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Mineplex | Revival

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Paladise, May 30, 2020.

  1. Too many of us, Mineplex has been more than just a Minecraft server. Sadly, Mineplex isn't what is used to, barely having 3000 players on the Java servers at any time. In order to combat this issue, and bring back Mineplex's popularity and its previous playerbase, I thought of some strategies Mineplex can implement.
    1. Bring back some of the older gamemodes. Many gamemodes over the years have been removed such as Wizards, UHC, and Castle Siege. These were not ordinary games that had no lobbies, but popular games, and as they were removed, many players left. Recently, there have been attempts to start up games like Castle Siege (you can read more about it here). Hopefully this will bring back some of the older content creators and along with them the older playerbase.
    2. Reduce the number of hackers. I already suggested some ideas of reducing the number of hackers here, but I'll just go over them briefly along with some new ideas from the replies I received on that thread. The two main and most liked ideas are to Improve Gwen and Drastically Increase the Staff Team. I have decided not to include the other ideas due to their flaws and the implementation of /report for every player. Although it might be hard and take a couple of months to start on either of these ideas, no matter how long it takes, it will still be beneficial to the Mineplex community. One idea I would like to add is to make forum reporting faster. Typically, it takes a couple days (maybe one if you are lucky) for a moderator to punish a player. I believe this process should be made faster, whether by increasing the amount of people on the Reports Patrol team or increasing the amount of reports staff members have to read through (if there already is an amount). Also since I dislike the idea of IP banning, and since many hackers utilize alts, in addition to the ban length they get, they should not be able to log into Mineplex without submitting a lengthy appeal or filling out a long questionnaire or survey. This discourages the use of using alternate accounts that have already been banned. Once a large amount of alternate accounts have been banned, hackers should have trouble finding ones that aren't banned, therefore reducing the amount of hackers.
    3. Reduce lag. I believe that most claims that Mineplex lags a lot are false. Most of the time, when I lag it is on my end. Furthermore, you can try to already decrease lag by going to this thread. However, there is a substantial amount of lag on Clans. If this could be fixed, I believe that this will also bring back more of the playerbase and improve Mineplex's reputation.
    4. Bring new players. If the following three steps are worked upon, more content creators will get on bringing new players. Also starting back the official Mineplex YouTube channel will be beneficial in bringing new players. Once new players join, I believe there should be more tutorials to games, so they won't lose interest and go onto other servers. Especially in some of the hardcore, Mineplex-original games like Champions or Super Smash Mobs. I don't believe the tips at the start of the game are helpful enough especially in Champions if they don't know how to switch abilities or use item tokens. Whether the tutorials be YouTube videos on Mineplex's official channel or staff members creating Mineplex Player Servers (mps) dedicated to helping newcomers.
    If all of these ideas can be implemented, I believe Mineplex can be revived.

    Feel free to write down any other ideas or suggestions down below!
    Posted May 30, 2020,
    Last edited May 30, 2020
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  2. I definitely agree with bringing back UHC and Castle Siege at the very least. I know a lot of players who left simply because those got removed, and I think there's evidence that both would perform well if they were brought back. I personally would love to see both back. Wizards I can't attest for unfortunately since I've played it like once, but I'm sure many would love to see it back.

    As for increasing the size of the staff team, I think it would be more difficult to do this. Recruitment can't speed up the process of promoting Trainees, because that'll mean the overall quality of the staff team will decrease. I think the size of the staff team + the speed of the Recruiters is fine as it is. As for GWEN, there's no developer working on it at the moment. Hopefully when one gets hired, we'll see some quality updates there.

    I do agree with starting up the YouTube channel - YouTube is one of the main ways players are brought onto the server, and I think that posting on the channel again would be beneficial.
    Posted May 30, 2020
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  3. I definitely do agree with most of these ideas. The staff team is constantly growing and speeding up the process is not the answer. GWEN has problems and people are working on it, it is just a very hard thing to make and required time. Reducing lag is another thing that devs are working on and as I play kn bedrock I am going some lag with be fixed with the coming update. Bringing back old games is always fun but normally they were removed for a reason normally that reason is either lack of players lag or the game is causing to many problems for the server however some games could be brought back as like a week long featured game and depending on how they do be kept or removed again.
    Posted May 30, 2020
  4. Easier said than done

    damage has been inflicted and wounds are open. Some people won’t come back. Mineplex is a memory, and the drama and reasons behind the downfall can’t be fixed unless the real people in charge of mineplex decide too. I know that we think we have these brilliant ideas that sound nice in our head. I always have had those thoughts and still do today about how we can bring back mineplex. We can say what we want but it doesn’t matter. We can voice our opinions but it doesn’t matter. The ultimate factor is if the people who run the server decide to change. Mineplex has been labeled as a poorly managed server. They rarely listen to the community and do things we don’t ask for. Theres a reason people left and it wasn’t because of hackers. There really is no way to bring Mineplex back. It’s hard to do that, and the way mineplex is running rn I don’t see something like that happening anytime soon. I’m sorry if this makes you angry reading this but Im just stating my thoughts on mineplex. Sure they can bring the Mineplex YouTube channel back, but all the popular youtubers have left the server. They won’t come back because they are now moved on. Why should they come back? If Im being honest what does mineplex have to offer them? I’m just spitting random things but as a person who found Mineplex from a youtuber in 2013 I know how powerful youtube is to making people join a server. The problem is we don’t have those guys anymore, they are gone. Me a small YouTuber can testify that even if the Mineplex youtube channel opens back up, it won’t be the same. The new content creators, won’t be the same. The question is will Mineplex find a way to make this a good change? Or will they do something in a way that makes things worse. We really don’t know
    Posted May 31, 2020
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  5. well said
    Posted May 31, 2020
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  6. Steps 2 and 3 aren't that easy or would be beneficial. First off, the staff team is growing quickly with 10 trainees being promoted yesterday so I don't think "speeding it up" would be the go-to option. Improving GWEN is also an issue as there isn't a dedicated anticheat developer for Mineplex at this current moment meaning working on GWEN would be a slower and harder process.

    However, I do agree to bring back some of the older gamemodes after Mineplex has gained a bit more of its prior popularity (this is so that those gamemodes can be filled with players). I also agree with bringing back the Mineplex Youtube channel as that would be a great way to gain players and it would be some enjoyable content for our current player base.

    Finally, as @NothinButNet said, some people are just never going to return to Mineplex due to the way people view the network. All we can hope for is a big change from the development team.
    Posted May 31, 2020
  7. Alright, I just want to dissect each point you've made and talk about the flaws, what I like about them, etc.

    1. People have been clamoring for a while to bring back Castle Siege in particular. While I personally have no opinions on any of these being re-added, I do think it's possible they could get people playing on the server more consistently. Games like UHC offer, as the name would suggest, a more hardcore experience that could bring in new or old players who want that intensity of PvP while enjoying the unique Mineplex combat system. With this all said, I'm just not sure that it would be the move that'd explode the server with popularity or something. Sure, quite a few old players may return, lovers of UHC might want to try out Mineplex's version of it, but how many players would it really bring? These games were removed for a reason. Unfortunately, the player counts on old, removed games stagnated quite a bit, and it was sometimes difficult for games to begin. Even with arguably the most popular removed game here, Castle Siege, in a beat case scenario, likely only around 1000 people would rejoin the server. People loved and still do love castle siege, but I don't personally think that that alone would be able to bring back thousands of players. Despite all of that, I do think that bringing back Castle Siege would be a good thing for the server. I'm not the most well-informed person on the specifics of it, but people clearly want it to return and I think it's worth a shot.

    2. Of course reducing hackers is a really good idea. I mean, every standard server (not including anarchy servers) on Minecraft wants to get rid of most of their hackers. Unfortunately, things like that take time and major developments over the course of many, many months. Anti-cheats can definitely improve over time and it would likely make a lot of players either return to or try out mineplex, but, as is with every other server, there's no super immediate fix that can be done that will instantly change everything in terms of cheaters. Over time, improvements will be made, and results will be felt. There are little things that could be done to slightly reduce some cheaters, but nothing that will make a significant impact in a single moment.

    3. Yeah, lag is a pretty big issue for some players. I never have any of the same trouble that some people do, but it's clear that it is present for some at the least. But, as with the anti-cheat, it's pretty difficult to fix all of that in an instant. While I know you likely didn't mean or expect that to be done in an instant, it's still a gradual process where different players in different regions and whatnot can slowly get a better connection to the server.

    4. It is very clear that YouTube plays a major role in what servers are popular. Whatever server all the big YouTubers are on seems to be the server everyone else flocks to. Bringing back the Mineplex game channels, possibly doing sponsorships, etc., could all majorly sway players to come play Mineplex. Over time, it is very certainly possible that more and more players join because of large presences on Mineplex, and because of more players joining, larger presences join as well and the cycle continues. I honestly think this could impact the server in a very major way. Obviously, this idea has been thought of before by a lot of people. However, if done correctly, over a decent period of time, more and more people might decide to try out mineplex for the nostalgia or maybe join it as their first server like it was for me. The player base could definitely rise significantly in the best case scenario.

    Overall, there are definitely good points and ideas here. My main takeaway is the thing that I repeated throughout my response, that this has to be something done over many many months. If things are rushed or poorly planned, the opposite effect may take place. I'm positive that Mineplex themselves have thought of all the ideas here and thought a lot about it, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. Running a server is a very careful thing, and messing up with it could be very detrimental. Some of these ideas will naturally take a long time, because, if for example an anti-cheat is rushed, it could go very badly and be worse than it originally was. Gaining thousands of players is no easy task, and while these ideas can be improved upon (as any idea can) they are good stepping stones to try and do that. I recognize that a lot of people who no longer play on Mineplex don't have a super positive outlook on it, but it's been a significant amount of time that things change, people change, and the server has obviously changed. Mineplex is not in an unrepairable position. And, one more thing that's very important to mention, it does not have a small player base. Numbers can get skewed because of player counts from other servers, but, in reality, mineplex isn't really in a bad position right now as it is. Increasing the player count would just be helping the server even more.
    Posted Jun 1, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 1, 2020
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  8. What you said in this thread has been said countless times before. "Improving GWEN" would take a substantial amount of time, bringing back UHC would be a heck of a system load as it pre-renders in all the chunks before the game starts (hence why it takes a good chunk of time to make a map), Castle Siege would just not have that much of a demand to sustain a steady playerbase as there are games with less than 30-40 players on at a time, and some games don't even have enough players to start a match.

    there aren't the resources to do everything you and the rest of the community wants. not enough time, not enough devs, and not enough players. hate to be a "debbie downer" but really, keep dreaming.
    Posted Jun 2, 2020
  9. 1. I somewhat agree with what you said. Castle Siege always interests me, as I believe it was the first game on Mineplex, but it was removed when the server began to grow. Then it was added back again, then removed again. It is also one of the games that I see players recommend to bring back the most. With that being said, games like UHC don't seem possible. They just require so many players to begin that I can't see them working in the current environment. The only other gamemode I personally would love to see return is Gem Hunters, as it didn't really require many players to play and was always fun to play with friends.

    2. It always amazes me that there are more hackers, considering how many GWEN and the staff team handle daily. With that being said, there just isn't an easy solution to this. GWEN still needs a new developer, which is time-consuming and very difficult in this environment, as there are not many good anticheat devs around. Also, while the staff team is always adding staff members, staff will almost always leave eventually, and it is hard to find quality staff members quickly. Adding more staff members might mean a drop in quality and could lead to problems with staff management, as they would need to quickly add more mentors and monitors. I'm not saying that neither of these things should happen, but they both will take some time.

    3. I generally don't get lag on Mineplex, but usually, a quick relog or lobby change will solve my issues if I do. With that being said, I am living in the US, so the problem might just not be applicable to me. If there are lag issues, I think they should be solved, but I am not sure how.

    4. I have been wanting more videos on the Mineplex channel forever. I really liked what they did with Parker, with only one creator to follow, but I would like to also see maybe a weekly community video on the channel. This would be great for motivating Youtubers who record on Mineplex and also would develop another loyal fanbase for a steady Mineplex YT creator. Also, I would love to see Mineplex partner with some more channels. I feel like so many found out about Mineplex and joined back in the day because of CS that it would be great to do something similar to that today.

    This is a really great thread, and I agree about almost everything you mentioned. While there are a few things that I personally don't believe can work, I would love to see a lot of what you said implemented!
    Posted Jun 2, 2020

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