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In Discussion Mining, Building, & PvP Wrapped into One Game

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by OnionTearz, Jun 28, 2019.


Does this sound like a fun and original game?

  1. Yes, I would love to see this become a game

  2. Fun sure but not so original

  3. No I don't think I would play this game

  1. I had another idea recently regarding the kits. I thought because of each team having different variations of the same kit that there could be "Team kits". With every combination of kits there would be something extra for that team. I think this along with kit variations would give players a wide range of game play styles to try out and keep it new and exciting. If this game idea becomes a game, I'd be so excited to see what players decide are the best tactics and strategies to use.
    --- Post updated ---
    I will be on my own time thinking of ways to make more balanced kits and give ideas for the team kits (for a future post)
    --- Post updated ---
    So I know I made it sound like it would take some more time but since my last post (The morning of this post) I got bored. So I went brain storming and the kits feel more balanced and interesting. Enjoy :D

    1. The Medic would have three different types.

    A - Surgeon, granted with permanent,8 health 2 and 5 regen splash pots

    B - Doctor, granted with permanent jump boost 1 and 12 regen splash pots

    C - Nurse, granted with permanent speed 1 and 8 health 1 splash pots

    Potions thrown have no affect on the opposing teams

    2. The Archer would have three different types (Archers spawn with bows and 20 arrows)

    A - Sniper, for every three blocks traveled is an extra .3 damage

    B - Gunner, Infinite quiver, shoots three arrows. Does an overall %18 less damage

    C - Backup, spawns with punch 1 bows and is granted permanent jump boost 1. When coming within 40 blocks of an enemy player is granted with nausea for 3 seconds every 8 seconds. (5 second rest)

    3. The Guardian would have two different types

    A - Golem, For every 3 blocks further from base 0.5 permanent health is lost. Starts with 20 hearts and is limited to a minimum of 8 hearts. If possible, no tick damage when losing permanent health(pls Mineplex it’s so annoying)

    B - Ninja, 3 mineplex soups, speed 1 drinking potion. Always spawns with iron swords. After standing still for 5 seconds goes invisible until they travel 8 blocks without stopping, hit or get hit, mine or place a block. Lasts forever until requirement is met (Imagine an afk). Invis to teammates also

    4. The Gatherer would have two types (I didn't have that many ideas for the Gatherer sets. Wouldn't mind suggestions)

    A - Miner, granted permanent haste 1. Always spawns with iron picks

    B - Traveler, granted permanent speed 1

    Team Kits are a unique combination of every kit. Each individual variation of a kit grants a certain trait to add to the team kit. The special addition isn't actively shown to the players however there will be a link to click where you can see all the possible combinations (36) and what each variation adds. Or they can come to this post right now and see what the variations add.

    Surgeon - +0.5 hp to entire team
    Doctor - 10% less damage within 50 blocks of base
    Nurse - 4% less damage from all sources

    Sniper - Spawn with bad Mineplex soup. Restores 1 1/2 hp
    Gunner - Takes 8% less projectile damage
    Backup - Take 5% less knockback

    Golem - For every 9 blocks the Golem is from their base each teammate is granted 1/2 hearts (Golem Does not receive hearts)
    Ninja - Takes 1/3 less fall damage

    Miner - Spawn with Quick Wall. After 2 seconds of placing creates a 2x3 wall
    Traveler - Spawn with golden pressure plate jump pad. Has 3 uses then breaks

    My next post with be involving Achievements...

    --- Post updated ---
    Btw With the new and improved kits I was thinking team upgrades wouldnt be a thing
    --- Post updated ---
    Some data points for the maps are listed below.
    - Average radius of the large ring's inner circle is 120 blocks and the outer circle was average of 140
    - Build height of 40 blocks from the top of the island.
    - Diamond island is about 15 blocks across centered in the middle of the large ring
    - Build limit away from the map is 25 blocks
    - After falling for about 50 blocks from the map void kills the player
    - Build minimum is 15 blocks (Not sure how you'd get there, Repeated deaths?)
    Maps seem large but the ring is a little thin. Took me and Uneon about 15-30 minutes to build a flat ring. Obviously we aren't a build team with amazing map design and creation abilities.
    --- Post updated ---
    Achievement Ideas

    - Your team steals all the diamonds for your beacon from killing other teams carrying diamonds
    Sword Spammer - Kill someone after being shot by them four times with 10 seconds between each arrow
    Conveyor Belt - Create a link of Jump pads and then successfully travel across it
    Respect - Type F after every kill you get (Minimum of 7 kills)
    Behemoth - Kill four players within 2 minutes and take only 4 hearts or less of damage
    Perfect Murder - Throw an enderpearl then kill someone before it hits
    Scrounger - Win and get the entirety of your equipment from the drops of dead players
    Sweat - Reach mid within the first minute of the game (For this one I counted the number of blocks it took for me to speed bridge mid. Calculated how long it would take to mine that and bridge there then added around 15-20 extra seconds)
    Agro - Be hit by every player possible in 5 minutes and make it out alive
    G.O.A.T. - Dodge an arrow, kill a player, take 4 or more diamonds, and dodge a baby zombie to get back to your bridge from mid (Greatest of all time)

    All Achievements - Players with all achievements have a special kill affect to display their worth. If an entire team has every achievement then a message will appear for every team to display what team they are on and the players. If multiple teams have every achievement it will go in order displaying them by team. (Yes they will get targeted, they deserve it.)

    Slight Game Alterations
    -The number of diamonds a player is carrying is displayed above their head
    -Zombies frequently spawn at mid holding knockback 1 sticks.

    -Mid is small 15-20 blocks across.

    -Diamonds are encased in 1 layer of obsidian, break the obby to get the diamonds.

    -Diamonds must be crafted into blocks and taken into the beacon room where it will automatically take out of your inventory and place.

    Recommended 12 chunk render distance

    Few more map ideas,

    1) Acid Waters. Void is water, land is sandy

    2) Nether Lands. Void is lava, scorched burnt looking ground.

    3) Limbo. End void. Bare landscape.

    4) Realm of Hel. Nighttime void. Dark creepy.

    5) Steampunk. Day Void. Map of gears.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 30, 2019

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