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In Discussion Mineplex Builders (and I'm not talking about the rank)

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by PerryPluyz, Jul 6, 2019.


Would you want this as a game type?

  1. OMG YES!

  2. Yes

  3. Sure, why not?

  4. Neutral

  5. Nah, not necessary

  6. No, would cause a lot of issues

  7. Much no

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  1. Mineplex Builders would be Mineplex's take on a game type just like on other servers. This would definitely steal a lot of my time if this were to become a reality, which I can see in the future. With the server ID being MPB-1, you can join in the server that sets place just like creative plots.

    Commands for function:
    /build auto - Claims an unclaimed area of land (plot) and makes it yours
    /build [add/remove] (player) - allows/disallows players to build on your land
    /build [ignore/unignore] (player) - allows/disallows a player to cross onto your land
    /build reset - asks you if you want to confirm the request to wipe clean your land (resets it), type it once more to confirm the request

    Edit: addition by SpikeCreates -

    1. Legend+ can get WorldEdit permissions for less-intensive lag world modification (possibly 10000 blocks at once)
    2. Eternal+ can get goPaint.

    Addition by xOeuf & ATruePitato

    Two game mode types (Competitive & Casual)

    MPB-1 can be Mineplex Builders for casual building, PMBC-1 for Mineplex Builders Competitive building. For competitive, it's the same as casual, for the prime exception that after a period of time, the build team will select a few individual's build plot for a prize of gems, shards, chests, etc.

    [additional commands to be added by other's ideas in the future]

    Other thoughts I had whilst creating this thread:

    Of course this would be difficult to moderate when it comes to a completely separate part of the network. Just like CM (Clans Management), there would be a new subteam for dedicated moderation, GBM (Game Build Management). Of course, I do not see this as a real name for a subteam, but for a thread idea, it'll have to work. These people would be dedicated staff members (Trainee+) or whomever is deemed qualified to overlook and maintain clean/appropriate builds. Inappropriate builds will receive appropriate consequential action.

    The lag issue with this server among a widespread amount of people would be to create multiple game lobbies (MPB-1, MPB-2, etc). However, the downside is if a game lobby is down, a population of people would not be able to access their build. Which leads to this question, would automatic server restarts be a good thing for this game type? Let us know with your comments below!

    [Note: thread will be updated ONLY to add other's ideas that I deem to be appropriate for the game idea at hand.]
    Posted Jul 6, 2019,
    Last edited Jul 6, 2019
  2. Heyoo!

    This is such a good idea, like a super fun game in my opinion. I personally love to build and making this game come to Mineplex would make me so happy. I was thinking about like what type of commands the server could have, like for instance, if your Legend+, you would get access to WE (World Edit) and Voxel Sniper! Say if your like Eternal+, you would get access to goPaint. These are just a few suggestions. Great idea, love the way this game sounds and I hope it gets implemented.

    Posted Jul 6, 2019
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  3. I think this is a great idea. It gives people who aren't actual Builders a chance to show what they can do. It also allows players to experience this with their friends. +1
    Posted Jul 6, 2019
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  4. Yo!
    Overall, this just doesn't fit Mineplex's theme.. it's not really a game and has no real connections to what Mineplex offers to the players. Mineplex already has a building game where the moderation is extremely low therefore I do not see this ending up so well. I know you stated the idea of adding a sub-team that would be in-charge of moderating it but again, I don't think this would get passed Leadership since it would still be hard to moderate and I feel would add a ton of confusion. If players wanted to build there are many other methods of doing so but ideally I just don't think this would fit with Mineplex's "aesthetic". I do however want to say I do like the general idea I really do, but it's just not something I feel would last long on Mineplex which would = wasted development.

    Overall: -1
    Posted Jul 6, 2019
  5. This definitely is a cool game idea!
    Having custom plots with builds would be nice, and showing off your builds would also be a good way to learn from others. I think that it would be a nice addition to the gameplay roster. It would, however, be somewhat of a change from Mineplex's normal game modes - as @TeaSpiller mentioned. I think that with a couple changed, this could definitely have potential, though! Maybe having a sort of competitive aspect to it, like voting that ends with rewards at the end of "x" amount of time, or having leaderboards for build quality based on votes, so that people have more incentive to join the game, would make a good addition.
    As for the ranked perks, I don't know if those fall in accordance with Mojang's EULA, as ranks shouldn't provide gameplay perks, and should be cosmetic only.
    Having a larger plot size would maybe be a good perk for higher ranks, meaning that a normal plot size could be something like 50x50, while Eternals get 100x100 maybe?

    Either way, it's a very interesting idea, and I'll definitely vote yes!
    Posted Jul 6, 2019
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  6. Hey, there!
    This idea is definitely interesting and very unique. Just as @TeaSpiller and @xOeuf stated above this game is definitely different from Mineplex's overall theme but I believe as if it'd be nice to have a new game like this added to Mineplex. However, I absolutely adore what @xOeuf came up with, which would be a competitive aspect added to your game. I'd like to add on to his idea, there can be building competitions possibly held by the build team. Essentially, every four months the build team can search throughout the plots and comprise to find the top three best builds. The top three players will be awarded with a fair amount of gems, shards, and a couple of chests, however the number one player will get more than the 2nd player, etc.
    I understand that multiple players might not want to participate in the competition and might just want to build for the joy of it, so there might be two different plots, one for the competitions and one to free build.

    Overall, great idea, I'd love to see this implemented! +1
    Posted Jul 6, 2019
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  7. i like this game i want to see this added right now
    Posted Jul 8, 2019
  8. Ah, so like a creative mode. I can totally get behind this, as it can help bring out users' creativity. Plus, it would be so cool to see how people utilize a relatively small space to build something outstanding. Maybe Mineplex could branch off from solely minigames into an all-in-one server. That would be the dream haha.
    Posted Jul 8, 2019
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  9. It would, especially since Mineplex slightly branched off by creating Clans.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 8, 2019
  10. I think this would be great! I like the idea of world edit too. It makes building much easier. However, I think its an unfair advantage for others to have no worldedit at all, given how useful of a tool it is. I think that ranked players should get at least 2500 or 25% of whatever Legend+ ends up getting and non ranked players should get 10-5%. This allows for some use of world edit by every one, and, most importantly, allows for people to build bigger, better things!
    Overall: +1
    Posted Jul 29, 2019
  11. I love this idea as building is a main aspect of what i do on minecraft and i never feel satisfied with master builders or speed builders. This could really be a fun addition. I really like the whole competitive addition it could bring with your suggestions and I would spend countless more hours on mineplex if this because a thing. I like the whole idea of showing off builds as a creative world while still having a sort of game aspect to things. I also like the idea of getting World Edit and other plugins with ranks as on other servers you typically vote to gain those perks

    All in all i see this as becoming a very possible outcome in the future and I certainly will be playing if it comes to Mineplex

    Posted Jul 29, 2019
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  12. I think this is a great idea and judging from the replies on this thread, a lot of people would be playing it, myself included. I think it is a great way for people to showcase their building skills and possibly get noticed by the Mineplex Build Team. Not only that, but less experienced people would be able to learn from more experienced people, thus benefiting all players and the staff team.

    Overall, this is a fantastic idea and I hope to see this gamemode implemented on Mineplex!

    Posted Jul 29, 2019
  13. While I would personally like to see a "creative mode" implemented on our server, I think there would be a major problem with this. First off, I'm not sure if a sub-team dedicated to moderating the game mode would work out. There would likely be hundreds, possibly thousands of builds that are constantly changing. Even with a dedicated sub-team, I'm not sure if it would be practical to review tons of builds individually on a regular basis.

    If this were to get added, it would be important to have some sort of twist that sets the game apart from other servers. I'm not exactly sure how this would be accomplished, but I believe this needs to be worked out to make the game really stand out for non-builders as well (like me).

    On a different note, I can see how this game would not fit with Mineplex's theme of minigames. In my opinion, however, I think it would be cool for the developer team to experiment more with "long term" games such as Clans (and formerly Gem Hunters), so this would expand Mineplex's range of games. Overall, I feel this would attract quite a lot of players, but I can't say for sure if this would be a beneficial change in the long run.
    Posted Jul 29, 2019,
    Last edited Jul 29, 2019
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  14. Hi,
    I would love to see this added.
    There has been a lot of talk by the community for several years now regarding a Mineplex server dedicated to just building; however, since nothing has ever happened in the general direction of this concept, I'm afraid it may never get implemented.
    Posted Jul 29, 2019
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  15. This would definitely steal a lot of time from me. Especially with the Titan rank with world edit, it would be amazing to show off my terrible minecraft building skills since I tend to be more of a PVP person. This seems like an amazing game idea. So like a lot of other people, it's a +1 from me.
    Posted Jul 29, 2019

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