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In Discussion "Miner Wars" Revival Thread

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by ItzCqnadian, May 28, 2020.

  1. DISCLAIMER: I don't know if quote on quote, "reviving" a thread is allowed, so if it isn't I apologize in advance. Also, like I mentioned on the other thread that I'll be referring to, I'm not sure if this gamemode exists on another, so keep that in mind. Other than that, hope you enjoy the idea!

    Hello There!

    A while ago I made a thread about a potential gamemode called "Miner Wars", but at the time I don't think it got that much traction. This thread is to bring it back into vision so that it could get more thoughts and opinions about the idea. That being said, I will be reusing some aspects from the old thread in this one, as well as discussing another way the gamemode could work.

    So, the main concept of Miner Wars is everyone is put into a mine-styled map, and you have locate and mine various ores that each cost different points. After the time is up, the player with the most amount of points wins. Ores will periodically keep spawning to make sure that players can keep gaining points, and mined ores will turn into stone until they regenerate. Also, a score board would be present to show who's in the lead. However, you can kill other players to steal ores from them and gain more points. You don't steal all their ores, but each ore has a different chance of being stolen upon a kill. The higher the points that an ore has, the smaller the chance is to steal it. Also, there is a cap of how many points you can get with a kill, let's say 50. This means you can get anywhere from 1 point to 50 points upon getting a kill, depending on what ores you steal from someone. One last thing I want to mention is ores won't act as items you can pick up, they are just transferred to your inventory after you mine them, and transferred to other player's inventory's when you die. Here are the points for each ore:

    Coal - 1 point

    Iron - 3 points

    Gold - 5 Points

    Redstone - 10 points

    Lapiz - 15 points

    Diamond - 20 points

    Emerald - 30 points

    At the begging of each game, all players will spawn at the same area, or the "mine entrance". When the game starts, there will be a 20 second grace period where PvP is disabled, so that players can scatter across the map. When you respawn after being killed, you have 3 seconds of invincibility to prevent spawn killing, but in this time frame you can't attack other players to make it fair. You also respawn somewhere within the map rather than at the entrance to make it easier to get back into the game after dying. If you die to something that isn't a player, such as fall damage or lava, you automatically lose 10 points. If you don't have that many, you don't lose any. Also, to avoid losing less points on purpose in a fight by dying to fall damage, the 10 points rule is only in place if you haven't been in combat recently.

    Now, I'm going to talk about two ways that could make the game a bit more interesting and strategic, rather than having everyone be equipped the same. The first is with different kits that effect you and other players (which was the only one I had on my old thread), and the second being an upgrade system with different abilities and kill streak abilities.

    1) Different Kits
    All kits have a diamond pickaxe along with their other gear:

    Warrior (Default) - Chain chestplate, chain leggings, leather helmet and boots, iron sword. Ability: everytime you get a kill you get strength 1 for 5 seconds. It resets after each kill

    Tank (Default) - Iron chestplate, iron leggings, iron boots, wooden sword. Ability: damage dealt to you is reduced if more players are around you. Maximum of 3 players for damage reduction

    Archer (2000 gems) - Full chain, wooden sword, bow. You receive an arrow everyone 3 seconds, maximum of 4 arrows. Ability: the farther away someone is, the more damage you will deal with arrows. It caps at an extra 3 hearts of damage

    Ninja (2000 gems) - Full leather, iron sword. Abilities: permanent speed 1, as well as a bonus 20% damage when attacking someone from behind

    Alchemist (3000 gems) – Full gold, wooden sword with knockback 1. Ability: gain a random level 1 potion every 10 seconds. It caps at 3 potions

    Bomber (3000 gems) – Leather chestplate, leather leggings, chain helmet and boots, stone sword. Ability: get one “throwing tnt” everyone 15 seconds, maximum of 2. Tnt can be used to damage players as well as mine ores

    Acrobat (3000 gems) – Leather chestplate, rest chain, stone sword. Abilities: reduced fall damage by 20%, and double tap jump to leap with a cooldown of 20 seconds

    Miner (5000 gems) - Iron chestplate, rest leather, stone sword. Abilities: permanent haste 2, as well as a chance to get anywhere from 1-3 extra ores

    Scanner (5000 gems) – Diamond chestplate, rest leather, stone sword, compass. Ability: the compass has two different modes, you switch between them by left clicking. Mode 1 – right click the compass to locate the closest ore that has highest point value. Mode 2 – right click the compass to locate the closest player that has the highest points. Has a cooldown of 20 seconds

    Hoarder (Achievement Kit) – Iron chestplate, iron helmet, leather leggings and boots, iron sword. Ability: gain an extra 5-10% of ores when you get a kill

    Keeper (Achievement Kit) - Iron chestplate, diamond helmet, leather leggings and boots, stone sword. Ability: keep an extra 5-10% of your ores when you die

    2) Upgrade system and kill streaks
    With this idea, everyone would start with the same gear (Iron chestplate, rest chain, iron sword, and diamond pickaxe), but there would be different things you could purchase and upgrade with a currency that is only used in Miner Wars. I was originally thinking of having things be purchased with gems, but with a different currency that you can obtain only by playing the game, it creates a bit more even ground for newer players, so that people with millions of gems can't max out everything right away.

    First there's different perks that you can unlock and upgrade with said in game currency, and they all will fall under one of three categories:

    Offensive (Things that you can activate to buff yourself or nerf others, with cooldowns)

    Defensive (Things that you can activate to protect yourself from others, with cooldowns)

    Passive/Supportive (Things that aren't activated directly, which usually effect you or the world in different ways to benefit you, without cooldowns)

    Everyone starts off with two free abilities from each category (which are non-upgradable), and can unlock different ones as they gain more currency. Each ability can be upgraded twice before it branches off into two paths, and the player has to choose which path they want to upgrade it in. You can "downgrade" them if you want to try a different path, but it will cost currency. During the game, each player can only have 1 perk activated from each category. This way, you can mix and match different ones to see which ones work well together, rather than just using all at once.

    Next are kill streaks, which will each fall under the same 3 categories that I just mentioned. However, you can't upgrade these ones. Kill streaks will start at 3, 5, 10, then every 5 after that. You are allowed 3 kill streak perks a game, and you select which order you obtain them in. If you surpass 10 kills and get to 15, then your kill streak perks will cycle back to the order in which you selected, starting with the first (hopefully this isn't confusing).

    Well, that pretty much sums it all up. A lot of these ideas and concepts can be changed, it's just a base and is up for discussion. If you made it all the way here, I wanna say thanks for taking the time to read this thread, I appreciate it! :)
    Posted May 28, 2020
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  2. Sounds great. I wish it could come out on the bedrock update. +1 from me
    Posted May 28, 2020
  3. This sounds like it could work. +1
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  4. One word: xray.
    Xray is probably one of the easiest hacks to use and isn't really banable (other than self report). Unless they have a way of preventing xrayers this gamemode won't work.
    Posted May 29, 2020
    Johnny Welamton likes this.

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