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Not Planned Merge Java and Bedrock edition servers into one server

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by BBoy2003, May 11, 2021.

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  1. Heya! So I had an idea that we could merge the Java and Bedrock edition of Mineplex into 1 server!

    This can be done by utilizing the plugin Geyser. What that does is translate the java packets into something bedrock can use (at least that's my understanding of it) and allowing bedrock players to join the Java edition server. I have personally tried this out and can confirm it works with the latest Minecraft versions of both Java and Bedrock. For more information feel free to search Geyser Minecraft online. I'm not gonna link their website directly since it's not on the approved links list.

    It looks like this: https://gyazo.com/dec3bb3869dba6fd2142b2e4688d2be6

    Pros of merging:
    - Larger overall player base since everyone will be together
    - Wait times for games will be nonexistent (since bedrock usually has around 5-10k players pretty sure)
    - Allows people to play with their other friends who may not have the same version that they have
    - Can merge the java and bedrock staff teams together into 1 team
    - You can play Mineplex Java...... IN VR!!! ( You can already play bedrock in VR but Java server go BRRRRRR)

    Cons of merging:
    - The skill gap will be VERY high for bedrock players. Java "sweats" are VERY different from Bedrock "sweats". Plus tablet people will be playing against more PC players which might unbalance things. But that already happens on bedrock right now.
    - Some games/mechanics might have to be altered to accommodate different platforms but with my experience so far I haven't noticed a single issue in terms of interactions cross platforms

    I just think merging the servers and bringing everyone together has more pros than cons. Maybe I'm completely overlooking something but in my eyes this seems like a big change that is worth considering. If you believe I missed something please let me know!
    Posted May 11, 2021
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  2. It sounds great in concept but you quickly will run into issues.

    Geyser is great for SMPs where there isn’t much custom behavior but even then there are issues. Java and Bedrock are entirely different games that work entirely different. Somethings that work well on bedrock won’t work well and Java and vice versa just based on how the games play.

    Also currently a VR client for Java is an unapproved mod as it modifies client behavior to ways not possible for vanilla and the same with connecting to our Java server via a geyser proxy — you are sending weird motion packets because you inherently are a different game. We already block geyser connections to Java because of that to prevent issues with the anti-cheat, just like we do Lunar.

    Besides that, you will encounter issues with how things are setup. We do not use scoreboards on mobile due to screen real estate and almost entirely do on Java while also using the action bar. We’d have to redesign and send different packets to different clients depending and have a very complicated and custom translation layer, converting Java and bedrock client packets. It wouldn’t be as simple as dragging and dropping the geyser plug-in, and either way, we use entirely custom plugins.

    You’d also run into the issue that our entire bedrock server is based off of 1.12 right now and the Java server 1.8, so a lot would have to be readjusted in that manner.

    Ultimately, yes it is sad to not see as many people on Java, but I don’t think merging them would be the solution, I think it would make more problems.
    Posted May 11, 2021
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  3. I think this is probably a good summary of the idea.
    Posted May 11, 2021
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  4. Hey there Brenden! First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to make this thread and suggest this idea. This idea has been suggested before in the past. The linked thread below, posted a year ago, proposes the same idea, and it was marked as Not Planned.
    You may read the thread linked above if you're interested in reviewing the feedback from both Community Members and a couple of Staff Members, but I will provide my own personal opinion on the Idea suggestion within this thread. @whalker made an excellent response and it kind of encompasses where I stand on this idea suggestion.

    While I understand the intent of this idea, which is to merge both platforms together to obtain a stable player count on one single platform, I ultimately don't think it'd be worth the amount of issues it'd end up creating. I think Whalker highlighted the majority of issues that would arise in the light of this idea suggestion his post above, but while merging the two servers may be possible, as you've pointed out, I don't think it'd be feasible. As said in the other thread by Marzie, "Java is strictly PC only, and well, is based off its own client." In comparison, Bedrock is based off Microsoft/Xbox accounts, which allows a variety of devices to be used. (Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Moblie, PC, etc.) - With the difference in devices being used between Java/Bedrock, there is an obvious difference in game mechanics and by merging the two I personally think there would be a lot of room for problems to be created. I'd have to agree with Whalker, while it's sad that there has been a decline in Java players, I don't think merging the two platforms would be the best solution. I do appreciate the idea suggestion, and it would be an interesting concept to see, but again, I don't think it'd work out too well with the major differences between the two platforms.
    Posted May 11, 2021
  5. Hey Brenden!
    The lovely people above have said great replies, and I would like to add my own thoughts to this as well.
    Java and Bedrock platforms are two completely different for their own reasons. As Marzie said before how Java is strictly only PC and it could really cause issues merging it's own client with something different. Bedrock is good for bedrock only because it has many platforms besides PC that are compatible to be able to bring into one unit. The game mechanics of the two platforms are similar but not the same, especially the part with VR. Players using VR wouldn't be able to play on the server and it can mess with the anti-cheat.
    Regardless, it's a great thought as I thought about it too, it just unfortunately wouldn't work out as much. In a perfect world perhaps it could.
    Thanks for suggesting Brenden <3!
    Posted May 12, 2021
  6. There are too many problems/cons/differences in versions with the idea, and too many questions as to how we would go about after the merge(for instance, stats, or maybe what would happen to the Bedrock games). It's at a point where it doesn't even matter what the pros are.
    Posted May 12, 2021
  7. Someone has already said in one of the posts above that this idea is great in concept and I completely agree with that. It would be amazing to bring the communities together and improve the overall experience for everyone on the platform due to shorter waiting times for games and the ability to connect friends who play on different versions of Mineplex, however, I too consider this idea too good to be true.
    There would be a lot of problems with the idea and the difference between the experience and game sense that Bedrock players have compared to Java players. I feel like the current system makes the gameplay fairer and that merging those two versions of Mineplex would ruin that aspect of the server.
    One more question is stats, there are people who care greatly about stats on Java Mineplex and that would probably not be happy that their stats would be considered the same as the stats of a Bedrock player and vice versa. I am not saying that any version is easier or that one of the Mineplex's versions has lower quality skill cap or "undeserved" stats of any sort. I am simply saying that the way those stats were earned is different and that the leaderboards for each game are different and should be treated as such.
    The idea sounds great but I simply do not consider it practical enough to be implemented, unfortunately.
    Awesome work for suggesting this though, it really shows that you care dearly about the Java and Bedrock communities and that you wish the best for each of them.
    Posted May 13, 2021
  8. This will cause alot of issues it would also cause more player loss for mineplex due to how much people would quite after seeing how different java is from bedrock also seeing the sweat playerbase on Java.
    Posted May 13, 2021
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  9. No. Not just because of the issues others have said, but bedrock is too different. Take cakewars for example, on bedrock speedbridging is so much faster, would this 'merge' remove that and make it all java? in that case we cant bridge anymore and you LOSE all the cakewars players from bedrock. Will it lose java bridging and allow bedrock for all players? then the java sweats just get even more OP compared to us due to them having PC - not all bedrock users have that.
    Posted May 13, 2021
  10. Might take too much effort to implement this with mineplex at its current state
    Posted May 13, 2021
  11. I will be marking this thread as Not Planned and locking it.

    Merging both servers together might sound like a really good idea but it would severely affect the development of both servers as outlined above. It's not feasible, as of right now, and also due to the negative feedback we will not be considering it for the time being.

    Thread Locked ➵ Not Planned
    Posted May 15, 2021
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