because modern could be a city in a volcano that's not generic and would be sad to see a map denied just because it's a little modern looking. Also futuristic does not count as modern obviously so would that work? Love this community and good luck with the hunt and the hide.

    ~ Ghost
    Posted Sep 14, 2019

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