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In Discussion Mini UHC - A Nano Game

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by FuzzyJunior, Apr 11, 2019.


Should this be developed and adde to NANO?

  1. Yes!

    8 vote(s)
  2. No!

    4 vote(s)
  1. Mini UHC

    A Nano Game Idea by FuzzyJunior

    Hello! My name is FuzzyJunior and today I’ve developed a brand new nano game for the community to critique and hopefully perfect to the point where it could be a possibility for a new nano game, or the suggestion could be scrapped, either way, I’m here to hear your feedback.

    The game I’ll be suggesting today is Mini UHC (which will be introduced as a NANO game). Ever since UHC’s removal, countless people have requested its return. Sadly, due to complications, this hasn’t happened. UHC required numerous amounts of players for each game to start and hence the gamemode slowly died out. With this gamemode, not only will the good old feel of UHC return in someways, but it can be devised into a much quicker gamemode for everyone playing NANO to enjoy.

    If you’re unaware of what UHC is/was, I’ll explain here, if not, skip this paragraph. UHC is a gamemode where a group of people are placed into a game and fight until there is one person standing. Unlike normal games, though, hearts cannot be regenerated normally. Hearts can only be regenerated through golden apples (or in some cases, potions). Not only are you fighting other people, but you’re also doing so while conserving your health.

    Starting The Game

    In order to instill a more classic UHC feel, each game would be started on a random 50x50 plot of land that would look something like this:

    Keep in mind the possible biomes for map creation would be limited to avoid biomes such as extreme hills, etc.

    You can view 2 other examples I quickly created here.

    In this 50x50 plot, players would not be allowed to dig under the surface of the ground and would have a build limit of 10 blocks in order to avoid camping Additionally, players will only be supplied with a limited amount of blocks as shown below.

    Each player would spawn evenly apart from each other around the edges of the map and be provided with the following items:


    • Iron Sword x1 (Sharpness 1, Unbreakable)

    • Diamond Pickaxe x1
    • Shears x1 [New!]
    • Tracking Compass x1 [New!]

    • Bow x1

    • Arrow x12

    • Iron Helmet x1 (Protection 1, Unbreakable)

    • Iron Chestplate x1 (Protection 1, Unbreakable)

    • Iron Leggings x1 (Protection 1, Unbreakable)

    • Iron Boots x1 (Protection 1, Unbreakable)

    • Cobblestone x32
    • Steak x10

    • Golden Apple x3
    I feel as though the purpose of these items is self-explanatory, so if you have any lingering questions I’ll be quick to answer you.

    When placed into the area, you’ll be blind as the game starts to make things a complete surprise, and after a few seconds of waiting the game will start and every player will be free to move, place blocks, and attack other players.

    Game Progression

    As the game progresses, players would be fighting and dying accordingly. Then, as time goes on, the border would shrink. After the first minute, the border would eventually shrink to be 25x25 blocks. After the next minute, the border will be 10x10. Finally, if there is still not 1 player remaining after 30 seconds, the ground will turn to lava and blocks will be unable to be placed until someone dies. So, at a maximum, the game would last 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

    Upon killing a player, the player responsible for the kill will receive a golden head. Golden heads would provide 4 hearts of healing rather than the standard 2 for golden apples. Additionally, these players will receive 4 more arrows as an added bonus.

    To provide more incentive to attack players, players who get 3 kills will receive the power enchantment on their bow as well as sharpness 2 on their sword, and on top of the normal bonuses, 3 more golden apples.
    If a player is able to get 5 kills, they will receive a diamond helmet and boots with protection 1 as well.

    Finally, the game would come to an end when there is only 1 player standing.

    (If you’ve gotten this far, make sure to say purple frog in your reply!)

    As concludes the game and my explanation of the game. The concept is quite simple and other than this I can’t see anything else being added or changed.
    That’s where you all come in! I’m posting this on the forums in order to create changes and make this gamemode an addition to NANO games or, if not, the best game it can be. Please leave as much feedback as possible, I’m not going to be thrilled if someone posts “this will be a great addition to the server, +1!” Please tell me why, suggest improvements, and read the whole document. Don’t be afraid to be honest, either. There’s no shame in telling me you think my idea is a poor one, just be sure to do so respectfully.

    Thanks for reading!


    Q: How will camping be prevented?

    A: By providing shears, pickaxes, tracking compasses, a fairly short build limit, and border shrink, camping should not be too prevalent in the game.



    (4/12/19) [Add shears] (Dutty)
    (4/12/19) [Add a tracking compass] (Dutty)
    (4/12/19) [Change the golden head given on a kill to 4 hearts of regeneration] (Dutty)
    (4/12/19) [Player created maps rather than random generation] (Dutty)
    (4/12/19) [Push for making teaming punishable] (Dutty)
    Posted Apr 11, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 13, 2019
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  2. Since UHC was my favourite game on the server before it was removed, this idea stands out to me as an obviously appealing one. Whilst it doesn't include all aspects of UHC that I know and love, I understand it's a condensed version made solely for Nano Games. That said, I have a few things I'd like to say, including some additions, questions and suggestions. That said, I do love the idea and would like to see it implemented in the game for sure. And of course.. purple frog.

    So firstly, I like the games length, although I worry the length of time may cause other issues that I'll further explain later on. I'm thinking in order to counter things like camping, when the border shrinks, perhaps players get tp'd with the shrink? The only thing this would mess up would be if people were in the middle of a fight, they'd be reset, but I don't think that would be too devastating, and is a risk I'd be willing to take over someone camping for the entirety of the game.

    Speaking of camping, I think the number of blocks obviously limits this, but I'm curious as to what happens if there's a tree in the spawn chunk. I think to combat this, the addition of shears to your inventory would be good, just so you could very quickly remove leaves from underneath campers.

    Additionally, what if an open cave appears in the chunk? Can players go underground without mining, or will it physically block them? In which case, would this hinder the possibility for someone to run away? Or if someone fell into the cave accidentally, they'd be easily killed. On the other hand, if they're able to go down there, will they be able to mine or place blocks so they can camp? Ultimately I think a good combat for this would be to revoke access to mining and placing blocks below a certain Y level, and maybe even above a certain Y level to prevent camping up high. I pretty much answered all my own questions once I had the lightbulb moment tbh.

    Next up, I'm wondering how you were thinking the map process would go. I know your intentions were to spawn people randomly in a 50x50 chunk, but I fear this may lead to a few issues, mainly regarding players spawning, but also natural PvE and environmental dangers. What if players spawn above (or inside) ravines/lava/water etc. They're instantly incapacitated. As well, I'm not sure how you expect the plugin to acknowledge the terrain beneath a player in order to successfully change everything to lava, without leaving something behind. In all honesty, to avoid this and other aforementioned issues, I actually think it would be best to build UHC maps for this gamemode (the memes predicted themselves). Of course, they wouldn't be hard to build but would have to function pretty well for the gameplay. This would allow for much easier coding through use of datapoints. We could use data points to signal how high a player should be able to build / how low, where the lava should spawn etc. Sure it wouldn't be different gameplay every time, but it wouldn't have to be. Or, if gameplay does somehow get too repetitive (despite being basically just an FFA with no regen), we could remove the maps and replace them with new ones from time to time. I wouldn't be against doing that. But yeah, I just feel this would allow for much more ease as well as quality gameplay guaranteed. It would also prevent soooooo much lag.

    Another thing I think might be a bit of an issue with this gamemode is cleaning. Since it's such close proximity, it will be incredibly easy to clean in this gamemode. I think that was one of the reasons Speed UHC was a bit of a disappointment, and ended up becoming underplayed after a little while. In order to combat this, perhaps instead of players receiving a golden head for a kill, they could instantly regen 4 hearts instead? That way, they won't be able to be instantly cleaned up and start the chain of cleaning kills until someone ultimately wins just by staying away. Regardless, if you're running in to clean someone up after a big fight, you're probably going to be stronger than them despite them having gained 4 hearts of health, so I wouldn't find that unfair. Thoughts on that?

    Alsoooo (sorry I have so much to say about UHC lol) what would be done about teaming? Would this be allowed or not? If allowed, what's the limit? I would personally say it shouldn't be allowed, but how do you prevent that from happening? It's going to happen no matter what - we already know players will just pretend they're not teaming to get away with a punishment. I think it's fairly inevitable it's going to happen, but my thought on the matter is it shouldn't be allowed.

    And last thing, before I make a couple suggestions about additions to the game; I would suggest taking a screenshot of your inventory without the texture pack. It took me a little while to understand the golden apple in there wasn't just an apple. Without the distinct gold colour, it's quite confusing (and you already know people likely aren't going to read the contents you listed below). So yeah - perhaps change the image to one without a texture pack. Just a thought!

    Lastly, to finish up, I had a few ideas of things to add to the inventory. Firstly, shears, as I've mentioned before, just to remove leaves people may be camping above. They don't need to go in your inventory, and shouldn't spawn apples. Secondly, opinions on adding a fishing rod? I like that you don't have one, but not having one kind of means ping wins - and as someone from the UK, I always lose against US players, when I don't have a rod, just because they have better ping than me and so they can get the first hit. A fishing rod would be nice, but not essential. And lastly, a compass would be good. Again, not essential by any means due to the quick shrinking border and small proximity, but I don't see it hurting to add.


    So, for TL;DR sakes (for people who maybe don't choose to read my whole post, not necessarily suggesting you won't) here are my suggestions;

    - TP players as border shrinks (camping prevention)
    - Limit block placing by Y level (camping prevention)
    - Physically created maps, not randomly spawned (camping prevention + guaranteed good gameplay)
    - Regen 4 hearts after a kill to prevent cleaning
    - Punish for teaming
    - Change screenshot to one without TP
    - Addition of shears, fishing rod and compass (camping prevention)

    Ultimately love the idea, since UHC is my favourite gamemode of all time, and would really love to see this added :')))

    EDIT: One more thing I'm just going to add to the very end of this is a customisable hotbar. Probably an obvious necessity that I don't need to explain ;p
    Posted Apr 12, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 12, 2019
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  3. Just going to paste these images of the discussion around the game + my thoughts on it:[​IMG]
    Td;lr: Excellent Idea, but imo would be more suited for mixed arcade.
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
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  4. I think this will be an awesome game! I love the concept and with a little tweaking as mentioned above we could have a new nano game!

    Purple frog
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
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  5. This is a really cool game idea! I think it would be a very neat addition to Nano Games as it would give those who never got a chance to play UHC a taste of the genre. Your ideas about giving upgrades to gear for getting kills is great, as it would encourage more offensive play and would make the game go faster. While your original ideas about camping prevention were great, I would also have to agree with @Dutty that more could be done to further prevent it from happening. Anyways, I do not have more to add as I am a big fan of everything that has been put out there. I really hope this turns into an actual game!

    Purple Frog
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
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  6. @Dutty Yep nearly everything you've mentioned was a thought I've had and I just wanted to leave it almost as vanilla and barren as possible and then modify it more with incoming ideas and feedback. Originally I was thinking that the only blocks broken would be player placed ones, but I'm starting to think that could cause problems if the map is filled with trees. Shears seem like a nice idea to combat this as well as possibly dropping efficiency on the pickaxe to make the cobble easier to get through. What would you think about that?

    Originally when typing the document up I was considering suggesting custom made maps, but since I wanted to make this as similar to UHC as possible I thought that it'd be nice to make things randomly generated, but your knowledge of how maps work far surpasses mine and if you can see foreseeable issues I'm not going to argue. It'd be fantastic to see maps for the game mode, but my only request would be for them to have a little bit of a "vanilla" feel, but at the same time, I could see some rad maps for the game otherwise.

    Cleaning was another thing I avoided in order to really give this a UHC feel, but obviously, it'd be better without it. I think your suggestion is a good one, and honestly, probably more useful and helpful than getting something you need to eat. At the same time though since we're on the topic of getting items from kills, I'm wondering if just regenerating 4 hearts and getting some arrows isn't enough incentive to get people to kill others and enough to truly prevent people from camping then going for a cleanup. Also, if the fight isn't over those 4 hearts mean nothing. Maybe the upgrades should be buffed?

    Yeah, I wanted to make teaming punishable but since it isn't in the rest of NANO at least from what I'm aware of, it'd be a bit odd. That was my intention when bringing in the lava floor at the 10x10 border, only 1 person would win so you better not team, but that wouldn't prevent them from doing so in the earlier border. NANO is already a game where large parties join so this could be an issue for sure. I'd say we could make it punishable, but if anyone has better suggestions I'd be more than happy to hear them because I doubt that'll be completely enough.

    I'll change the screenshot today, I just ended up being lazy but it'll take me 3 minutes to fix it.

    For the inventory thing, shears are great and I'll add them ASAP. The fishing rod I really want to try and avoid because it's so intimidating for newer players, but I do agree that ping can affect things too much. My ping isn't very bad but as a person on the west coast, it could certainly be better and I get beat out with people who have better ping than me in NANO glads. My hope with the bow was to give another tool for people who want to avoid a close combat fight, and make it so sword fights aren't the only way to win a game. It'll be something I can think about and will add upon higher demand, but I'll I'm really thinking of was my little sister's frustration in survival games when people used the rod a whole lot. The compass idea I also agree with as it'll stop even more camping.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 12, 2019
  7. (I couldnt find a purple frog emoji)

    I mean, if were thinking of bringing back UHC in any capacity, I would not want it to be Nano Game. The whole point of UHC was that it was longer, relied on survival skills, and was PVP based. I think that is why a lot of people liked UHC to begin with and by grossly limiting the size, the time and have several items already given to you at the beginning, it kind of counters the spirit of what UHC was. Overall, you have put in a lot of effort into this thread, which I appreciate.

    I dont know, as a huge UHC fan, I would personally like to see the game come back as it's own game mode with potentially a smaller map and fewer players to start the game (say 40 or 35).

    This idea is original and does try to bring back something like UHC and adapt it into Mineplex's current game mode environment with NANO. Your idea for this game is good but from my personal view, I do not think a lot of UHC hardcore fans would be happy with this game (especially if it is NANO)
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
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  8. I love the concept that you have, Fuzzy! Although, it is better to fit the Mixed Arcade game instead of the Nano games. I remember that I used to play the actual UHC games before it was removed. I never had a chance to play it again, and it was disappointing from the players that it was removed from the server.

    The original UHC game last like about 2 hours, depending on all of the players who played. I believe that the mini UHC may likely to be different than the original one.

    Overall, I think that your idea looks good, and I agree with it! +1

    Also, Purple Frog!
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
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  9. Hello there!
    Back when UHC was still a gamemode, I played it almost nonstop, it was basically the only game I played on Mineplex. UHC was a gamemode where every heart mattered, and every piece of gear mattered as well, so mining and collecting different resources like normal vanilla Minecraft survival mode was always very important in the game. With your idea of implementing it into NANO, I feel like it might contrast the idea of NANO too much with the idea of UHC. UHC is definitely considered a slower paced, long-lasting game mode, as its meant to be, and instead of achieving your goal of the UHC community being satisfied, I feel like it could potentially have the opposite effect and cause players to become even more upset and want normal UHC back even more. However, I do still like the idea of bringing UHC back into the community, and if we can't have normal UHC back, it could be a good addition to add a game like Mini UHC, just not as a NANO mini-game. It could maybe be a bit of a wider spread map, like 500 by 500, and mining could be allowed, but the border would start moving after like 5 minutes, instead of how it was 10 minutes in the UHC gamemode we used to have on here. You could start out with basic materials like you did in Speed UHC, if you remember that gamemode, and maybe you only get compasses when the border shrinks to the final zone of lets say 32 by 32. The randomly-spawned maps probably wouldn't work that great on a NANO form of UHC, but with this smaller scaled version of it as a regular gamemode, I think randomly generated maps would work perfectly. Lastly, as @Sven stated above, the player count needed per game could be chopped off greatly from the original UHC and instead of 100, the required amount for the game to start could be 25-30, with a max of 50 in the game at a time. Thank you for the suggestion, I hope something related to UHC, no matter what form, is implemented back into the Mineplex community soon, and feel free to message me back for further discussion on the game idea :)
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
  10. I think the parameters are a bit unrealistic (should be a 100x100, shrink to 75x75 in a minute, shrink to 50x50 in another minute, 25x25 in yet another, and 10x10 by minute 4.

    This is more of a UHC meetup game than actual UHC, which is fine as UHC meetup is a legitimately fun gamemode that Mineplex should have. That said, I'm not convinced it should be a Nano game. Perhaps an Arcade game or fall under Combat games.

    As far as cleaning goes, I'd say maybe give 2 absorption hearts and regen 2 for 4 seconds upon killing someone, in other words, basically an automatically eaten gapple.

    Teaming...teaming is actually pretty difficult to prove in a game like UHC because there's some strategy to attacking one person rather than another (one person is stacked but they're low so you want to drop them now, that sort of thing).

    The only other thing I'd want added is buckets and rods. It only makes sense, otherwise you're cutting out some pretty fundamental parts of UHC.
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
  11. As mentioned by a few above, this would be better suited as a Mixed Arcade game. UHC in NANO Games, in my opinion, would take to long, and defeat the purpose of a game being NANO. I never really played UHC, but I know a lot would and Mixed Arcade would be a perfect place for a smaller, simplified UHC. I hope to see some form of this added to Mixed Arcade soon!

    Posted Apr 12, 2019
  12. Personally, +1 But i want regular UHC back
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
  13. Cyy

    how about you just have the vanilla borders that close in 10 blocks every 20 seconds? That would significantly reduce game time.
    Posted Apr 13, 2019

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