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Java Map Update - 3/2/20

Discussion in 'Update Changelogs' started by dutty, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. These are all amazing! I'm looking forward to Plexville for BH and how that turns out - it looks amazing so far! <3

    Well he did embezzle funds from the Department of Treasury at one point...
    Posted Mar 3, 2020
  2. Another solid map update! I really did enjoy testing these a lot. I'm especially happy to see the new Death Tag, Bacon Brawl, Block Hunt and Skywars maps finally get pushed because testing those in particular were quite fun. Builders, keep up the amazing work, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you can make for the future <3

    Super excited to see the competition maps too :D
    Posted Mar 3, 2020
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  3. Yes! More Nano maps, good job to the build team! :)
    Posted Mar 3, 2020
  4. I absolutely love these new maps - the build team and MTT teams have definitely been hard at work making such a content-rich update with high quality like this come out in such quick time after the last one! My favourite map is definitely Colours of the Ocean as it's a very pretty map that is inspired by coral which I just love to look at so excellent job to all of the team, especially @powh for that great map!​
    Posted Mar 3, 2020
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  5. Heyo!

    WOW! These maps look absolutely fantastic! Great work to all the builders who helped make this update possible! I can't wait to try out the new Skywars maps as I love Skywars and the maps look super nice and very detailed! I can't wait till next weekend to see all the community made maps come out!

    Posted Mar 3, 2020
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  6. Another map update which is obviously cool as usual. This time it's 30 maps! It's so many maps to release at once. Most of them are built by current Builders and their work is appreciated by the community. Also, I won't forget to mention MTT who, I assume, spent hours of testing all these maps to ensure that there are no issues on all of them. Great job both Builders and MTT!

    From this map update, I liked some maps, they are Color Of The Ocean, Excavation, Bathroom (actually similar to Bedroom map for me), Plateau. Hope to get chance to play on them.

    Excited to see more map updates in the future! Keep up great work!
    (Totally not late reply)
    Posted Mar 6, 2020
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  7. YES! A new Block Hunt map! I LOVE the maps that have previously been in the game, but it's always awesome to see new ones introduced. Block Hunt is my favorite game, so I'm always looking for new ways to be challenged in it, and finding Hiders within this new map will definitely do that for me.

    Looking forward to hopping online and playing Plexville when I time! Can't wait for more maps!!!
    Posted Mar 6, 2020
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  8. Hi!

    These maps look amazing! I usually play Nano Games, so I hope to play the Nano Games maps, especially Saidan because I love Hardcore Parkour! Keep up the good work!

    Have a good day/night!
    Posted Mar 7, 2020

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