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Mineplex server (ps4) so laggy..

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Jessxrose, Feb 2, 2023.

  1. Mineplex server is so laggy. I was on the creative gamemode on the server, building a bunch of stuff and the server kept lagging and kicking everyone out of the server/game. And people were losing progress and it wouldn’t save. One time it kicked me from the server cause of lag and I got back on and SO MUCH of what I just build DIDN'T SAVE and it was so frustrating and now I have to build it all again…please fix this lag issue..

    Also I bought furniture and guess what lol, all furniture is invisible so I just wasted money.
    Posted Feb 2, 2023,
    Last edited by a Moderator Feb 2, 2023
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  2. You aren’t the only one, this sadly seems to happen a lot.
    Posted Feb 2, 2023
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  3. How much did you spend?

    It also could be because they are kinda understaffed on bedrock, if u look at the staff list i saw like 2 developers for bedrock and idk how many bug fixers they got
    Posted Feb 2, 2023,
    Last edited by a Moderator Feb 3, 2023
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  4. Ever thought about making a support ticket? Not saying it will do anything significant to actually solve your case but I feel like something like this should be acknowledged
    Posted Feb 3, 2023
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  5. I mean we don’t really have any devs working on bedrock right now
    Posted Feb 3, 2023
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