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Mineplex Newsletter - December Edition

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by EmmaLie, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]

    The holidays are rolling in, and so is the December edition of the Mineplex Newsletter, with another big change. Great reward requires great risk, but sadly, great risk does not always result in great reward. Our team learned this the hard way in our most recent issue of the Mineplex Newsletter when we took our first steps toward a redesign. Upon its release, we realized that our efforts—our great risk—had not been as successful as we had hoped, and we had to head back to the drawing board.

    Read more about our progress in this month’s edition of the Mineplex Newsletter.

    How to Contribute
    Caption the Image
    Ask Emily

    Have any feedback? Share with us here.
    Posted Dec 8, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 9, 2019
  2. The team worked very hard on this release, and I am very happy with how it turned out. However, there is still room for improvement. We really need some honest and specific feedback on what our readers do and do not like, so if you have some time to spare, please fill out the feedback form.

    I hope you all enjoy!
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
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  3. Very glad to have a part in this edition of the MNL. It’s very interesting to read and I’m glad I was asked for my opinions on Clans S6M2. Good job, and I look forward to next months edition!
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
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  4. Yay another news-letter it's amazing just by looking at the art (the art is always amazing honestly just like any other news-letter)

    Also, omg clans part I love it :D
    Posted Dec 8, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 8, 2019
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  5. I hope you all enjoy this month's edition of the Mineplex Newsletter!

    And I hope you enjoy that fancy Clans article.
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
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  6. Another great edition of the newsletter! I am loving this new design for each page. Also thanks @Sven for the shoutout <3
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
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  7. Ahh.. my favorite time of the month: Newsletter time. Great job this month, team. I'm really sad to hear that the design choice for the last issue did not go over very well. It was my favorite newsletter design yet. Ah well, I know the team will whip up some awesome new ideas for future issues. I'm not sure if that has been present in past issues of the newsletter, but I'd love the see a little highlight every month of the newly appointed MOTM and SOTM. I think that for all the hard work these staff members do, it would be awesome to give them a spot in the newsletter.

    Keep up the great work, team! :)
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  8. Awesome work on another great newsletter. I personally really like the cover page maybe the most, and always it's always nice to see what some people said for the caption the image. I loved reading about what a lot of people were thankful for as well!
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  9. Hi! We hope you enjoy this issue :) thank you @ssnip for the cover design/layout and Wanderer for the art!
    Posted Dec 8, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 9, 2019
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  10. Hey!

    Thank you so much to the hard working NL team for putting together such a well structured and enjoyable to read newsletter. It was full of important information, some great statistics, and much more to read about. I always enjoy having a read of the newsletter at the end of each month as it's a great way to stay up to date with Mineplex. I enjoyed reading all of the sections of the newsletter and I'm looking forward to future newsletters!
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  11. Woah, over 10,000 in-game reports processed. Way to go team!
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
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  12. It was really fun writing my first article for the Mineplex newsletter!

    I hope everyone enjoys this month’s newsletter. The team put a lot of effort into it :)
    Posted Dec 9, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 9, 2019
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  13. That credit does not quite go to me, that would be @ssnip 's amazing work laying it out and incorporating it into the design. All praise to him!
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
  14. Hello!

    Good job yet again on another great newsletter guys. Special shoutout to the new Newsletter members for a successful debut edition!

    (P.S: I know this comment doesn't have much to it but I submitted feedback to make up for that haha)
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
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  15. Another great newsletter! Really enjoyed reading this one. Great job newsletter team!
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
  16. I really enjoyed this issue! Amazing job guys!

    Special thanks to @510bikes for the interview opportunity, also!
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
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  17. It surprised me to hear that people didn't like the color palette last edition. I thought it was fresh, considering previous editions all shared the same orange and black palette. In fact, the art/new colors were something I was really looking forward to this time around. The seemingly random bold words were a bit jarring, I agree, but the color palette and readability of the 2019 November edition were fine to me. Guess not everyone shares that sentiment, though.

    All in all, great newsletter. The community interviews were interesting and provided some perspectives you may not get to see often. And again, thanks for interviewing me! ;)
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
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  18. Yay, I'm in this one in promotion. Nice newsletter and this one longer than the others, so I like it. Keep on working hard to provide the best newsletter ever.
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
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  19. Awesome work on this month's newsletter! Just like @SkittlesTM, I'm also on this newsletter and for the first time!! Thank you for your hard work, Newsletter team. I've always loved reading the monthly newsletters and I quite frankly enjoyed reading this one too!
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
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  20. Awesome job Newsletter team...really loved this edition, and surprised that I was mentioned in it :o

    Anyways, keep up the good work!
    Posted Dec 9, 2019

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