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Mineplex survival?

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by xTylerr, Jul 19, 2022.

  1. I think a survival smp with land claim, pvp arena, and exclusive mineplex cosmetic and game functions in survival 1.19 would help your player count.

    imagine building a base and beserker leaping to get to the roof, or killing a creeper with apples. Making a bridge and throwing an ender pearl at it to make it collapse.
    Posted Jul 19, 2022
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  2. Hia Tyler! Thank you for taking the time to make to this thread and of course for sharing your idea suggestion. I personally do not think that a survival SMP would be appealing to older players, but that is just my own personal opinion. Java seems to be fixated on PVP. We already have Clans (which is unique to Java), it just needs to see an update. That is basically survival with abilities... I just personally do not find that Survival would appeal to a majority of the Java player base, but then again others may think differently. I do think that this would certainly help bring in some new players, but only to a certain extent. This idea suggestion is nice, but I'm just not for the thought of adding another survival based game mode to Java. I'm interested in seeing what others have to say regarding this idea suggestion!
    Posted Jul 20, 2022
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  3. Hi xTylerr, you present an intriguing idea! First of all, I would also enjoy having an SMP server and would surely use it if Mineplex implemented it.

    Mineplex is like a large arcade server with arcade games except for Clans as a long-term game. Even if the creation of an SMP server you described came to be, and hypothetically we had more players join our Mineplex community, would it be enough of a player base to have both Clans and SMP co-exist? I do not think so because it would potentially divide the player base between the two long-term games or absorb it entirely, and fewer people than current would be in typical games. One would have to eat the other because I do not believe Mineplex should have multiple long-term games in its current state. Just speculating, but maybe both could be possible in the future with the good demand for it.

    Including the elements you described of a land claim, PVP-arena, and mainly the exclusive Mineplex game functions, this idea is reasonably close to the current Clans. However, the main difference would be removing Clans' heavy PVP/raid aspect and falling back on a more relaxed and friendly survival-with-friends culture. Perhaps we could take a sort of poll or survey on the communities thoughts? If the Clans community as is, and other Mineplex players like the idea of a custom SMP over Clans, then I think this idea is worthwhile and could be the type of significant update people are seeking.
    Posted Jul 20, 2022
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  4. I'd be happy just to have a place on the server I can freely build something of my own.
    Posted Jul 20, 2022
  5. As said above, personally speaking as an older player, not from the regular thoughts in my mind, I would not really add an SMP, considering the server is mainly PVP based. An SMP can be interesting although it's hard to say how many people would truly play in it. Furthermore, as stated above as well, there's already a limited playerbase in many games. By adding survival, this will further limit the amount of players in games, making it more diverse and really taking players from other games. Whether people like/enjoy the survival or not, meaning if they play or not, it would still be bad because it's another game with not many players or just a game taking all the players we are limited on anyways.
    Posted Jul 20, 2022
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  6. I really think Survival shouldn't be added to Java for a few reasons. One being that I feel, like others have stated, Java is more fixated on Pvp and fast paced mini games as opposed to things like Survival that's drawn out. While Clans isn't fast paced, and is more of a long term game it still has the essence of Pvp. I feel like bringing Survival to Java will offset what the Java server is all about. I also don't think at this point in time it will receive a lot of players due too the fact that Mineplex just doesn't have any much players as it use too. Overall good idea, but I sadly disagree with it :/
    Posted Jul 24, 2022
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  7. No, don't add Survival to Java. We have that in Bedrock, and the ping is as bad as making teeth-contact with ice cream.
    Posted Aug 18, 2022
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  8. There's no reason why Mineplex can't have a variety of games; sticking to one type makes things bland. I'd be more in favour of a creative plot server where people can build freely, however. This was a favourite of many players on another server I used to play on, and is more chill.
    Posted Aug 18, 2022
  9. Na na bedrock survival is full of hsckers also no one even plays because it has too many bugs
    Posted Aug 19, 2022
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  10. Hey,
    I have a difference of opinion compared to a lot of the replies to this thread in a sense where it's mentioned multiple times that Mineplex is more focused on the Minigame / PvP side of Minecraft, and expanding could be an issue, and I do agree with that in a sense and I understand the point of view. However, I do feel expanding in some situations could be very beneficial for Mineplex. For the topic at hand, survival, I sadly disagree. I feel it's very vanilla and bare, which could be an issue for new players, and it may struggle to recruit players, which would essentially mean the Developers spend countless hours of their time working on a game that may fail in the end due to that. However, I feel other separated gamemodes may work, and some I've been a huge supporter of for years. Two that come to mind for me are Housing / Creative Mode, and Prison. I've been a huge fan of both of these gamemodes on other servers, so I'm extremely biased, but I feel both are very unique gamemodes compared to what Mineplex is known for, however, neither are very vanilla, and have plenty of opportunity for Mineplex to add its own stamp to. However, since this isn't a Prison or Housing thread, I won't go any further into that.

    With all of that said, the tl;dr of my post is essentially, I feel expanding into unique gamemodes could work very well in growing Mineplex into a new community and expanding, however, I don't feel Survival is the best way to go about this, as in my opinion it's a very vanilla styled game, and that may not be the best way to grow a server population at this time, although I do appreciate that you mentioned some unique abilities that would combat the vanilla aspect a bit.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion!
    Posted Aug 20, 2022
  11. Ppl don’t know that bedrock survival doesn’t work so Idk if it’s ever getting fixed
    Posted Aug 20, 2022
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