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More (Specific) Constraints for Maps

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by Ghoast, Apr 26, 2021.


List Morphable Blocks for Maps?

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  1. Hello forums folk, it's been a minute has it not?

    Anyways, would it be reasonable or fair to ask for there to be specific ratios and numbers to follow when making maps to add to the growing quantity of BH maps? There is Atlantis which was greater in size/content at first with multiple tunnels connecting to a completely different region of the map that was removed. On top of that, the first version of the Market which was far smaller. There of course can be exceptions in those numbers as long as for example:
    • In larger maps, travel distance remains under 25-30 seconds or whatever the community deems balanced without taking more than half a minute to get to the other side of the map from one end.
    • In smaller maps, travel distance remains above 10 seconds to get from one end to the other or... You get it.
    Along with those numbers, could the base blocks/animals be no longer a standard; replacing that restriction with a base number of entities/blocks that are required for a map, correctly following procedure as if adding map specific blocks/entities? On the topic of that, morphable/infestable blocks/entities should be neatly listed to hiders with a in-game command to list them just as /map shows the information about the Map. Also, the map information should be displayed via a boss bar since not all new players or even experienced players know about the /map command.

    Specificity to ratios: This refers to numbers calculated in this case by data such as travel distance from hunter spawn to hider, corner1 to all other corners, etc.
    Posted Apr 26, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 26, 2021
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  2. I think it would be a bit unfair, but still reasonable
    Posted Apr 28, 2021

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