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In Discussion Mineplex Server & Business Restructure

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Aexo_, Jun 25, 2020.


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  1. Before commenting, I’d greatly appreciate it if you went over everything without skimming through. This isn’t to talk down to anyone in charge and I’m simply stating the facts and ways to fix this. I don’t play Minecraft as much and I am personally a fan of Mineplex but when playing Hypixel I could instantly see why they grew as a network. As I do have things to do and this isn’t guaranteed to reach anyone who would be in the power to apply these changes I will not be spending too much time on this as I also have things to do myself. Thanks

    Mineplex LLC Business Model and Server Restructure

    • Reasoning

    • Server Games

    • Social Media

    • Business Model

    • How you can fix this.


    Why does Mineplex need a server to restructure? In simple terms, a network reset with new games that are as advanced as Mineplex’s competitors. Currently, Mineplex has a bad reputation not by myself but from Mineplex’s old 30,000 concurrent player base which migrated to Hypixel.net


    Let’s start with the server and games, I personally think Mineplex and the gamemodes were great in 2015 to 2018 but in this time Hypixel released gamemodes that out beat the competition and were a lot more advanced with unbelievable maps and improvements. Many Gamemodes on Mineplex should have been retired a long time ago or at least undergone a serious update.

    Why are Hypixel gamemodes so much better? When playing a game on Hypixel there is so much variety and options that it makes your gameplay last for several hours when compared to Mineplex I would only play for 20 - 30 minutes a day. For example, Hypixel has different gamemode lobbies that feature many games within those lobbies for example Duels! Hypixel caters for basically ALL players, within the Duels lobby there are Skywars duels which feature 1v1, 2v2, and some gamemodes in the Duel lobbies can do up to 4v4 which changed the game.

    Hypixel has a total of 8 gamemodes in the Duels lobby alone which are being filled constantly. The duel gamemodes alone actually have more players on it than Mineplex and all of its gamemodes on Java. Compare Hypixel’s current situation with their gamemodes and Mineplex can only do so much, there were no additional changes to Mineplex which resulted in friends moving to Hypixel which caused a chain reaction.


    Talking specifically about YouTubers, currently, every big YouTuber with Minecraft are on Hypixel leaving Mineplex with small little channels which probably don’t benefit the network at all with new players compared to Hypixel, they are receiving free videos on their network generating millions of views a week to ultimately grow their network to the fullest extent without any additional expenses for paying YouTubers.

    I suggest changing YouTube rank minimum 2000 to 50,000 subscribers as it really doesn't benefit you.

    Regarding Advertisement, you may ask. How could you advertise? Minecraft server lists are a waste, Mineplex needs to use their customer list, if they do not have one you need to put together a customer list which contains emails of users which will allow you to advertise without wasting your budget on big platforms such as Facebook and Google ads. What could you advertise? You can advertise new gamemodes that are worth playing as well as rank benefits on Mineplex. In theory, with the data you have you can easily profit 2 - 4 times in return in ad spend.


    Your business model would run from ONLY recurring payments (monthly subscriptions) which would guarantee you a set amount each month, every month you would grow more subscribers from your ranks, therefore, giving you really high net profits. How would you price those recurring subscriptions?


    Ultra - 1.99 USD - Per Year (23.99 USD)

    Hero - 3.99 USD Per Year (47.99 USD)

    Titan - 5.99 USD Per Year (71.99 USD)

    Eternal - 7.99 USD Per Year (95.99 USD)

    Immortal - 9.99 USD Per Year (119.99 USD)

    Imagine having every single donor rank on your network you see a paying customer every month? These payments are likely to carry on for years. Regarding your website for purchasing ranks, you must move to another platform. You need to find a platform that will let you use Stripe as well as PayPal. Not just PayPal and Paywall alone as people get confused which hurts your conversion rate as people think because they don’t have a PayPal account means they cannot checkout which is false.

    Also having an upsell of a package after purchasing is a serious bonus, with one click of a button after payment goes through they can upgrade or purchase an addon without having to type in credit details again which is a very powerful tool.

    Your current revenue from Immortal is approx: 28,000 USD per month

    I assume you make 500 USD worth of sales each day, I’m unsure of your server and developer cost to make a yearly net profit calculation.

    How you can fix this…

    Mineplex needs a clean start, there are many ways to go about this but you need to do a complete re-launch of the network and start from scratch. The games you have don’t appeal to many people unfortunately as times have changed and it's time to really compete with Hypixel. I need to mention, it’s not bad to copy Hypixel as long as you make it a lot better with your own spin of course. For example CakeWars, not a fan personally, I prefect protecting a bed. Once again, it doesn’t matter if you copy Hypixel’s games and use their network as inspiration as long as you add your spin and make it a lot better.

    Why is a re-launch the solution? A network relaunch will spread throughout all the communities. You will need to Hype it up, get rid of the tree, and make it the new Mineplex this isn’t 2014 and it’s time to evolve and move on. You will need to set up teams to notify YouTubers and invite them to this event, how you would do the relaunch is out of nowhere you make the server joinable but you would make all players only be able to look up/down at the Mineplex logo. When the countdown begins they will all be sent to the new lobby where you would hope many Livestreamers with huge channels would go around testing out the gamemodes and continuing to play on here instead of Hypixel.

    Your goal is to make the gamemodes so good, people could play on them all day like on Hypixel. I could play on Hypixel all day, I just do not have the time for it right now.

    If you cannot take the risk your network will continue to decline. I hope to see Mineplex at the top once again. This isn’t as detailed as I would have made a business plan but there are no guarantee moderators who do not understand these types of improvements will raise these to the people who do.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
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  2. Hey!

    I really like the ideas that you have included in this, and I think its a really good place to start.

    Not trying to be overly negative, but I do have to say that a lot of things that you mention seem a bit too ambitious, at least for the current state of the server.

    First regarding gamemodes; with the semi-dwindling (a few thousand a day technically isn't even that bad, but in comparison to what it was you could argue it differently) numbers that the server has been getting consistently, comparing the number of gamemodes and the amount of players that they get respectively doesn't seem fair - Mineplex has to keep a reasonable quantity of games in order to avoid spreading themselves too thin, and in turn, cannot actively have too big of a game pool for players to choose from.

    Next up, for social media. For one, I do not completely get what you mean by customer list, and some clarification for what you mean by this would be helpful. Regarding YouTubers, how do you recommend getting those huge YouTubers to come and play on Mineplex? If they already found their niche on whatever servers they choose, getting them to move over just to check something out would be difficult. On that same note, having YouTube rank requirements boosted to a giant 50,000 subs, to me, wouldn't work at all. Rather than prompting YouTubers to migrate, it would simply just render the rank obsolete.

    Now for your business model segment. I do not think having every rank be subscription-based would make any sort of sense. For one, I know a lot of people who are extremely repelled by the idea of buying non-permanent things and having EVERY rank be subscription-driven would deter more people than encourage. Sure, maybe having 5 permanent ranks is a lot, but as a whole, permanent ranks just make sense. with the inclusion of Immortal to give some additional features on top of Eternal for those who really want to support the server.

    All in all, I can't say I see eye to eye with your points, and I apologize for my negativity and condescending responses. It's just that this server has always been my favorite, and it will always be that. And to me, Mineplex has a well-built foundation for a truly amazing server, and on that note, a completely new, clean start would be throwing all of that away. Sure, it's not 2014 anymore, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everything needs to be changed; instead, it should hold onto the good and improve on the bad.

    I enjoyed seeing your ideas though, despite our disagreements.
    Let me know if you have any questions!
    ~ Bobert / Erik
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
  3. Hey man!

    These are some fantastic ideas, and I really am happy that someone has written a thought-out post about improving Minpelex without just saying "fix lag" or "hire devs".

    I do disagree with a few of your ideas, but that's not an issue - I'm sure we can work together to suggest something even more in-depth in the future. Just send me a DM!

    Posted Jun 25, 2020
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  4. I love the thought put into this thread, but a few of these things are a bit unobtainable.

    2000 subs is the requirement for the smaller youtube rank, YT. The full Youtube rank requires 15,000 subscribers. While 15,000 is different from 50,000, I am not quite sure if there are many frequent Mineplex Youtubers who have that amount of subs. With the current amount of subscribers needed, we are still reaching a good amount of players through content creators, and more players will be able to achieve the Youtube rank, which will give them incentive to make videos more frequently.

    I believe this would actually deter players from purchasing a rank, making Mineplex lose money in the long run. You also have to think about this: The age of our player base. I'm going to take a guess and say that the majority of those who pay for ranks on the server are the parents of players. If I were a parent, I would feel much more comfortable with putting down one single payment instead of smaller payments each month. I'd be afraid that my child would forget to tell me when they no longer use the rank, making me pay for something for months on end without any use.
    If this were to go into consideration, I would suggest adding a monthly payment option along with the already existing single payment. But, this was done in the past, and probably had its reasons for removal.

    It's a psychological fact that people are resistant to change, even for the better. Doing a complete overhaul of the server and starting from scratch would reset the player-base as well. People are here because they like the games we already have. Take Castle Siege for example; Mineplex took it away, and tons of players want it back. Could you imagine what would happen if we took away EVERY game?
    Yes, it would definitely spread around the Minecraft community and get a bunch of players, for maybe a week, though. Then players will go back to their respective favorite servers and Mineplex community members will either have to suddenly adjust to changes, or leave to something they are already familiar with.

    Also, a lot of these suggestions take a lot of devs. While yes, Mineplex is always looking for new devs, it's not as easy as it seems to find qualified developers ready to take on the job. For example, I run a website, and just finding a graphic designer is hard, I can't imagine finding, screening, interviewing, etc. developers for a business such as Mineplex.

    I would love to hear the lovely @Jbsh (TheJoshXGames) 's opinion on this, as he has ran his own business since the age of 13, wonderfully at that.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
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  5. You won't get what a customer list is as only advanced marketers would understand what it is used for. Subscription-based ranks are purely in place to bring in constant revenue for the owners, as a consumer seeing behind the scenes I wouldn't be surprised if you don't agree.

    Regarding 1000 players constantly, its not bad generally speaking but its not good if that same network was doing 30 times more constantly.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 25, 2020
  6. I wasn't very detailed with the gamemodes, but they can always add those games back with their original gamemode playlist for the Mineplex fans. Regarding subscription-based ranks, as a consumer, you wouldn't agree. I personally guarantee you would purchase a reoccurring subscription-based rank, if not others will. :)

    Business owners learn to adapt, normal people in society do not. You'll find that most companies will adapt to survive. I also do have a background in business, I'm 17 and own 2 businesses. I don't like to share figures as it doesn't make me look very good as a person but I know what works and doesn't work. You'll find that many of the biggest businesses around the world make a fortune from subscription content for example Netflix, Dollar Shave Club, Bark Box and so on.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 25, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 25, 2020
  7. I don't think subscriptions for all the ranks is the right way to go, let alone paying for ultra and hero and the other low cost ranks monthly. This isn't fair on people who have got ranks that they have already paid for. Making people pay more for ranks isn't going to increase the player base, more likely decrease it. Less people are going to want to pay monthly and just want a one time payment, and this will lead to less people paying for ranks. The Mineplex Ranks are fine as they are and don't need to be changed into monthly payments. No Mineplex Youtubers have 50k subscribers and this will just lead to no content creators at all. It would be more beneficial if the content creator amount of subs was decreased as there are quite a few people with about 1000 or 2000 subscribers, but aren't able to get more subscribers as not many people would want to watch mineplex videos...
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
  8. The big difference is that many people consider those businesses amenities, they are more needed. A lot of people ditched cable for Netflix, so they need it for TV. People need/want to shave, people need/want pet products. Mineplex simply is not on the same level as those businesses. Those businesses are used way more often, or they actually give tangible items.

    Your marketing points are spot on, but you have to think of the psychology of purchasers.

    Plus, with those businesses, if you want anything from them at all, you have to pay. With Mineplex, you can play all of our games, access all of our kits, and do just about everything a ranked player can do. It makes people feel that a rank is less needed, therefore less inclined to make monthly payments. But one single payment seems a lot easier in people's minds, knowing that you pay for it once and always have it, eliminating the stress of knowing you're putting money into this item, but once you stop you no longer have it.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
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  9. Looks like I'm going to have to answer the same questions over, as you're a consumer you wouldn't really agree or any of this, I actually wouldn't be surprised if you felt like this business model was unethical but it works. Subscription ranks are how Mineplex makes a lot of their money, actually, all of what I said above was directed to the owners/leadership team. You may not understand
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 25, 2020
  10. Hello, Emiliee. This is directed to the owner. What you may find unethical isn't for owners of businesses. I understand it can be a stress to you directly. I will actually be closing this thread soon as many users have no prior experience with ownership of businesses. This was initially intended to reach someone higher up who has power.

    Regarding your first paragraph, a lot of kids ditch TV for Minecraft. There are a lot of other people in this world who would pay for a subscription.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 25, 2020
  11. You bring up a lot of interesting points here.

    I largely agree with your viewpoint on gamemodes. A few years ago, there was a huge push for new games. None of them really worked well and ended up being removed e.g. MOBA or Castle Assault. They were verging on being solid games that could have helped substantially, but they just didn't have that edge. They were missing something. Additionally, they had many bugs which seems to be a reoccuring theme. The server needs a game that beats competitors in every way. Someone will always do something better. Doing that will be a challenge, but I have hope that Mineplex could do it. But when and if they will do it is the big question. There are also still many bugs on the server. Updating an existing original game on Mineplex could also help.

    Other servers have a large variety of games. Mineplex has to be careful that the playerbase doesn't get split up too much, especially when we don't have as large of a player base anymore. The server has moved to focus on having high-quality games which is a good decision.

    Honestly, I don't completely disagree with recurring/subscription based ranks. I've seen it work well on other servers. It has become more of a norm now and I don't mind supporting a server monthly that I enjoy. I do think that there should be one or two lifetime ranks which are priced substantially higher. The constant sales made it easy for most people to buy a rank. The main question is this; what would happen to those who have already bought a 'lifetime' rank? Completely changing the way it works would lead to a lot of dissatisfaction.

    Personally I don't think that the tree should be removed. Mineplex still has a huge nostalgia factor for some players. Bringing players to the server for this reason isn't bad. It's keeping the players on the server which is the issue. Previous lobbies included the tree because it is an important part of Mineplex, yet players still demanded the return of the original tree and lobby.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
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  12. There are many options for current lifetime users, firstly their rank would convert into dollars (which can only be spent on a rank/subscription on the server) OR a user with Ultra rank would simply keep the first donor rank lifetime. There are many ways to solve these concerns. And yes, there could definitely be one or two ranks which may be lifetime but I would say one rank which would be the bottom donor lifetime rank would be the base so once a player decides to cancel or if they run out of the subscription they will still be left with their lifetime donor rank which will still entice them to play. A cool thing would be to win monthly ranks / perks in chests/unlocks. would be cool!

    Regarding the more high-quality games, I agree but doesn't Hypixel do that better whilst scaling their gamemodes to many more? All Mineplex needs are the player base which would be gained by the Launch of the Mineplex. A lot of curious players would come to see, even if they were fully against Mineplex if the word spreads then they have a chance and this is where the team needs to be really innovative in making high-quality gamemodes and improving what their competitors have by far.

    I see where you are coming from with the Tree situation, everyone asked for it and when Mineplex did bring it back it had no change in the player count. I personally think that stage of Mineplex is over and that they can create their own new thing similar vibe to the tree but even better. But that's my personal opinion, we are all entitled to our opinions, right?

    But yeah, thanks for your response! I appreciate it.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 25, 2020
  13. Hi @Aexo_

    Unfortunately, I disagree with the majority of your points. I do agree that the server has some issues that need to be fixed, but I disagree with the way you are proposing.

    First, in your post, you frequently compare Mineplex and Hypixel. In 2015, Mineplex and Hypixel were competing for the spot of the top Minecraft Server. Over time, Hypixel adapted better than Mineplex and added more new features that the majority of the Minecraft online community wanted to see. But now in 2020, I do not think it is fair to compare Mineplex a server that has around 2,000 players on at a time to Hypixel a server that has 60,000-90,000 people on at a time where they have become pretty different servers.

    I like playing on Mineplex due to the fact that it is different compared to Hypixel and there are many things that Mineplex does do better (but I may be a little biased). Mineplex has small communities of active players in almost every game mode and prioritizes the ability to chat even if you are unranked or have IMMORTAL. When I play on hypixel as an unranked player my chats feel invisible and I have a hard time finding a game I was looking for. In Mineplex all of the games are in the same lobby which makes it easier to find them.

    I do believe that Mineplex needs more of a social media presence, but the way to do that is to entice more people to play the games on the server instead of raising the number of subscribers necessary for a rank.

    Personally, I would not pay a monthly rank fee. I bought the LEGEND rank in 2015 when it was $50. I think some players are more active during the summer and holidays as they are less busy, so some people may not buy a rank every single month, and the problem becomes what to do with the people who already have ranks.

    Finally, if Mineplex would do a complete relaunch of their server, I would definitely check it out but it is unlikely that I would stay. I love that Mineplex is a welcoming community filled with fun games, nostalgic memories, and kind staff members. I do not feel this way when I play on other servers.

    What I think Mineplex needs to do is improve. But as long as there are new games and updates occasionally I am happy playing on a server that feels fun and welcoming and not ultra-competitive all of the time. Would it be fun to play Mineplex with 5,000 people? Yes. Would it be fun to play Mineplex with 20,000 people? Yes. Would it be fun to play Mineplex with 70,000 people? I'm not so sure. I like playing on this server even though it has its flaws. And I believe that if Mineplex started from scratch they would lose most of their loyal players who love original games. If the server were to reset and I was given a choice of Hypixel or a complete copy of Hypixel without any of the games that I grew up playing I probably would play on Hypixel or no servers at all!

    Thanks for reading,

    - Electric_Eagle
    Posted Jun 25, 2020

  14. Thank you for your comment, I fully respect your opinion.

    If anything I am actually biased towards Mineplex if anything, currently I don't really play very much of Minecraft. Personally, Mineplex has a lot of potential, I'm not telling Mineplex to turn into a Hypixel copy but they need to become more competitive and innovative. I personally love this community, you would have the same people you see now on Launch day plus many more. The way they would need to do the launch is very strategic. The server would need to be inaccessible to players for a maximum of one day and beforehand they would need to plan YouTubers to hype it up and get streams going.

    Regarding you playing with 70,000 people is completely irrelevant. All that number does is help Mineplex and possibly the gameplay but that really stops over 5000 - 8000+ players. You will always have games to quickly join after that number. Mineplex is good at splitting everyone up into different lobbies keeping players consistently split up.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 25, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 25, 2020
  15. Firstly, I want to say good work on the amount of effort you've put into this thread!

    The idea of a complete relaunch is certainly an interesting one. I'm not entirely sure how realistic it is though at this current point in time. Receiving game updates and new content takes a pretty long time as it is due to the lack of devs, so starting from scratch and developing completely new game modes would be a huge task for such a small development team. The solution to that would be to hire more devs, but that's much more easily said that done.

    I agree with what @Emiliee said. A change this drastic would probably not be taken too well by the current community. Just take a look at the reaction the community had when Immortal was released. In addition, If the player count did rise because of a complete relaunch, I feel like it would only be a temporary increase.

    As for the idea of converting all ranks into subscription based purchases, I'm actually not entirely against it. The prices you've listed are fairly reasonable and from a business standpoint it would be a good way for Mineplex to increase their revenue. I personally don't mind paying monthly to support the server and I'm sure many other people wouldn't either. Regarding the people that already have lifetime ranks, I don't really understand what you meant about Ultra's keeping the first donor rank lifetime. Does that mean people with other ranks would keep their lifetime too, or only Ultra?

    Personally I'd prefer it if Mineplex hired more developers, ironed out the current bugs within some of the games and pushed updates more regularly instead of completely starting fresh. But once again, finding developers is easier said than done. Like you mentioned, I also wouldn't mind if Mineplex implemented games that took inspiration from other servers with their own spin on it.

    That's just my opinion on everything though. Let me know you disagree with anything!
    Posted Jun 25, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 25, 2020
  16. I appreciate the detail you put forward into this thread, but I personally don't agree with many of the views. I myself have owned a business for over 5 years now and am in the senior year of my business management and accounting degree.

    So in terms of game modes, I half agree. It seems like new game modes are not really coming out often, and when they do come out Mineplex doesn't keep many of them around for long. It seems like a large portion of the community misses Castle Siege and Heros of Gwen, but they were removed and don't seem to be coming back anytime soon. Another thing Mineplex seems to be avoiding is anything other than minigames. A lot of minigames servers also have creative mode, housing, prison, or some other game to play just for fun that doesn't take a lot of effort and is all for your enjoyment. This may actually be changing soon, as I have seen an idea thread about a prison server on Mineplex floating around that is gaining traction. With that being said, if game modes are being added, they have to be added in some amount of haste. One big problem is the amount of dev power, especially on java, which is why I think Jr.Dev needs to be reintroduced.

    I really think social media needs a big rehaul, but not in the way you have suggested. The YT and Youtube requirements seem proportional to other servers and even though you said small YTs don't help as much, they still bring in some players. The biggest changes I want to see social media-wise would have to be 3 things; twitter, Mineplex Games, and Youtube partner. The twitter page used to run giveaways, create memes, and really interact with the community, but it mainly seems like it is used as more blatant advertising now. While it has always been used for advertising, it was more discrete, which on the customer side appears much cleaner. Mineplex Games hasn't actively uploaded in almost 2 years and hasn't had an official Youtuber for even longer. Even if there is no official Youtuber running the Mineplex Games channel, there should at least be steady uploads (again, there has been an approved idea thread about this, but I haven't seen any uploads since then). Lastly, I think we need a new official Youtube partner. At the end of the day, we only need one huge Minecraft Youtube partner to bring in tons of players, just look at what CS did for Mineplex in the early days.

    The business model you recommended is one of the biggest things I don't agree with. I think the points @Emiliee brought up make sense, but I will add some of my own thoughts. Immortal is still pretty limited in terms of the number of users who are subscribed to Immortal. Most players who have premium ranks have one of the permanent ones, as those just make a lot of sense over time. Also, bringing up the comparisons you mentioned before, most big Minecraft servers now really only have one subscription rank, and not only subscription, for the points Emilie mentioned above. You also bring up DSC and Netflix, but I don't love those models. Firstly, DSC has been hit really hard since the entrance of competitors like Harry's and other larger brands creating subscription models. A big part of DSCs success in the early days was their exclusively in the regular shipping and cheap prices of razors, not really because it was a subscription. As Emilie also said, razors are a necessity for many people, but not rank on a Minecraft server. While Netflix is doing very well, the same thing could be said about them and their competition. Many people don't want to subscribe to all these services, and Netflix has been hit with the entrance of so many popular streaming services being created. Netflix also is in $15 billion in debt and most likely won't turn a profit for many many years. While that business model may make sense for a tech start-up, I don't think Mineplex could find investors who would be as enthusiastic about waiting so long for a profit on a Minecraft server.

    I really don't love the idea of a relaunch. A relaunch would alienate much the loyal player base, who not only play regularly on the server but are also the players who subscribe for Immortal and support the server financially. It seems like most of the points I wanted to cover on a relaunch have already been covered by other users, so I will just leave it at that.

    I understand you want to see change, but I genuinely feel this is not the best way to go about it. You make some valid points, but many of them just don't work for a Minecraft server in terms of a business model. I appreciate the amount of time you took to post this and to the replies, you have given, but at this time I can't say I agree.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
  17. I find it very unlikely Mineplex Prison would actually be implemented, the thread I'm assuming you're talking about by Tylarr, hasn't had a post in over a month. It stopped gaining traction a while ago, and realistically will not bring in nearly as many players as the re-addition of CS or another gamemode players will recognize. Also if Mineplex wants to make a Prison game that would be good, they would have to put in tons of dev time which could be used to work on updates that would bring in more players, and would be more beneficial to the server.

    The current biggest CS thread has 9 pages, 4 more then Tylarr's Prison thread, and its last post was made earlier today. Mineplex can come up with as many excuses for why CS shouldn't be are-dded as they want, but they know it hurts them in the long run to not re-add CS.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
  18. Me talking about the prison server might be more of a dream than reality, but the truth of the matter is Mineplex needs more than minigames. Having something relaxing like a build/housing server or prison would not only allow us to expand the player base, but it would also give current players more to do while on the network.

    In terms of Castle Siege, I don't necessarily disagree that it should be reintroduced in some form, but I don't believe that it is going to happen soon. I have seen so many idea threads denied in regards to bringing back Castle Siege, so it just doesn't seem like a reality at this point. Maybe a reformated version of Castle Siege could return, but it doesn't seem like Mineplex wants to just bring it back. That is why I am suggesting alternatives like prison, housing, or other minigames.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
  19. If Mineplex is going to make a mode that is not a minigame they need something original. Creative Housing and Prisons have already been done many times before on other servers, and I don't think they would be worth the dev time.

    The sad truth is No matter how original Mineplex makes one of these modes people on othere servers with these games will accuse Mineplex of "Copying Them" regardless of originality. I think the things that makes Mineplex really compelling and fun is its original modes, not the ones that have been done before.

    I agree CS should be revamped if it ever gets re-release, the player requirements were outrageous, even when the server had 10,000 players. I think if CS were to be re-added it should have 20-100 per game, so they would start. The maps may need to be changed, but not because of the lower player requirement. I still think CS is Mineplex's best move if it wants more players, as you only need to fix some bugs and lower the player requirement, but Mineplex still refuses. I still don't know why.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
  20. I agree that originality is good, but once you leave the minigame realm there isn't really a whole lot to do. Even Clans, which are factions, are so heavily changed that I would still somewhat call it a minigame. I am not saying that Mineplex should give up on originality, but unless there is an idea already available for an original non-minigame that would be great, but if not prison or a build server would be an amazing place holder. Mineplex already has the base code for building plots, like staff island, so changing that shouldn't take a whole lot of time. Also, players are always asking to build on staff island, so maybe it would be something the player base would be interested in.

    While that is a big problem, I think sometimes you just have to ignore the hate. There is a reason so few servers have original games, as it is almost impossible to come up with something completely original. And like you said, those changes are what make a game original. Like I have played many other servers versions of runner, and none of them are as fun. The runner game mode is so well coded and the maps work perfectly for the game. But again, I do know what you are saying, and have seen that plenty of times as well (people saying Mineplex, or even other servers, are not original with their games).

    Two of the most recommended game modes to return, at least that I have seen, are Castle Siege and UHC, both had ridiculous player requirements. To me, it is a battle of whether or not Mineplex should 100% push on new games or split the efforts between new and old. That is actually why I would love to see the Jr. Dev program back, as Jr.Devs might be the ones tasked with revamping old games or creating completely new games.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020

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