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Mineplex has problems

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Cardyceps, Jan 3, 2020.


Are there any problems that you would like Mineplex to fix?

  1. Yes, Mineplex needs a really good patch

  2. It has some small problems

  3. It is brilliant! Mineplex shouldn’t fix anything!

  1. This talk is mainly about Bedrock and I am not sure if Java also has the same problem.
    This thread wasn’t written to hurt someone’s feelings or to down grade Mineplex’s reputation.
    Let’s start from the recent past. This Autumn was really bad for me and Mineplex. The skin creation was added in one of the updates. This led to the blank skin problem. Back at that days I was thinking that this problem will be solved in the near future, but I was wrong. It is 2020 now and the blank skin problem is still unsolved! Most of the time I am just playing in Survival Mode on Mineplex. I already forgot about the restart and all that resources that I had lost, but instead of calm normal survival I got the same piece of bugged, toolbox hackers filled, glitched “Survival” with bits of duping and claimed diamonds. That is how I found asking myself a question: How many times will Survival Mode be restarted before all the bugs will be fixed? Some of you might tell me that I should report the bugs I found, but it is now YOUR turn to look at what happened I am not the only one to report those bugs, but none of them are fixed!
    I will list you the bugs that I found:
    Pistons and jukeboxes disappear if they are being activated
    Duping that keeps coming back, even terminator is worried about his words(I will be back) being stollen
    If the block on the maximum distance of players reach is being broken there is a chance that it won’t drop and will become invisible
    Portals don’t work
    Enchanting tables don’t work
    Those are the bugs fro Survival Mode so don’t try to find them in other mini-games.
    So what do YOU think about Mineplex?
    Posted Jan 3, 2020
  2. My knowledge of Mineplex on the Bedrock platform is pretty limited so I'll let someone else fill you in with regard to each bug, as some I have not heard of before. This could either mean that you are part of a minority experiencing the issue, or that it is a widely regarded problem that the QA team are already aware of. The blank skin problem is intentional and there is nothing you can do but wait for it to be resolved. In this case everybody has the same issue so they suffer the consequences with you. I can see how the appearance of this can be irritating however it is more important that you are not left at a disadvantage, which luckily you are not, considering that every player has the same problem.

    Nevertheless there is nothing stopping you from reporting all of these at https://www.mineplex.com/bugs/ and lending a hand with informing the QA team of the bugs you have encountered. I would strongly recommend checking out the Bug Reporting Guide before you do so, as it provides you with everything you need to know in order to create a sufficient report. This will fulfill the purpose of your thread - I assume this is to raise awareness of these issues - as they will then be looked into and fixed as soon as possible.

    I understand your concern and hope that you don't have to put up with it too much longer!
    Posted Jan 3, 2020
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  3. Well, I already reported all bugs that I was able to find so there is no need for me to write it again.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 4, 2020
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  4. I too notice the delay in updates that production put out but I did talk to @DeanTM (if he wants to give a statement in this thread), but to sum it up:

    The bugs aren't being fixed immediately because there are more things that are higher priority than the bug fixing at the moment, I'm not sure what, but there are things. Unlike Java, Bedrock has to have it's every change approved by Mojang who often aren't very helpful. With that, there are 2 developers (excluding WilliamTiger) who are there to make these updates. I know from experience that programming is annoying and things have to be extensively tested to a point where they're happy that there are no issues and I'm sorry to say, this can take a really long time. Because of this, there isn't really any point in resending any bug reports as they already know about the issues, they are just in a queue.

    You brought up Survival which is different in this case. As you know, 'toolboxing' or 'item spawning' is somehow a thing on Bedrock and thus the anticheat would need to be made to stop this from being able to happen, but to my knowledge, the anticheat on Bedrock isn't functional other than a few movement checks and kicks. There are many weird and stupid ways people are somehow able to exploit the systems and the moderation staff do a great job at trying to get rid of them, but at a prevention server-side, it would be difficult to patch the constantly changing clients. This is why toolboxing hasn't seen prevention yet other than it being a severity 3 in the rules. As a moderator, I was banning dozens of people for this exploit, most of which didn't know it was against the rules, but toolboxing isn't the only issue on the network. I've come across people that somehow are able to hit everybody on a map simultaneously no matter how far they are from the player, then there was the exploiter that spawned about 120 ender dragons in a Skyfall game. What I'm trying to say, is that the exploiting side of things is much more complicated than it is on Java because the exploits are completely different and the traditional ones are barely seen (except high jump, that was common).

    As for everything that's disabled such as enchanting tables, portals etc. They are disabled to keep the server running smoothly. Not sure why this applies to enchanting tables, but portals definitely as it makes tonnes of different worlds which may make the server lag and obviously, the nether/end hasn't been developed yet from their original generation.

    This thread seems very pointed at Survival which I understand because honestly, Factions and Survival are more or less lost causes at this point. Every time they are reset, people start item spawning again and somehow making up weird ways to circumvent claim protection, pvp and generally the laws of Minecraft. To my knowledge, there is an overhaul planned, but when and what it will do I don't know, I just hope that it's sometime this year.
    Posted Jan 4, 2020
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  5. Heyo!
    I'm not all that really experienced with bedrock mineplex, but I'm experienced with Java, which is the TOTAL opposite for what you're looking for.As people above have stated, you should probably contact QA. But I think that @MachoPiggies really summed up your concerns. If that's not what you're looking for, then I'm not all that helpful in bedrock situations. If you've already bug reported it, then I highly recommend contacting QA or getting someone to contact them for you. Other than that, I really don't have that much to say. But I think the 2 people above have actually summed up most of your concerns. I hope your issue is resolved as soon as!
    Many Thanks!
    Posted Jan 8, 2020
  6. At least Bedrock KB is better then before XD
    Posted Jan 9, 2020
  7. Hey! I’ve been playing Mineplex for some time now, and I have to admit that there are a lot more bugs than when I started playing. Mineplex is currently fixing skins, so that is not as much of an issue, but there are other issues I would like to cover. Particles are broken. Instead of the particles looking the way they are supposed to look, with the new update their appearance is altered. For example, the rainbow trial particle is now a rain train instead of a rainbow. Another issue is the settings. I am only able to change my rank, and nothing else, whenever I alter any other setting it reverts back to the standard setting. I am aware that other players have this problem as well, wether they are unable to change their incoming friend requests, party invites, etc., or they are unable to change anything varies. There are multiple glitches in games as well, I mostly play CakeWars, but I experience issues in other games as well. In CakeWars, there is a map where on certain teams you are unable to place a block behind your cake. I could go on with more reasons why Mineplex needs to fix bugs, but this thread is getting long, so I won’t as it is not necessary. I do believe Mineplex will fix these problems one day.
    Posted Jan 9, 2020
  8. Mineplex does have a lot of problems. One problem is rule breaking. It seems to happen a lot! Too bad I can't report rule breakers anymore! Sad story! D: I love u Mineplex <3 uwu
    Posted Jan 9, 2020
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  9. @Toasteyyy_
    Posted Jan 9, 2020
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  10. Don't worry though, they're trying to fix these problems XD.
    Posted Jan 9, 2020
  11. Yeah. They are working super hard. The devs are working on the anti-cheat/other bugs and the staff have a lot of stress already from requests both on the forums and in-game. Round of applause for our boys in blue..!
    Posted Jan 10, 2020
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  12. There isn’t an anti cheat developer atm
    Posted Jan 10, 2020
  13. Yeah I know that post was oh wait nvm
    Posted Jan 10, 2020
  14. The leaderboards still have some people who boost wins or have glitched stats. The gwen anticheat system bans legit people. Not every server is perfect but the devs are not doing anything about these issues, at least not on java.
    Posted Jan 10, 2020
  15. I just hope that Mineplex won't repeat the story of the Fallout Games.
    P.S. Fallout was a good game series, but it started collapsing since Fallout4.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 10, 2020

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