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In Discussion Mineplex Prison

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Tylarr, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. To preface, I would just like to appreciate all the effort that was put into this thread. It was very well done, the video was hilarious and put together very nicely. I personally think that Prison would be a great new addition to Mineplex. Mineplex is typically seen as a mini-game based server and if there was something like Prison added it could be a place to grind, and if it does well we might see more gamemodes that stray away from mini-games.
    Posted Sep 8, 2019
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  2. Hey!

    It took me a little to read through the entire threat but I think this is an awesome idea for Mineplex plus it would shake things up too, I used to play ALOT of prison games back when I played on Java edition, and since I've switched to bedrock there isn't any. +1 honestly, even though it would be slightly out of place in a mini-game server, I still love the idea and I'm sure many others will too, you put alot of effort into this thread and explaining everything.

    In addition to that, I also think this will expand the player base for mineplex (even though it is large already) it would be awesome to see some new people around!
    Posted Sep 10, 2019
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  3. Anything to get the players comin' am I right?

    Nah but this seems like a great idea and prisons is one of the gamemodes I've enjoyed in the past on other servers, and seeing Mineplex's spin on it would definitely be interesting. It would also give me another gamemode to play other than Cakewars o-o
    Also nice job on the video, the lengths you've gone to ensure this becomes noticed and implemented is quite impressive.
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
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  4. This idea is so good. I used to love playing minecraft prison servers years ago. Adding a new game that isn’t a quick mini game would add more players to the server and helped the community grow again. It is very important for mineplex to release a game that isn’t a quick mini game just to build back up the community and I believe this game could be it.

    With the problems some people have said about keeping up with updating, If the game gets popular, they could make a Mod team or Sr. Mod Team similar to what Clans has. Or, they could merge clans team with a prisons team to make one big senior moderator team which would make more sense.

    This is an amazing idea and I really hope this gets implemented!!

    Posted Sep 14, 2019
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  5. +1 I greatly appreciate the effort you put into this which probably took around hours for you (I wouldn’t have time to make this in a sitting). You’ve greatly described it, and it can take a long time but hopefully it can be added
    Posted Sep 21, 2019
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  6. Woah! I love this idea! When I was younger I loved prison servers! and if this was to be added to Mineplex it would be amazing! I hope your idea gets added! +1
    Posted Oct 1, 2019
  7. It was very epic, and it could be a lot of fun, but as other players above have stated, mineplex is a minigame server. Maybe it wouldn't fit the Mineplex server, so I don't know if the coders would prioritize Prison, but maybe in the future.

    I personally think that this is a great idea if Mineplex has enough resources and motivation to create something like this. Good job on the video and the idea in general!
    Posted Oct 2, 2019
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  8. Hey,

    This looks like an amazing idea! I love the idea of GH 2.0 and Prison. If it does have rank-upgrades than I think it would be better to have it as extremely rare. I personally am not a huge fan of Prison but if this releases I will definitely be playing this not-stop. I think ideas like this is what Mineplex needs to boost their player count. I love the idea of bosses as it reminds me of Halloween Havoc and Christmas Chaos.

    There are a couple of problems with having this game, firstly it might take away players from the mini-game section. Let's say that there were 400 players playing Mixed Arcade and Prison Releases a lot of Mineplex's players will start playing Prison and eventually Mixed Arcade or any other game-mode might have a lack of players to begin it. The second problem I see with this is that there might not be enough developers working on it. This might be the reason GH shut down, and I fear MP Prison would shut down due to no Developers having the time to work on it.

    Over all I really like this idea and I think Mineplex should go for it! This is 100% a +1 from me. Can't wait to see if this game will make it or not!
    Posted Oct 2, 2019
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  9. Hey!

    This is an amazing idea. Prison is really fun to begin with, but implementing a gem hunters like mechanic will be next level. Although this will take a lot of coding, it will be worth it and may increase the player count. I would personally love to see this implemented into Mineplex!
    Posted Oct 2, 2019
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  10. Hey!

    You worked really hard with making this for us to see how prison on Mineplex would work out. This looks amazing! Having a different IP for it would be better in my opinion since Mineplex is a mini-game server and prison could be its own server. Let me start off with the villagers in the beginning of the video. The first one I see is the "Tutorial" villager. This should definitely be added into prison if prison were to be added in Mineplex. It would help a lot of us with information on how prison works on Mineplex and how to do the basic things and hopefully showing how to do the stuff that is a little different. The next one I see is the "Ore Shop" and this really should be added for a basic prison game. The next one is "Enchant Shop" which is in some prison servers, not all. I like the enchanting feature that prison has, mostly custom enchanting which is awesome. So I would love to see that added. "Reforger" would be very helpful for the players. We definitely need that villager.

    Moving on with the mines. I see that you would start at the Iron mine which is good. What I'm thinking though is that instead of Iron, it would be coal, or something like that. So it would go from the Coal mine, Iron mine, Gold mine, remove the Lapis mine, Diamond mine, and so on. Lapis doesn't really 'fit' the idea of prison in my opinion. For the ones after Diamond mine, I love the names you gave and the story behind it. Especially with the Mansion and with the Pumpkin King. It is true that having less mines means it will be faster to add in and I really just like less mines more. Lastly, the different mines that are in the mines that you gave as an idea would be great to add. So, instead of it being like a cube that you mine, it could be a volcano like you have said. It would make Mineplex more unique. Rank upgrades would be cool to see added too. But I suggest to make it hard to find these. Definitely you should have a low chance of finding a rank upgrade.

    Now bosses. I think that this would be also an amazing feature to add for prison. Bosses are so much fun to fight in any game and adding them in prison for Mineplex would be really cool! I like the places you gave for the bosses, where you would fight them and that you can fight them alone. What I think would be cooler though is to either have a boss for each mine or just to have extra bosses that you can find and fight for extra rewards.

    The leveling system you have added would be cool to see also. Players that are level 100 on the original server and they enjoy prison can grind prison for levels and get to level 100 on there. Custom crafting would be cool to see too in a prison server. It would allow Mineplex to have a variety of things, just like custom enchants. I like the idea of Gem Hunters 2.0 also. It would excite the people who actually enjoyed Gem Hunters and want it back. I definitely agree that Mineplex shouldn't need to have another division for prison, but if prison gets A LOT of players then maybe we would have to change that. Wood area would help out, auction is usually in prison so that is normal. /trade would prevent scamming like you said so that would be awesome to have. Keeping your inventory would also help out a lot. Like for example, if you die by a boss and you had good stuff, don't worry! You would still keep your stuff.

    Overall, I really like this idea! I didn't go over everything you have said but I went over a lot of good points you have mentioned and that should be added into prison if prison gets added into Mineplex. I definitely give this a +1 to be added, though like a lot of people said it would take a while to develop but in my opinion it is worth it. Thank you for suggesting this!
    Posted Oct 2, 2019
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  11. Heyo!

    Tylar, wow. Wow wow WOW. Prisons is one of my most favorite game modes ever, and I would personally love to see this on the Mineplex network. As you stated at the start, this obviously wouldn’t be anything new since Java has had Gem Hunters, has Clans, and some other separate games on Bedrock as well, so this would work perfectly. From all of the comments I’ve read, it seems just about everybody wants this also to be added (which is a lot of people). I honestly think this would take a lot of time to develop, but in the long run it would attract so many players and be a very fun game overall. I’ll address your video later, but I’ll go into the general stuff for now. (Note I jump around a lot in this thread, as I am just reading one paragraph down and then responding, not through the whole thing first I know very smart; sorry if it seems unorganized!)

    Mines/Rank Up

    For the start, I definitely agree with you that there should only be a certain extent of mines. It wouldn’t be in the best interest to have everything at once, so that way feedback has time to roll in before a full-on commitment is put towards this.
    Iron mines - I really do like the concept behind this. Kind of like the Mining Skeletons in the Mineplex lobby, there could be some of those there as a guard type mob. Maybe this wouldn’t be the best for the first mine, but maybe later on it should start having harder and harder mobs? As for the Iron Warden, I also like the idea behind this.
    Gold mines - maybe this is where the mobs should be located at. Towards the start, this could annoy the newer players, so I think it should get progressively harder from the start. However, I personally wouldn’t mind either way anyways.
    Lapiz Mines - Yeah, pretty basic stuff. Not sure what to say here.
    Diamond Mines - This sounds pretty cool, and well in order. Not sure what else to say here as well, seems pretty self-explanatory.
    Frozen Peaks - The concept behind this is very cool, and I like how unique it is compared to most other prison servers. The boss seems pretty interesting, and I think you summed up this mine pretty nicely.
    Volcanic Mines - Concept behind this is pretty cool as well! Question however; would this game be in 1.9? Or would the magma blocks be referring to just some netherrack (sorry if you answered this in one of your responses, I’ll be reading those later). I think higher up versions would have more to offer with their blocks and things like that, but I’m not sure how the community would take it. I personally would be fine, so hopefully everybody else would be too. Besides for this, the idea once again seems very unique!
    Hell Mines - Very cool concept behind this as well - as for the prison executives, would this be more of a storyline, or just something they force you to do? Either way, I still like the idea behind the portal. It seems like a somewhat similar theme to Volcanic Mines, but in its own unique twist at the same time.
    The End Mines - Once again, another very cool concept here. I think this fits in pretty good with the line of mines, and I don’t have much of an issue with it either.
    The Mansion - Yeah, this one is probably my favorite right here. Maybe the Pumpkin King has a vault after you defeat him, which just has a bunch of infinite respawning ores or something like that, but overall I enjoy the concepts to all of these mines.

    Overall, the mines you’ve presented here seem very unique, and these seem like a good start for release. As time goes on, I’m sure more could be added, but for now this seems pretty good. I don’t really expect 26 mines with the route it’s headed right now, but it does seem like that these mines have a potential branch mine anyways. Maybe a candy land mine in the future?

    Yeah, cube mines are not really the way Mineplex should be tackling this one. The server has a lot to offer, and some basic cube mines would definitely not be original at all. Caves, volcanoes, and everything in between sounds a lot better than simple cubes anyways. My only concern would be how long it would take to build these, and how much time would be taken away from creating maps on the main network as well. I don’t think it’d be hard to balance the time between these, especially with community build submissions, but there are a lot of other things the builders might have to be working on as well.

    Rank up!

    I like this system a lot better than the normal one. It doesn’t make much sense to be using warps, so I think this is a lot better system instead. The issue with this would be Minecraft’s border, so I think it should just teleport you to a separate area, but not too noticeable so it just looks like you dropped down (as you mentioned). This would resolve the issue, and still look pretty legit as well. As for the other one, I wouldn’t really want to see this happen (but that’s just my opinion). Something I would suggest would be a tag next to your name representing what mine you’re at, to resolve confusion for yourself and players. Maybe if there were to be a scoreboard or something, it could show that? Not sure as of now, but I’ll move onto the next section.

    Custom Combat

    This is a very good idea, as you mentioned most games like these usually have their own custom way of doing the health, so why not do it with this game as well? For the mana, I disagree with this a lot as well. It would be very confusing to learn all of this unnecessary stuff, but it would also take a while to learn as well. Health and Defense sounds a lot better to me, so good job on this one as well.
    Stats - I like the concept behind this, and here is my feedback on questions about what you’ve left here.
    Strength - Seems pretty self-explanatory, but how high and what % would this be increased by? Would it be every 10 numbers it deals 1% more damage or something like that? I personally think it should be 1% per strength, and cap the strength at a certain amount depending on what armor you’re using or something like that. Still unsure about this though.
    Sharpshooting - Range damage is also very good, but the same question remains for the base statistics of this.
    Health - Well I just saw you said it’ll be explained later on, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut for this one.
    Defense - Same thing as above.
    Haste - Once again, just how much would it go up by? How would it lower the cooldowns of things? I feel that Speed should have its own separate category, unless you’re just talking about mining speed (silly me if so).
    Critical - Kind of confused about this one, I know you mean critical hit, but how would it work exactly? I think other people would be lost on this as well.
    Pierce - Once again, kind of confusing and not sure what you mean by this too much as well.

    Holograms would be a great solution to this as well. While damage would have to be altered, I think Mineplex would be able to work around this in a way that wasn’t game-breaking. Maybe something that appears above their head to indicate you’ve dealt damage, or something like this.

    For the combo section, I really just don’t think this should be a thing. While it could be cool, maybe just having this accessible for players further down the road? That way at the start you could learn the basics, and then later on develop a better understanding for the more complicated mechanics. Well, that’s all for this section, I’ll move onto the next one.


    Bosses would be a very good addition to this, so I am intrigued as to how this will all work. Let me get reading and responding.

    Drops would be cool, but as Gem Hunters has had rewards linked to in-game and seeing as how this was one of the main downfalls, I just don’t see this happening. I get what you’re saying though, and if you mean exclusive ranks for Prison, then I don’t agree with this either. Nevertheless, once this idea gets more developed it would be interesting to see what the drops may contain and things like that.

    Queueing up for a boss fight. I like this system as opposed to being forced into one or by walking into it by mistake, but I would honestly have to see where it was located first before I start judging it. Once again, if more builds get pushed out for this I would love to see how the boss fights would look after this. As for your suggestions, let me dive straight into them.

    1. This idea is pretty simple, but it is somewhat boring. While it may make it easy for grinding, I personally wouldn’t want to see boss fights set up like this. The game is supposed to have a unique twist to it, and grinding is definitely something that takes the fun out of the majority of games. With that being said, I’ll move onto the second idea.
    2. I like this one a lot better, but you’ll probably need to go more in-depth about what you mean by this. Sure, nothing is fully laid out yet, but maybe just a base concept for what you’re getting at here would be nice. If you’re talking about last year’s Halloween Havoc type puzzles, then it would be pretty fun. More complicated ideas would probably just need some more explaining or visuals to be honest. For the difficulty settings, I think that this wouldn’t matter too much since there is already different leveled bosses, and it probably wouldn’t affect things too much here. While it may take longer, it’s not like the game would be going anywhere anytime soon, so I prefer this one a lot more than idea #1.

    As for this next part, I like how you incorporated a looting system already, even though nothing is in the final works yet. This just shows the dedication and effort you put into this, so good job on that. It probably won’t seem too fair at first, but once everything is locked into place and more visuals are seen, I’m sure it would be a lot easier to tell by then. As for the looting system…

    1. This would definitely make the fights more fair. I know a lot of players will just try to AFK for the free rewards, so this may balance things out (depending on how many people are allowed per fight and what amount of loot they have).

    2. I’m not a huge fan of this, you shouldn’t have to buy the loot you earned from the boss to kill. This seems pretty unfair, but then again nothing is too developed yet. I get it’s some bonus loot, but maybe just not having this at all or rewarding it to the player who did the most damage instead would be a nicer system.

    3. Eh, I’m not a huge fan of this one either. Once again, I just don’t see the point in having to call dibs on some loot. It shouldn’t be about whether somebody has enough money or not, it should be about the damage. I know it sounds like I’m listing off ideas, but I swear I’m not. I’m just expressing how it should only be based on how well you do and not the money.

    4. I just don’t think auctioning should be linked to whether or not you receive the loot. It should just be the most damage honestly, and then you get priority on your top item.

    5. Overall just not a huge fan of the bidding part. Instead, I would keep the first part of it, then make it so whoever did the most damage gets priority on some of the stuff. Most items would still be random, but this just seems somewhat fair to me.

    Already explained this up above, prisons should have its own separate in-game items, and nothing linked to the main network.

    Bosses. The bosses should definitely prove to be a challenge, seeing as there won’t be that many towards the start, and making players struggle for high rewards is a lot better than just handing it to them for free. It definitely does feel more satisfying when you work for your rewards instead of getting them handed down to you, and there is honestly nothing wrong with being mad over losing a fight, there will be multiple opportunities anyways and it probably won’t matter too much. Now I’ll take a look at what you have presented for the bosses.

    Iron Warden - This boss seems really unique and cool, and definitely looks to be quite a challenge. Ground pounds sound like an interesting move, and so does fighting off his minions. Maybe he should also have an ability which throws a rose out and explodes within a certain radius, as like a deadly rose type move (but that’s just my suggestion). For the hooking ability, this would be very cool as well. Not much else to say, I like the concept behind this as well.
    Frost Giant - Since you said that this isn’t really a mob, maybe it can be like the one from Christmas Chaos 1? The snow golems stacked up until you reach an iron golem, but instead of that it can be changed to something else. An alternative can just be a giant zombie but as a snow themed, but that doesn’t seem like the best option either. Custom mob is my last option, which probably will be the best out of all 3. Maybe for abilities he can throw down a snow storm, which does damage slowly overtime. Not only this, but he can summon an icicle on top of you, which can deal damage like suffocation. Lastly, maybe a mining fatigue effect if you wanted to go with a cold type theme, or instead of this you could go the slowness route. Scratch my first idea if you’re going to be adding snowman in the fight haha.
    Pumpkin King - This one seems pretty simple. He can be like the ones from years past at first, but in the future be reworked and more advanced to suit the Prison feel.
    Corrupted Carl The Creeper? - Maybe this could be an extra boss fight for later down the road, as 3 seems very little as of now (though I’m not sure where he would fit in at). This could be very cool, and he could have a few different abilities. The first one would be charging up. He would strike himself with lightning, but then also spawn a few creepers so they become charged creepers. You would have to fight these mobs off, but at the same time watch out for the TNT being thrown around the arena from Corrupted Carl. Maybe in the meantime he can be spamming your name in the chat for your missed daily reward (though this is more of a joke). For the final move, he can have an atomic blast. What this would do would be if you were too close to him, he would suck you in and then explode within a few seconds after. If you weren’t prepared, this would most likely kill you. It would be indicated by particles where the range would be, and just hiding at the edge of the arena will save you from this move. As for rewards, I’m unsure as of now.
    GWEN. This I imagine would be the very final fight, so it would have to be very difficult. For a start, the battle could be underwater so it would require a special type of gear or potion effect in order to be able to fight GWEN. Once you’re actually in the boss fight, GWEN will be able to summon guardians that will swim around you in a circle which would be called a ban move (or something). It would deal explosive damage, but end up killing the guardians as well. GWEN would have thorns so it would be a very strategic battle to try and defeat her, but GWEN could have a move where you go blind for a few seconds and get spammed with the mining fatigue type effect that pops up on your screen (then after it’ll deal some damage). These are just some ideas, and can be changed at any time. I just think 3 isn’t that big, but it is definitely a good start.

    Player Items/Levels

    This system seems pretty cool, and I’m not disagreeing with you at all here. The experience would obviously have to be adjusted, but it still should take at least a few weeks of grinding for level 100 (or a few months). Maybe there could be a Carl The Creeper somewhere on the map for leveling rewards, but instead he would be called Carl The Guard or something (just to indicate that he isn’t the same as the one located on the network). This would show what rewards you get, the stats you’ll get from each level, etc.

    I like the concept of this, but again it is also somewhat confusing. Would there be leveling items and leveling up in general? If it’s both, then that seems pretty cool but would definitely need some more clarification. I would assume the already leveled items would be a lot rarer, and take a lot longer to get normally. The idea behind this is cool however, so good job on that.

    Modifiers seem pretty cool, but I’m not sure if this is really needed at the start. Maybe further down the line of Prisons, but it just seems unnecessary for the start of release (however it is a very creative idea). Rerolling is also an interesting concept, but would it be like the voting spinner? Since I have never played Terraria before, this is probably why I am confused.

    It seems this clarified one of my previous questions about item leveling, so scratch that as well. This seems like a cool system, and just kind of like kit leveling. It seems like a fair system, so I don’t have much to say about this. 5 would be a good start, but as time went on I could see a buff being added to this instead.

    Groups and Leaderboards

    This sounds like a cool system, but would it be exclusive for Eternal only (kind of like communities)? I assume it’s just for everybody, so I’ll just be going off of that. This seems like a really cool idea, and just another unique way to fit competition into this. As for the perks…

    1. Bought perks. Yeah, this is a pretty good system. I am glad to see you didn’t choose the route of in real life purchasing, so I would be fine if this got added for groups.

    2. Achieved perks. Also another good idea, don’t think I have much else to say about this.

    Competition. I like the idea behind leaderboards and things like that, especially with the unique twist as well. This would give a purpose behind grinding for the game, and definitely make the players who work hard stand out more. I also like the idea behind giving prizes for being at the top. As I already said, it would definitely give a good reason to play the game more, but I think forum tags should be kept out of it for now. Other than that, you summed up everything pretty good here.

    As for PvP, I assume this would just be for kills and other things like that. It would be cool to show off, and heck maybe even adding a little spot for it on the Website leaderboards would be cool as well. Sorry I don’t have much to say about this one, I think you summed it up pretty nicely :)

    Plots/Player Shop/Plot Voting

    Plots is always a great addition to prisons. These plots should be somewhat big, and more unique than the normal ones as well. This would give players the space to build something really cool, which could maybe even be featured for some prizes or something as well. Maybe in between the 32x32 range and 64x64, players with ranks have bigger plots? If that’s too complicated, then just keep it the way you suggested it.

    The player shop idea is also very cool, but I’m wondering if these would still work off of signs. Maybe Mineplex can make it more detailed than just signs so there is commands to set it up, but if not then I think the signs would need to be explained to the players more.

    The private mine idea seems very cool, but I don’t agree with them being on the store. Whether it breaks EULA or not, these should be obtained from just hard work in-game. The perks in private mines you’ve mentioned seem nice as well, but maybe not making them too overpowered since they’re private anyways, if you get what I’m saying.

    As for the voting, this idea seems really cool as well. I don’t think voting on plots should be able to be done more than once (on the same plot), but you should probably be able to vote for your own (as this won’t affect it too much I assume). This should definitely be able to be put on a private setting, as not all players will want their plots open to the public.

    Custom Enchantments

    Yes, I love custom enchantments. These always provide a unique experience for people whenever they play games like this, and it honestly is a lot of fun. Towards the start there shouldn’t be a lot, but as time goes it would be nice to see a lot more added. With that being said, I’ll move onto your ideas now.

    Critical Striker - This seems like a cool idea, though it could stack up very fast with the critical hit points you talked about earlier within this thread. If this is only a level I enchant, then I think it would be alright to add.

    Rapid Fire 1-5 - This one seems pretty cool, though the name be somewhat confusing at first. If players read the description, everything should be fine though.
    Storm Bringer - This one seems pretty cool as well. Would this be a chance for lightning, or always 100%. If it’s 100%, this would probably become really annoying, loud, and laggy very quickly (so maybe just a chance, or having it as a 1-5/1-3 system but only going up to 25-50%).

    Fire Touch - This one seems cool, but again if it is a percentage one it would be a lot better. Even 1-5 seconds, you still can get a combo going and create an infinite time for the fire. Not to mention, fire aspect already exists (if normal enchants would be in the game as well).
    Insta-Mine - So would you be able to put this on a wooden pickaxe? If so, I don’t really like this one. This would be really overpowered for lower pickaxes, so maybe making it rare or just having it only on iron and above. Maybe making it rare will make it so players won’t be putting it on wooden pickaxes, but I’m not too sure.
    Auto-Smelt - I don’t really have an issue with this, and it is very useful. +1 to this.
    Lifesteal - Not really sure what you mean by this, maybe just more damage? Either way, it seems pretty cool.
    Multishot - Eh, this one is somewhat cool, though it might be confusing for users in 1.14 or above. Hopefully not, but maybe instead of this there could be certain bows that have a barrage effect attached to them instead of a custom enchant.
    I think you’ve got a good base set of custom enchants, so I don’t think there is much else to be said here. Maybe a few tweaks here and there, but overall good ideas!

    Custom Crafting

    This idea is cool, but would definitely need some more examples for me to understand what you’re getting at here. I know what custom crafting is, but maybe a list of some simple recipes, just as an example? This idea is still very cool however, so props to you on that.

    Gem Hunters 2.0

    I think I read a response about this on how this was one of Gem Hunter’s failing aspects of it. With that being said, I’ll disagree with this one entirely. Hopefully it was already said though.


    This would be a big part of the prisons server, and definitely wouldn’t be too hard to manage. I think some scamming rules and things like that would have to be set in place, but other than that not much else I don’t believe. Kind of what I was thinking was (if the Clans team were interested), maybe making it so that the team would be something like “Subdivision Moderators” or something like this, so that they would have to do both Prisons and Clans. Some staff may not enjoy having to leave the network to go staff on prisons, so maybe this could work instead. They are somewhat similar as well, but this wouldn’t be needed either. Some things that may need to be considered would be maybe some prison events? I know that some prison servers host events that have some types of game modes, but if not then that’s all right too.

    Product Opportunities

    I agree with all of your products you’ve proposed here, these definitely would be a good start for the store part of Prisons. I think once the game is more set in stone or has a better image painted to it, these decisions would be easier to make. With that being said, I don’t personally have any in mind (maybe besides explosives for mines?)

    General Features

    Yep, these features would definitely be important to have. I don’t think an auction house would be good, especially since player shops are already a feature you’ve talked about here. The wood area is good too, and that’s all I really have to say about this.

    This thread made by you is very awesome, and I’d like to thank you for going out of your way to make an in-depth thread about this game mode. While it would be quite an investment, I think this would be beneficial for the network in the long-run. I wanted to try and provide a detailed response to this thread, so with that being said I’ll go over some of my ideas, your video, and some of the responses now. With that being said, I’ll dive straight into that.


    This video was very funny, and I assume you’ve made some videos in the past as well. I definitely watched this a few times, and got a laugh every time at the gem hunters part. You definitely helped paint a better image to this project, and had a lot of features shown with a short amount of time. Very good on your part, and overall a very funny video.

    My Ideas

    Since you mentioned PvP earlier on, maybe some different PvP zones around the map? Of course, there is no map made yet, but maybe having different biome type PvP areas would be a cool feature as well. I’m not sure if you want PvP in the mines or not, but if not then these areas would definitely be a cool addition.

    Something else I was thinking about throughout your thread was, where would this game be located? Well, maybe the portal could be down in the mines at the lobby, since there is skeleton miners down there as well. It only makes sense, and it definitely wouldn’t be too hard to find. If not, then it could just be added to the “hardcore” section instead, but it definitely would make it more interesting to have it down there. I get it could be confusing, but there would be an icon in the compass either way (maybe an iron or diamond pickaxe?).

    Forums. This would have to have a section like clans does, and this is where all of the useful links, commands, updates, etc would go. I’m not sure who would be putting the updates and things like that here, but this definitely would be needed.

    Discord. The Discord would also need a separate section for it as well, a #prisons-general and #prisons-ideas would be nice as well. This would be used to just talk about the game, and also talk about certain ideas that would be a nice addition to Prisons as well.

    Crates? There could be exclusive Prison crates in the cosmetic opening area, which would give exclusive Prison rewards only (and they would only be able to be opened inside of Prisons, since you would get your rewards there probably. I know a lot of prison servers have this, but it would be very unique to see with Mineplex instead.

    Achievements/Missions? These wouldn’t really fit in like normal achievements or missions, but for this game, it could have special missions and achievements for special Prison rewards instead. This could be a custom enchant for unlocking Volcanic mines, getting 10 kills in PvP, etc.

    Exclusive titles in-game. Kind of like gem hunters, the Prison game mode could have some exclusive tags for on the network as well. I’m not sure what they would be, maybe about which mine you’re at? Either way, this would be a cool idea in my opinion.


    For what Jed said, the purpose would be attracting new players, not distracting them from their original games. Sure, players would stop playing their main games for prison, but other players who might not know about Mineplex would join and realize there are other games on the network too. I can see where your concern lies at, but I think this is the least of worries. Mineplex would definitely have a very cool Prisons system, so in the long run I could see this being more positive than negative. Also for your bold text concern, there is a bold B at the top left of where you post at, which if you click it will turn the text you type after that bold (or the text highlighted in bold). * is for Discord, not the forums. Hopefully this makes sense.

    Mek. Yes, the name would have to be changed, however I think Tylar was making it that for now to make it seem clear in the thread title about what he was trying to talk about. I agree with the rank upgrades part, and somewhat with your boss egg idea as well.

    Onion. I can see where you’re getting that from, however this is a completely separate game mode. Prisons I haven’t seen on a minigames server like Mineplex before, and it would be very unique to see. The concepts between the two games are very different, but some things seem a little bit similar (which isn’t really a bad thing). This is just the foundations, so yeah I can see things getting changed in the future.

    Ender. I think he meant 9 mines for now, just so it wouldn’t be too harsh on the developers for now. If all of your mines were added at the start, it would take a lot of time, and there is no guarantee that this game will be a 100% success as well. Maybe instead of these mines, they could be related to chests on Mineplex or certain ranks on Mineplex as well (just so it makes sense). The mob thing is also what I was thinking, but some mines deserve a break and it all shouldn’t be challenging. It will already be challenging enough if PvP is enabled in the mines, but also the way they are designed (like lava and tall bridges). It also wouldn’t really matter since keep inventory is on.

    I don’t really agree with you on scamming, as this would make a lot of players lose interest, and probably break the economy. Prisons should be player-friendly, and features like this kind of make it annoying and frustrating (+ I could see a lot of people doing this, then nobody would really trust plots after this as well). As for your casino, I don’t think this should be added either (only because of a more younger audience). Gambling probably isn’t suitable for a younger audience, so this would just be a -1 from me. If this wasn’t an issue, I would love to see it added.

    Guards could be a cool concept, I honestly like this idea as well. If it gets to be a big game mode like Clans, this could be a very cool idea (though Trainees and Guards may get confusing, so I’m not sure how that would work). I don’t think every staff rank should be a guard, as these people would probably have to be trained on Prisons. If there was a staff member who was new and playing and had a “guard” tag, this would make players think they were an expert in the game mode. Maybe when you hover over the Guard tag in chat it will explain that they should be the people to be asking instead. Good ideas though.

    Nolawn. This is exactly what I was saying about the bosses, and yeah I’d like to see the second option instead. I think you summed up things pretty nicely, so I’ll leave you to it.

    Marzie. She makes valid points about the gem hunters issue, which is what I was saying earlier. If there was the dev time for this however, I think it’d be a great addition as well.

    Lord. Yes, Gem Hunters failed for its own reasons, not because of it being a non-minigame. As for clans, it still is pretty popular and they try to do the best they can at keeping the bugs at a minimal. While it may seem like a game that doesn’t fit in, take Survival and Factions on Bedrock. Bedrock is a minigame only server, yet it has Survival and Factions that have hundreds of players on daily. While I get it’s Bedrock, this kind of goes to show how they do work out in the end (if they have the time and dedication put towards them and have a good outcome).

    Phamtastic. I think QA and QAT would be able to test this out before release a lot, but it could be like how Gem Hunters was set up so there is a separate Beta server for PPC, Eternal, Titan, etc. to test before release to the public. This would mean you could test it before release, so if this were to happen I think it would resolve your issue.

    Well, I can see a lot of the issues you’ve addressed later on, so I’ll just stop myself there. I tried to make this as detailed as possible for you to have something to reflect off of, and I really do see potential in this game mode. If it had the amount of time needed for it and was enjoyed by the community, I don’t see anything wrong with adding this. While this may take a lot of time, I think it would be worth it in the long run. Massive +1 to this, and I can’t wait to see what comes next from you :)
    Posted Oct 2, 2019
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  12. Hello!
    I like your idea a lot, and I agree with what TheBlueComet said. When I was 12, I used to like being in a prison server because the best part about it is housing. +1 from me.
    Posted Oct 6, 2019,
    Last edited Oct 20, 2019
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  13. Hey!

    First of all, amazing job on this post! I know I wouldn’t be able to put this much time in a post that often! Also your game is absolutely amazing! I think that your game would be an amazing idea for Mineplex! The Mineplex player base would probably enjoy this game a lot and players would play it the time! I give this a +1 and no doubt about that! Also prison is my absolute favorite mode on Minecraft and I’ve always wanted it to be on my favorite Mc server!

    Have an amazing day!
    Posted Oct 7, 2019
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  14. If this idea is implemented, I can start making Youtube videos about it, and you guys would absolutely love it.
    (edit) Overall, I would absolutely love to see this added!
    Posted Oct 20, 2019,
    Last edited Oct 20, 2019
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  15. +1 this is a really good idea! I hope it’s added soon
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
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  16. Hey there!

    This game mode sounds very unique to Mineplex with everything you described, I enjoy prisons as it is a grindy game and it is very fun when listening to music or if you just want to chill and level up, I have played my own bit of prison servers in the past, and, if this was an MP game mode, I would definitely be interested and would continue playing said gamemode. Not much I could say besides Moderation sense. It could be hard to moderate with chat, PVP, and the auction house as we will need to restrict chat in AH via curse words, inappropriate words etc for items. Other than that I have no other issues with the idea.

    Overall, +1 from me :)
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
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  17. Hey guys! Sorry that you haven't heard from me in so long!

    I'm leaving a reply to address the feedback from the past few months. I won't get to everyone (sorry!), but that doesn't mean I didn't read what you had to say. Thank you for all the feedback so far and I guess I'll just get right into it.

    Hi, thanks for the reply!

    I totally agree on the mini-games. After playing them for so long, they tend to get stale and boring while long-term games are much better for retaining entertainment. Introducing such a game mode doesn't only renew the fun of our current players, but attracts a whole new crowd of people that are involved in this game style. I think this is exactly what Mineplex needs right now to give us a strong push in the right direction.

    Hi n8wes, thanks for your feedback!

    For starters, I am 100% with you on your stance regarding resource packs. They might help make the game feel more unique; but, it's simply not worth the trouble it will cause. Frequently, staff members have to address player difficulties regarding the resource pack for games like Minestrike and Clans. These issues turn players away and we certainly don't want this for Mineplex Prison. A resource pack is a definite no.

    As you brought up, developing this game is for sure the biggest obstacle in making this a reality. I doubt that higher-ups will be comfortable with hiring a new developer specifically for this project. I think the most realistic way that Mineplex would be willing to do is developing the game in small bits over a long period of time.

    As for identifying hackers, I trust that there won't be too much additional trouble. Any hacks that would actually be giving a noticeable advantage could be identified pretty quickly; and, as you suggested, staff could be given any additional permissions needed to help with prison specific issues.

    Hi, thanks for your feedback!

    I agree that something new and exciting like this could really give Mineplex a strong push. With some smart decisions to follow up that push, I think we could stabilize ourselves at an impressive spot and continue to grow from there. This was a big drive for me while I was putting this idea together.

    As for staffing the game, it would be best to make a decision on that after the game is finished. This way we can make an educated decision based on the specific aspects that might need moderating.

    Hi Jocoe, thanks for the feedback!

    Of course, as you'd expect, odds for rank-upgrades would be made appropriately rare. We don't want to make this the purpose of the game, we want it to be an additional bonus incentive to start playing and get involved.

    As for your player concerns, I understand where you are coming from, but I don't think it will be a major point of conflict. There will always be players who don't like prison/long-term games and just want to stick to our other games. Additionally, it is safe to assume a burst of new players from releasing such a game. A lot of these new players might catch a glimpse of one of our other games and give that a try too. If anything, I think our minigame player counts will surge.

    Hi, thanks for the awesome reply!

    I'm happy to hear that you're in agreement with the things I've suggested.

    As for your suggestion on the mines, allow me to give my position on this. The reason I skipped out on a coal mine is because it seemed rather underwhelming as it's own individual mine and a somewhat boring first impression. We don't want to have a slow paced early game, we want to quickly push players into it so they can start experimenting with all the cool custom features and begin working towards meaningful things that they want to achieve. The iron mine would include coal, but would not be the main ore.

    Hi, thanks for your super thorough reply! I'll try to address all your little questions and suggestions.

    Game would be 1.8+, simply to match with the rest of the network.
    I never designed any specific system for how this would be calculated. Working these numbers out should be done during production; and, if the idea is accepted, I'm willing to help design this. For the time being though, I don't have any specific details to share with you.
    Critical stats would increase the chances of landing a critical hit each time you attack. Let's say you have a 20% chance to land a critical hit. Then every time you deal damage, there is a 20% chance that it's a critical and your damage doubles.
    Pierce would a be defense mitigating stat. Let's say your opponent has 1000 defense but you have 200 pierce. Then your attack would hit as if your opponent has 800 defense.
    Players would still receive one drop that they can keep, no bidding necessary. The bidding involves the shared drop pool, the drops for the team, not for a specific player. However, I can understand your concern with players getting more than they deserve simply because they've got money. Perhaps instead, all players can choose one item from the shared drop pool and players would choose in order of who dealt the most damage.
    Yes, I really like these ideas c:
    Yes, the private mines will not be on the store. They will be earned through in-game means. c:
    It would be healing yourself through damage dealt. For example, every 100 damage you deal, you'd get 40 health back.
    Please do read some of my other responses on the topic. I see the concern, but Gem Hunter's failure can't really be compared to this, there are too many variables at play.

    Sorry I didn't mention everything in my response. You're reply and suggestions were great and I really appreciate all the kind things you said about the idea and what not.

    That's all for now. Again, sorry if I didn't directly respond to you. I still read everything and enjoyed what you all had to say.

    That's it though, I'll go quiet for some time again. If the thread gets more replies, I'll do another one of these eventually. Maybe you'll see some more ideas from me in the coming months, I don't know, no promises. Keep it up with this thread though, it's been an amazing thread regardless of whether the idea gets accepted or not. Thanks for all the awesome support so far!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 15, 2019
  18. By the way, if this idea is implemented, I'm going to invite my friends to play with me so that I'm not alone. Plus, I'll plan on making a discord server for Mineplex Prison fans.
    --- Post updated ---
    By the way, I'm already making a discord server for my friends.
    Posted Nov 30, 2019
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  19. You can play it from same ip as mineple?
    Posted Dec 1, 2019
  20. I think the IP would be prison.mineplex.com
    Posted Dec 1, 2019

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