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Modify the Party GUI

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Danese, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. Essentially, I feel that the current party GUI could use with some improvements.
    Personally, I feel that the old party GUI was very neatly laid out.

    This is the old Party GUI from- I think- 2018(?):


    - The sign allows the owner to add a user,
    - The book/quill allows for the owner to transfer ownership,
    - The compass allows the leader to select the server to go to,
    - The barrier item disbands the party, and
    - The redstone block allows the user to leave the party.
    - Plus, the glass pane frame gives the GUI a very inviting feel, to be honest.

    This is the current GUI:


    - It doesn't have a glass frame, which isn't entirely necessary (though it was a great QoL feature).
    - The book/quill item allows for the user to invite a player,
    - The sign allows you to toggle the party view (GUI vs in-chat "stuff"),
    - The redstone block allows the user to leave the party, and
    - The compass is, well, the quick compass.

    But it's missing an important button (in my opinion):
    The Transfer Ownership button! 'Tis no longer here!

    Now as a player who has been on Mineplex for, well, since I was a freshman in Highschool (I'm starting my Junior year in University, for reference), let me say it took me forever to figure out the exact command to transfer ownership to another user...
    The command is, of course, /z owner [IGN]

    With this in mind, I think it would be exceptionally nice to have that option just be a button in the party GUI, along with a couple more QoL features.

    So here are
    My Ideas for the Party GUI

    First, the Disband Party button:


    - Fairly self explanatory: shift-right click to disband the Party.

    Next is the Transfer Ownership button:


    - Allows you to transfer the party's ownership to someone else in the party.
    - And to make sure nobody accidentally fat-fingers the button, there would be a confirmation button:


    - The Red Glass Block becomes a Yellow Glass Block, with the name/lore shown above
    - Click it again to select the new party owner, right-click to cancel (the "right click to cancel"is shown below)
    - When you're in this mode, the item will turn into a green glass block:


    - From here, you would only need to click on the head of the user that you want to transfer party ownership to.
    - Or, if you change your mind, right-click the green glass block to cancel

    In my opinion, even though /z owner [IGN] is much more straightforward, implementing this type of system into the GUI makes the party system more user-friendly. And, personally, I prefer a GUI over a command any day...

    But of course, if a given user doesn't want to use the GUI and would prefer to use command, they can toggle the GUI off by clicking the sign. And, to add on to that, I don't think the command "/z owner [IGN]" should be removed. There are many users who prefer to use commands anyhow.

    This concept is solely a QoL idea and is meant to allow for a more straightforward system for newer players who don't know what the party commands are.

    And, as a final note, I do believe that the old glass-pane layout looked much nicer. For reference, I made the outlined view here:


    - All of these images are shown above, except I added the light-blue glass panes to the borders of the GUI
    - Note: the arrow is the next-page button. There would be an arrow in the opposite corner if this were on a page past page 1, as shown here:


    - Note: The layout I remade can hold 21 users plus the party owner within one page (a total of 22 party members). I don’t recall what the maximum party size is. I think it’s about 20(?). Anywho, I added the arrows as another kind of “proof of concept” in case party sizes were to be increased for some reason…

    Again, entirely a QoL update. The idea has been on my mind for a bit now, so I thought I would post it here.

    Posted Jun 9, 2021,
    Last edited Jun 9, 2021
  2. don't know now we'll this would work, as I dont play Java, but you seem to have put a lot of thought i to it, and it seems pretty well laid out. I think its a good idea!
    Posted Jun 9, 2021
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  3. Hello
    Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing some changes to the party GUI. I read through your ideas and I do like them. I also agree with you on the glass pane border. Not really necessary but it does look a lot nicer. :)
    Posted Jun 10, 2021
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  4. I think that the majority of people are used to the commands such as /z owner [ign] that you provided, and I argee that this is more straightforward and probably faster, however, that does not mean that the party GUI couldn't use some sort of a rework.
    I think that the rework for the GUI that you provided looks clean and helps the new players who might not be aware of the commands understand the GUI better and not make a mistake whilst using it.
    If anything, this rework would be great to implement and would, in my opinion, provide a more new-user-friendly party system that could encourage players to keep playing on Mineplex and improve the player-base a little bit.
    I also think that the giant colored letters are a great addition and make the system pretty simple and self-explanatory for everyone to use.
    In conclusion, I am not sure how high this updated would be on the priority list, however, I consider it to be a great QoL addition that would improve the users' experience on the network.
    Posted Jun 11, 2021
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  5. First and foremost, this is a well written thread, so props to you on that!

    I definitely agree with this idea. I did not see the old GUI, but it looks to be slightly different yet immensely more useful, as there have been countless times I've been asked the same questions surrounding parties, whether it be how to party, how to transfer ownership, or how to disband. Rebranding the menu as you've proposed would make this immensely user-friendly, and would definitely ease the confusion many people face while making parties.

    Great suggestion, hope to see it implemented!
    Posted Jun 11, 2021
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  6. Hi @Danese! Before jumping into my thoughts about your idea suggestions, I would like to agree with Sick above me and point out that this thread is very well-written and very organized, so well done! Not only is the the thread well composed, but I personally feel that many of the idea suggestions you bring up in regards to the party GUI are QoL. With that being said, I absolutely agree with your idea suggestions. As mentioned above by Sick in his post, a lot of players generally have questions about partying players, whether that be “How do I party my friend,” “How do I transfer party ownership?,” or “How do I leave the party,” and the list goes on. If we had a more precise GUI, I believe that not only would the party system be more user-friendly, but it would overall make it easier for players to use. I’ll go ahead and share my thoughts on each change that you proposed.
    I actually really like this, and the barrier block makes a lot of sense aesthetically. As you mention later in your thread with another GUI feature, I think although it wouldn’t be completely necessary, I would like to see a confirmation with this feature as well. So when you shift+right click, you would either have to click a emerald block to agree to disbanding the party, or you could click on a red stone block to cancel the disbanding action.
    To me, this also makes a lot of sense. I completely understand that although there is already a command that allows ownership to be transferred, I know some players prefer doing it strictly through a GUI. With that being said, I don’t see why this feature shouldn’t be added. It may even be way easier for players to transfer ownership this way. I like the idea behind this feature!

    To touch on the last suggestion you made... I really never saw the old GUI myself, but I really do like the GUI aesthetic with the outlined glass a lot. To me, it seems more appealing and a lot more organized as well. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this added to the GUI for aesthetic purposes, and maybe we could also add customizable party GUI’s with changeable glass colors that would be obtainable via treasure chests. For example, say I opened a mythical chest, my idea suggestion is any other color glass panes for the party GUI would be obtainable. I’m not sure if that’s something everyone else would like to see, but I think it’d be a nice QoL for customization/personalization when it comes to the party GUI.

    With all things considered, I think that you make some very valid and great idea suggestion in regards to improving the current party GUI. I would really like to see these changes implemented! Again, thank you for taking the time to make this thread and share these idea suggestions. I’m interested in what others may have to say about this idea suggestion!
    Posted Jun 13, 2021
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