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Mineplex Newsletter - September Edition

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by EmmaLie, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. [​IMG]

    Wanting something to distract you from the fact that summer’s ending? Or, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, looking for something to celebrate the end of winter? You’re in luck! Check out the September edition of the Mineplex Newsletter for a quick, but engaging read, including our contests and an exclusive window into a day in the life of a staff member!

    Read the September edition of the Mineplex Newsletter here

    How to Contribute:
    Interview Interest Form
    Suggestions Box
    Caption the Image
    Guess the Location

    Have any feedback about our content this month or the Newsletter in general? Share with us here!
    Posted Sep 1, 2021
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  2. awesome news letter.
    Posted Sep 1, 2021
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  3. kinda depressing looking at all the staff statistics
    Posted Sep 1, 2021
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  4. Sad to see everyone who left, but I love a good newsletter!
    Posted Sep 2, 2021
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  5. Lovely as always! Keep it up
    Posted Sep 2, 2021
  6. This is very well done! Good job!
    Posted Sep 2, 2021
  7. Looks great, cool seeing myself in the newsletter :p
    Posted Sep 2, 2021
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  8. Another great addition by our incredible Newsletter team! It’s very sad to see many Staff departing, and I wish them all the best with whatever they decide to do outside of Mineplex. I appreciate all their individual efforts and of course for helping out around the server whenever they could. Something I really appreciate about this month’s edition is the “The Day in the Life of a Modertion Staff Member” section. This section really highlights that we are people too, who have lives outside of Mineplex, and it was cool to read about other Staff Members daily routines. Excellent section @ddgolfer! - I’m looking forward to next month’s edition, and keep up the amazing work NL team! You guys are amazing. <3
    Posted Sep 3, 2021
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  9. Heyo!
    Another great newsletter as always! I really enjoyed reading through the "
    A Day in the Life of a Moderation Staff Member" article. Keep up the great work!
    Posted Sep 4, 2021
  10. Great work once again! So crazy seeing all of the resignations, but overall a very interesting newsletter!
    Keep up the good work :]
    Posted Sep 6, 2021
  11. I always love reading the newsletter! RIP to all the staff resignations though :( they will be missed
    Posted Sep 6, 2021
  12. Nice new addition, I’ll be reading it soon.
    Posted Sep 12, 2021
  13. good job from the news team as always!
    Posted Sep 14, 2021

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