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Mineplex is coming to an end faster than I thought was possible

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by EpicEnderDragon1, Sep 26, 2021.

  1. Back in 2020, I thought java Mineplex would probably survive up until about 2024/2025 before it would eventually get shut down similar to java Hive. I thought this because I assumed the leadership team would actually continue to provide some support to the server before it would inevitably lose its playerbase. Instead, mineplex's leadership has absolutely neglected Mineplex for the past year, and we went an entire 8 months without getting a single update. 2021 has without a doubt been Mineplex's worst year, I mean just look at the playercount. For the past 6 months Mineplex hasn't even been able to consistently hit 1k players, and it's average playercount is 300-500 players. 300-500 players used to be Mineplex's absolute lows during the nights, but now it's just the normal playercount. Back in early 2021 I assumed that the playercount would rise back up to stable levels over the summer, but NOPE. Mineplex was still getting 500 players on most days, very rarely breaking 1,000 players. With this current trend, I don't see Mineplex making it passed Spring 2022.

    This is all honestly really depressing, since Mineplex has been my favorite server for the past 6 years. But I don't know what else to say, this all the leaderships fault. Nothing we can do besides hopelessly ask the leadership team to stop neglecting us and actually provide support. Maybe, just maybe some miracle could happen and Mineplex could be revived gloriously. Man, that would be nice.
    Posted Sep 26, 2021

  2. It's not entirely their fault either. Reason the count is super low is mostly because of the fact that people just grew up too and are living life and don't have time for the server atm. This also does have somrthing to do with it, not just the leadership. We got 2 new admins as well so hopefully it gets better soon!
    Posted Sep 26, 2021
  3. At the start of 2021, I remember saying that I had hope for an SSM update during the year. Now that we're approaching the end of 2021 with none in sight, I've lost motivation to even play anything.

    And this could be said for other people who also want updates for their games.

    I wholeheartedly support bug fixes and things such as hardware and infrastructure updates because they create a more stable network for players, which in turn leads to prioritizing content updates.

    I don't want to blame the owners for anything if I can help it, but man, I just wish they would speak more often. I know it's not in their position to talk to the community, as that job is for others, but just a single word or letter could probably raise my hopes a bit.

    Anyway, life goes on and more and more people have just forgot about Mineplex or burned out from Minecraft from real-life obstacles.

    I'm still holding some hope though, and there's definitely gonna be an SSM Update in 2022. Right? RIGHT?
    Posted Sep 26, 2021
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  4. Yeah no
    Posted Sep 26, 2021
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  5. Yea I have to agree that seeing the server hit such a drastic incline has been pretty disappointing. I personally have been player for a long time and have never seen it get this low except like you said, usually just weeknights in the school year, and even then it would be higher. I would love to see updates come pouring out, however with the dev time and other issues it's just not possible at this moment in time. I feel like we will see some updates within the coming months so hopefully that can improve certain aspects of the server. I personally can't wait to see what the developer team and Leadership team and above have in store in the coming months/years but I do hope we see a return of previous years Mineplex in the coming months/years.
    Posted Sep 26, 2021
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  6. We can't give up hope quite yet! Mineplex is still surviving and it's truly a blessing we have the bedrock edition server to keep the memories alive and to keep the java server alive.
    Posted Sep 26, 2021
  7. Hey!

    I can definitely understand where you are coming from and why you feel this way. It is true that Mineplex Java has definitely seen a drastic decrease in the playercount over the years. There are likely a number of factors that go into this ranging from an increase in competition to a slower rollout of updates in recent years.

    That said, I think it's important to note that the entire staff team (including Leadership) works extraordinarily hard to maintain the server, and a lot of it is all more complex than it seems. There is a ton that goes on behind the scenes and every team and moderation staff member all do their part to keep the server going. Mineplex did recently hire a new Java frontend developer as well who has been working on numerous updates and bug fixes which has all been very beneficial for the server. With that, the release of GWEN V2, an updated enhanced version of the anticheat, is still expected to be released at some point in the near future so we can all keep our fingers crossed for that.

    I would expect that as more weeks/months continue to pass we will start seeing more updates (hopefully) rolling out for the network. I've been playing Mineplex for more than six years like you, so I really have seen the change and sympathize with you and everyone else who feels the same. The best thing that we can do is try to remain patient, express our thoughts and ideas on certain topics related to the improvement of the server, and hope for the best as time passes.

    Hopefully I was able to address at least some parts of your concerns, and do feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns about anything specific and I'd be more than happy to address it for you.
    Posted Sep 26, 2021
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  8. Why do you believe that updates will start rolling out? There's been next to nothing happening for the entire year, and simple, heavily requested additions (like adding CS back) have been ignored for no reason. Really love to know why you still have hope and/or what you're going off of here.
    Posted Sep 26, 2021
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  9. Yeah the server feels pretty hopeless right now.
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
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  10. Not really. We're just days away from Halloween Havoc, they always deliver on phenomenal Halloween and Christmas updates. Even if they just recycle the ones from past years it should still give the server a much-needed boost!

    And if they don't, well, I'll be darned...
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
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  11. mineplex hit 10k players yesterday 3:00 am i saw captainsparklez playing sg again! sike
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
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  12. i mean mineplex bedrock hits 10k every day so you aren’t entirely wrong
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
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  13. 10k everyday? as of right, during an hour when is should be at its daily peak(at least in europe) it has 3.9K players, so only 39% of what you said

    these numbers might be higher in the night tho, I play more during the day so I mostly only see the numbers during the day
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
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  14. almost every time i log on mineplex’s player count is over 8k. on the weekends it hits around 11k
    Posted Sep 27, 2021,
    Last edited Sep 27, 2021
  15. seeing that rn, as I am writing this(afternoon in europe), we got 4k on the bedrock server, and may I remind you the afternoon is usually the time the player count should peak on in europe, so you either do not log on at the same times as I do(perhaps you are american, and if that's the case then I can understand why the player counts we see are different) or you don't log on very often(but I don't think that's the case with a lvl 87 bedrock trainee)
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
  16. i’m NA and i log on usually at 8-9pm CST. it gets pretty busy by then. and yeah i log on almost every day haha but i see why time zones seriously affect player counts
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
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  17. There's a site called Minetrack that actually has exact statistics on all of this.
    Posted Sep 27, 2021,
    Last edited Sep 27, 2021
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  18. if i win the mega lotto ill pay for 10 years of server costs, our only hope for java.... lol
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
  19. Yeah but it's honestly a blessing in disguise as you might think Bedrock is destroying Java but it's really keeping it alive. Bedrock is paying the bills.
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
  20. Last I heard Java is funding itself, Bedrock is not funding Java.
    What is the point of adding CS now... lol the server barely gets enough players and especially now when it doesn't get 1,000+ anymore.
    Posted Sep 27, 2021

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