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In Discussion MINEPLEX Competitive

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Kaviscweptic, Sep 22, 2019.


Do you feel like my suggestion is good? :3

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  2. No

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  3. I like kittens

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  1. Hey Everyone!

    As a very fun community to be in. I would love it if Mineplex could implement competitive genres of existing games.
    Imagine having to go up a ladder to earn rare rewards, battling it out with the other competitors and being deemed victorious.

    I understand that Mineplex is a server that promotes chill vibes and fun gameplay but I feel like competitive players can enjoy the server more if competitive version of games were introduced.

    What kind of games though?
    As a start Skywars can be altered. Playing normal skywars in itself is competitive in my opinion but I think it will be more enjoyable for players to become the best at their games.

    More info
    Divisions can be introduced and players would have to collect points in order to rank up. Ranking up will give them titles and other rewards. Once the player reaches the highest division he/she will be given the SKYWARS MASTERY title.


    I feel like having a competitive side is what Mineplex really needs. Competitive video games tend to be more fun these days and in my opinion I would really enjoy it.
    Tell me what you think down below!

    Have a great day :3
    Posted Sep 22, 2019
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  2. Hey!

    I really like this idea. It allows players who are more competitive to fight other competitive players for different rewards. The point system is a good way to make this happen also. So for like every kill they get a certain amount of points, every win, etc. I also think that you could lose points eventually down the ladder. A lot of people are playing games (like Skywars) with people that are super good at the game, so adding this will let everyone have fun. Though they could still play the normal version of the game, this would help out at least. But, Mineplex is more like a server that doesn't want to go far in competition. They want to be laid back mostly, and for everyone to have fun, like you have said. But I would still like to see this added. It should only be for certain games that are mostly PvP based. Not sure if it would work for Cake Wars or games like that since those types of games are based on teams. I like the idea of giving the player(s) who reach the highest rank (division) a special reward, such as a title. Competitive games are fun in my opinion too so. Overall, I would like this idea to be added. I don't really see any big problems with it. I give this a +1. Thank you for suggesting this!
    Posted Sep 22, 2019
  3. Hey!

    I like this idea. It will grow the more competitive side of Mineplex, and I think there are many players who will like that. To be competitive on a platform which is meant for the competition is a lot more fun than being competitive while everyone else plays casually. It will bring more fun to the competitive side and attract more competitive players from other servers.

    Giving rewards to the top competitive players for each season or something like that would also be great. It doesn't have to be a new feature at all, for example, a win effect, particles or a title. Something every player has but in its own unique style.

    I can see this be a good implementation overall. Starting small with something like Skywars and a few servers would give an image of how this could work and could help decide if this is something worth going for 100%.

    +1 from me, great suggestion!
    Posted Sep 22, 2019
  4. Although it is obvious that almost every player on a server can agree that ideas like this would be very beneficial and fun for a server, I just don't think it's doable for Mineplex anymore. It's just far too late for Mineplex to implement this while only having a maximum of around 2k-5k players on at a given time. This sort of idea would only work if there was a separate queue for the "Ranked Version" of the game mode, and then the casual version. But like I said, it's too late for that now. If these sort of elo system was implemented into the current casual games without a separate queue, how would that work? Would players only be matched up with other players around the same elo range? Would there be no matchmaking? Issues like this for a small server would just mean whoever is able to play the longest and grind the longest against other casual players would just make their way up while other actual good players who don't have as much time would be lower in the rankings, and if there was a matchmaking system, players would have to wait even longer then they already have to to wait for a game to fill up. Because of these reasons, I think it'd non-beneficial for Mineplex to add a Competitive Rankings system built into the server.

    Some alternatives to adding an entirely new competitive system is just rewarding players who are top 10 on the win leaderboards. Yes, I do agree that most of the top 10 for each game mode are just the players who are able to grind the most in their free time, but maybe adding rewards for top 10 monthly players for some stats that actually require skill would be more beneficial. For example, rewards for K/D in SG and SW, Cake Bites Eaten/Cake Bites Taken In for CW, and other stats like that.

    Another alternative to this is really just participating in Competitive Leagues for Mineplex games. If you're trying to play in a competitive environment, you can do so in most of your favourite games such as Cake Wars, Bridges, Champions, and Minestrike as well as some other minigames. I also think Mineplex should just host more tournaments for players to enjoy while actually earning some rewards to make it worth it.
    Posted Sep 22, 2019
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  5. As nice as this sounds, there are several issues I see with this. Most prevalent would be that we max out at around 2.5k most of the week, and 3.5k on the weekends. For most games, they can't afford to split up the playerbase into genres. Second, while there is a solid, loyal comp playerbase, it is also small compared to the general userbase. We don't want to make the same mistake we did with CA by focusing on a very niche playerbase. And lastly, we already have mcl which most of the comp players are already involved in. Rather than add new gamemodes, I think events squad should routinely hold tournaments or something for those rewards and more competitive players.
    Posted Sep 22, 2019
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