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In Discussion Mineplex Server & Business Restructure

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Aexo_, Jun 25, 2020.


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  1. I agree a lot of servers copy each other, but Creative Housing and Prison have been done so much to the point where I don't see how Mineplex could do anything to make their version stand out.

    Hate is an issue because it ruins Mineplex's reputation, making less new players come, so player counts decrease. Mineplex's worsening reputation is one reason why the server can only get 1-3000 people per day. I think by adding back a deleted game that many people want people would see Mineplex does listen to its community, and new people would come to the server with ideas for new games.

    I do think Mineplex should try to revive its old games and make new ones. Both are very wanted and they would both greatly benefit the server. I think if Mineplex could get back enough old players, new players would see that Mineplex is a good server and come and play on it.

    I do agree that the Jr. Dev program should be brought back, as you said. I would be happy to see some community members revamp classic games.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
  2. There are only 1000 - 3000 players active on this Java Community. It would be worth loosing to have 20,000 - 30,000+ players online filling their place. I understand, people apart of the Mineplex community would be hurt by plans like this but it really would help bring the network back to its the previous state. It's probably why Mineplex keeps a lot of things behind closed doors as the community would backlash for no reason. If this was released and you never saw this post and the games were of extremely high quality you would still play.

    For example on Hypixel's housing, Mineplex could easily counter that and make something even better of their own. Mineplex can offer something very similar but give players the ability to make their own sky-wars maps (for example) and run games with their builds. I mean there are many possibilities but this is just one.

    It seems like even the community itself doesn't know what is best for their own server. Not out of disrespect but just from knowledge in general which I can understand, we have a lot of younger ones here. Also don't point blame to the developers, the developers are always following a plan made by whoever is in charge.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 25, 2020
  3. Hi there, thanks for the response.

    It's great to know you own a business and have a degree. I personally think degrees are useless (not in any disrespect) but we all have our paths in life where we want to go. I do know a lot of people who own businesses as low as 12 year old's but we don't know revenue and nets. I personally own 2 businesses and don't have any degree and am generating a lot, unfortunately, it has taken a lot of my time which has removed me from Minecraft which I am fine from doing as it's really worth ditching the video games in the end. As my Holidays have started I thought I'd write this forum post which really only took me 30 minutes and isn't detailed at all for a server overhaul.

    Regarding your statements below, I can understand you want to copy other business models, for example, Hypixel's but that won't bring in very much revenue, I understand you're thinking about yourself here but my post is directed towards Mineplex so they can increase their revenue whilst keeping players happy. If you will not subscribe to it others will.

    I personally think the prices for Immortal are also too low. Mineplex needs to increase the price, stop having sales which last for months/years, and make their ranks have higher perceived value. Also, nobody needs investors, Mineplex would have enough previous income/assets to pull money from a bank. Investing isn't a get rich quick scheme either, there will be waits and that's how it works most of the time, I'm not sure about your vision with investing but it's not the reality of it.

    You can talk about razors being necessities, as I've said before there are many younger ones who will pay for subscription ranks, kids ditch TV for Minecraft and they would purchase a cheap 2 or 5 dollar subscription per month to have all the cool perks.

    If you don't want a re-launch then you want Mineplex to stay in decline or where it is with its average 2000 - 3000 playerbase on Java. Everyone who already migrated to other servers needs something completely new from Mineplex which will change their mind.

    Thanks for the response, I am actually not sure if I will dedicate much time to responding to all of these messages.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 25, 2020
  4. Thank you for the message.

    Mineplex listened to their community which actually didn't benefit them long term, for example adding the tree back. Don't forget most of the community is younger. They shouldn't try to revive old games at all and need to re-launch. They should add a section for old mineplex games possibly like Hypixel did but they never were played. Hypixel acted very quickly when they moved all the old games away prioritizing the newer lobbies with gamemodes for example Duels or Skywars.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 25, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 25, 2020
  5. Everyone can also disregard the poll, it seems like the rest of the players on Mineplex don't want real improvement or do not understand what can realistically revive this network. Small updates will not fix the playerbase issues.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 26, 2020
  6. In all honesty, I find most of the ideas suggested here to be overly unrealistic and abstract to be worth risking a company with a 7 year history spanning throughout most of Minecraft's existence for. Compared to a few years ago, Mineplex has declined and it'd be foolish to deny worrying about it, but taking both Java and Bedrock's popularity and income into account, as well as the increased playercount caused by the coronavirus crisis and summer holidays for some, Mineplex is nowhere near falling apart in a way that would need such urgent and visionless change.

    I won't comment on the individual suggestions as they've already been largely discussed. However, I don't really appreciate the nature of the discussion either. I'm seeing companies owned by the OP and a Trainee being brought up in it multiple times. This is not a Minecraft server with a concurrent playercount of 50 or an ice cream stand, because in that case I know people who've owned both of these at young ages. This is formerly the largest Minecraft server which is still up there as one of the most played and influential servers. I've even seen a post once where it was said that according to another website, just the website domain (mineplex.com) was worth almost a million USD. I don't think I'm in a position to talk about anything that goes past the common public knowledge about the network, which is why it would've been a good idea to go to an owner, or even the Community Management administrator for the proposals mentioned in this thread. Speaking of which, be prepared to have most, if not all of them turned down, because despite your experience of running a business, you're approaching people that have been with the network for years and know much more beyond what we as community members do. Being severely close-minded will not help you.
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
  7. A lot of the comments are just nonsense and have nothing to do with this. A Trainee brought something up about their business degree. I personally think my ideas are realistic but it would need a lot of strategic planning. I could understand that you may find it unrealistic as Mineplex may unwilling to change.

    What would Mineplex's player count be if Covid-19 never kept kids at home in lockdown? It's still averaging 980 - 2000 players a day on Java. Also, their domain wouldn't be valued at 1 million dollars or especially now as it has 29x fewer players.

    I agree, Mineplex isn't falling apart quickly, I personally don't think it would go much lower but it will still have a decline as all the new players to Minecraft will always go to Hypixel with all of the social media pointing them to Hypixel's direction.

    Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 26, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 26, 2020
  8. You can't compare an ascetic change to the revival of a minigame. You say most of the community is younger, I'm not sure if it is, I don't see any evidence for this. Even if that is true, that doesn't really prove anything about the revival of CS. To the classic players, it's reviving an old gamemode they might remember. To new players who have never heard of it, it's a new game which they would be excited for.

    Mineplex shouldn't just push away their old games, like Hypixel did. I think Hypixel ignoring its classic games is a missed opportunity. I'm fine with adding a section of the lobby for Classic games, but there is no reason to push aside perfectly good minigames.
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
  9. As far as age groups go, bedrock is usually younger (mostly the 12/13 and under range), while the dedicated java players are usually around 14+.

    And while I don't agree with you on bringing back removed games, I do agree that it would not be a smart move to essentially copy the hypixel model and alienate the playerbase MP does have left when MP doesn't even have close to the resources available to compete with hypixel. Imo the only reason MP didn't completely lose all it's players to hypixel is because of the unique aspects of it's games and their rather niche communities. If it were to just relaunch in this manner, it would essentially just be a hypixel without dev power which is not going to attract anyone.
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
  10. If Hypixel didn't push their old and unwanted games then they would have been like Mineplex in terms of its player base. You don't seem to understand that nobody cares about the past, everyone wants new games. Releasing an old game will not do anything to the player base.

    If the minigames were perfectly good how come the other 29,000 players left?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 27, 2020
  11. Why can't Mineplex re-launch and have unique aspects as well? It's not too late for Mineplex to step up its game. They can always get investors or loans to fund certain things.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 27, 2020
  12. Hypixel is not popular because it pushed away its old game modes, it is popular because it knew what the community wanted. They were able to keep up with trends in games, when Mineplex wasn't.

    What do you mean nobody cares about the past? The most popular threads are about reviving old game modes. The largest thread in New game discussion is a thread about reviving CS. I get that you don't want the old games to come back, but the community wants old games back. More people would come back permanently if their favorite games returned.

    Games were deleted because people were leaving, and some games lobby's couldn't get filled up. They left because Hypixel was making a lot of fast paced PvP games, when Mineplex wasn't. By the time Mineplex released their PvP games, it was too late.
    Posted Jun 27, 2020
  13. Mineplex and their games were not good enough which is why they removed CS. Hypixel never listened to their community as it's filled with 10-year-old children. Unfortunately, Mineplex has listened to the community and you're trying to bring back old game modes which will only make the small 1000 player base happy. My goal is to bring the 29,000 other players who left.

    Nobody wants old games but you and others within the Mineplex community. Old games will not magically spread the word to Hypixel, simple as that.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 28, 2020
  14. Hey!
    In all honesty, a few of your ideas actually seem pretty good. Well, for the most part at least. One example of an idea of yours I didn't like is the monthly rank subscriptions for every rank. Sure, that would bring Mineplex a guaranteed monthly paycheck but the question is would people be willing to pay monthly for their rank? It's just a bit too much I think. We already have immortal which helped Mineplex a lot and it's also a monthly subscription as well.
    Overall I'm giving this thread a +0.5.
    Posted Jun 28, 2020
  15. Think about it, will kids be happy to spare 1.50 a month? That's the business model, they can unsubscribe whenever they want.

    Lifetime ranks such as Eternal gives Mineplex a one-time payment. As Mineplex isn't getting many new players to my knowledge they aren't getting many sales which will reduce development. if they switch to this business model they can expand their network and get things back on the road in the fast lane.

    For Mineplex to introduce this they need to do a relaunch. Adding these ranks to Mineplex right now without a relaunch will have a handful of problems.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 28, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 28, 2020
  16. Immortal isn't a one-time payment it's actually a monthly sub. It's also not the kid's choice to buy the rank. If their parents aren't willing to pay a monthly subscription then mineplex would actually be losing money. As of now, a one-time payment is the best in my opinion. You pay once and that's it. Mineplex also gets paid. Making it a monthly sub may lead to people just not wanting to get it.
    Posted Jun 28, 2020
  17. I was supposed to say Eternal, somehow I wrote immortal instead. Fixed. Mineplex will make more money using subscriptions, please do not comment if you don't understand how it works. Subscriptions make companies more money rather than a one-time payment.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 28, 2020
  18. I do understand though, you have to understand that Minecraft servers aren't Netflix they have younger ages whose parents don't want to pay a monthly subscription probably. Doing that with all the ranks would result in failure really. Immortal is just fine with its monthly sub. Why would MP do it with the rest of the ranks?
    Posted Jun 28, 2020
  19. Mineplex did not not remove CS because "it wasn't good enough" they removed it because it took a high player count to start and lobbies weren't filling up.

    Hypixel listens to their community a lot more than Mineplex does. That is part of the reason it is so successful. Mineplex never really listened to their community, and that is the biggest reason it is failing. Bringing back old game modes that those other 29,000 people remember will bring some of them back permanently. You can't bring back all of them, but bringing back old games will get you a decent number of them.

    There are a lot of people who quit Mineplex after these games were deleted. Old games will "magically spread the word to Hypixel" this is the internet. With proper advertising, everybody in the Minecraft community could know in days that their favorite game is back on Mineplex. If they used their Youtube channel and Twitter to tell people, it would be all over the internet.

    If it is a bad thing that Mineplex tries to listen to the community, then why was this thread made? You are community member just like everyone else.
    Posted Jun 28, 2020
  20. Mineplex advertising their old games is more of a risk than a re-launch. Nobody wants those games but you. Mineplex could have easily converted the gamemode to have fewer players and smaller maps. I agree Castle Siege is a great game but they never modernized it.

    If you want Castle Siege back, realistically Mineplex will need to do a relaunch. Mineplex isn't going to advertise old games, they could update all of their old games and make them a lot better on a relaunch but they can't keep them the same, that's for sure.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 28, 2020

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