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mineplex java broken?

Discussion in 'Help' started by Pumpedpixel, Jul 23, 2019.

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  1. I recently got java edition for Minecraft. I usually play bedrock I haven't played java since 2011. and I went to go join the mineplexs server and it says the server is not updated.....? I tried other servers and they work just fine but for some reason the mineplexs java server is not working is there any way I can fix this or is this a happening to everyone else?
    Posted Jul 23, 2019
  2. I'm sorry you were facing difficulties joining the server, however this is a simple fix! The reason you're not able to join is because your only two versions are "Current Version" which happens to be 1.14.4 and the 1.14.4 snapshot as well. Mineplex currently only supports 1.8.9 through 1.14.3 which is why you're getting an error message as we've not updated to the latest version Minecraft has put out.

    To change your version, open the Minecraft launcher and relatively close to the top, you'll see a variation of words. Click "Installations" and you'll be taken to a different page in the launcher. To add a new version, click on where there's a plus (+) sign and it says "New" on the top left corner. There, you will be able to customize a new version in which you can give it a custom name, choose the resolution, a game directory and finally choose the version you would like to play on. All you have to do is change the version to any of the ones Mineplex supports (1.8.9-1.14.3) and save it. Then, once you get back to the main menu of the launcher, on the left hand side of the green "PLAY" button, you can edit which version you want to play on. In case you got confused, I've left a step-by-step visual representation of how to create a new version in the spoiler below.

    Step 1: Click Installations on the top of the launcher

    Step 2: Click "+ New" on the Installations page

    Step 3: Create your new version that Mineplex supports [1.8.9-1.14.3]

    Step 4: Go back to the 'Play' page and choose your new version!

    As this thread has been addressed appropriately, I will now be locking it. If you have any further questions or concerns as to why, feel free to PM me!

    Thread Locked ↠ Concern Addressed
    Posted Jul 23, 2019,
    Last edited Jul 23, 2019
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