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Mineplex Newsletter - October Edition

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by EmmaLie, Oct 1, 2021.

  1. [​IMG]

    As September comes to an end, Halloween is creeping up our shoulders, and with that comes this month's October issue of the Newsletter! Through reading these articles, you'll be able to learn more about our Admins and their roles on the staff team, get to know our new Staff Management mentors, check out our seasonal art showcase, and much more! You'll also have the chance to participate in our new "Guess The Staff" contest!

    Read the October edition of the Mineplex Newsletter here

    How to Contribute:
    Suggestions Box
    Interview Interest Form
    Caption the Image
    Guess the Staff Member

    Have any feedback about our content this month or the Newsletter in general? Share with us here!
    Posted Oct 1, 2021
  2. Hype new edition and thank you Jared for everything you’ve done for the team <3
    Posted Oct 1, 2021,
    Last edited Oct 1, 2021
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  3. YESs! I've been waiting for this
    im super happy to be included into this month's newsletter, im also very happy to see everybody else there too!! why does it say im PutYouOnHold though lol that's an ancient name
    Posted Oct 1, 2021
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  4. Yay for another newsletter! We will miss you, Jared, thanks for everything you did on NL! <3
    Posted Oct 1, 2021
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  5. Farewell AGLThree! The newsletter won't quite be the same without you. Congrats to Arjun for the new lead! Much love from the community.
    Posted Oct 1, 2021
  6. Sad seeing Jared leave :(

    Hope you guys enjoyed the Newsletter, this was my first time piecing it together and I'm hoping future editions can roll out as promptly and enjoyable as possible!
    Posted Oct 1, 2021
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  7. Shoutout the Jared for running the team so smoothly for the (almost) past two years. He's done a phenomenal job and has made the team very enjoyable to be on. Huge congratulations to Arjun, though, on becoming the new lead! I know he'll do great things for the team and I'm excited for future editions.

    Of course, always love seeing @joshuart 's art featured, too. :eyes:
    Posted Oct 1, 2021
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  8. bvp

    Posted Oct 1, 2021
  9. @AGLThree ahhhhhh the newsletter legit won't be the same without you you were amazing and it's sad to see you go :( . However, once again this newsletter knocks it out of the park in terms of quality and quantity of articles. Can't wait to see the November one!
    Posted Oct 1, 2021
  10. This newsletter was very well done! Very good work. @AGLThree We appreciate everything you have done for Newsletter!
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
  11. Thanks for everything @AGLThree You did a wonderful job and I'm sure you're leaving the newsletter in good hands.

    Great job on this edition! Awesome to see @le Brownie in it!
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
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  12. This has definitely been one of my favorite Newsletters to read through, and I think everyone did a great job with their articles. It's really sad to see @AGLThree go, as you've done quite a lot for the NL team - so thank you for everything!
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
  13. when I first read the art area, I saw the put you on hold thing, and my reaction was basically:
    Wait what
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
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  14. Amazing newsletter!

    Can't wait for the new Halloween themes and gamemodes!
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
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  15. Lovely newsletter as always! Guess the staff member is an interesting idea and I hope to see it stick around in future releases. Thank you for everything Jared, I’ve loved reading the newsletters over the past few years I’ve been on Mineplex and best of luck to you on whatever comes next at Mineplex!
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
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  16. Amazing newsletter as always! It's nice and fun to read and was quite captivating this time around.
    Posted Oct 3, 2021
  17. As per usual the read was super amusing! Great job newsletter team at always bringing in entertaining reads. Super excited to see what the Halloween Update brings this year for the next newsletter! Also the art this Newsletter was beautiful! Great job artists!
    Posted Oct 3, 2021
  18. Awesome Newsletter as always!! I really enjoyed reading through the Admin Team Showcase and all of the amazing things they have planned for the future. Keep up the great work everyone!!
    Posted Oct 3, 2021
  19. Lovely newsletter as always, keep up the good work!
    Posted Oct 7, 2021
  20. Nice
    Posted Oct 9, 2021

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