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Processed More Versatile /ignore

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Bobert2013, Jun 25, 2020.

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  1. Hey all,

    I want to propose a few more additions to the command "/ignore". Although I see the concept of filtering someone's messages in chat completely as a fairly petty thing to do, it is undeniable that this command brings some genuine value to the table.

    However, I feel as though this command could have even more functionality. For now, it focuses on fixing the problem of being spammed by people or people doing annoying things in chat that you don't want to be apart of.

    Personally, I also get spammed with friend requests as well as community invites by the same people over and over again, and I feel as though making /ignore make it so that the person can't friend you or invite you to communities makes sense in addition to a message filter. It shouldn't be super difficult to implement and would eliminate a few other sources of annoyances.

    Please let me know your thoughts!
    ~ Bobert / Erik
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
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  2. Hello!
    This is a pretty interesting concept but I do agree on this. It is pretty annoying when this sort of thing happens so I would propose something such as a /block command instead of the /ignore command the only difference would be /block completely rids the player of any trace on your end.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
  3. Hi

    When I /ignore people, it's because they really irritate me and I'd rather not speak with them on the network. It makes a lot of sense for /ignore to be server-wide and to apply to all areas in which you could see any trace of that person. I would agree with filtering the party invites out but not the community invites.

    There are two rather broad categories of communities - the public ones and the friend-group smaller ones. Filtering out community invites to communities as big as 1000+ wouldn't work out, considering you'll have a lot of conversations with a lot of different people in those communities, which doesn't require you to speak directly with the co-leader+ who invited you. There's always the argument that I wouldn't want to join a communities co-owned by someone I've /ignored, but I find that I rarely interact with leaders and co-leaders as much as I would other people. I wouldn't want /ignore to filter out community invites from people I've ignored because my experience in a community may not include a lot of conversations with those people.

    As for party invites, I agree. I definitely will not want to hop onto Mineplex and play some games with a person who I dislike, so I certainly wouldn't want to party with them either. Though you may end up in a party not led by that person, but with that person in it, filtering out party invites would help prevent some instances.

    /ignore could improve in many different aspects, and this would definitely do that for it. If this is implemented and the bug (you can still see /ignore list peoples' community and maybe party chat) is fixed, the command would all-around do its job better. I agree with party invites being blocked but not community invites and I like the overall concept of /ignore completely ignoring people.

    As much as I see where you're coming from, if you don't want to have a conversation with someone, I don't see why you'd want to party with them either. It doesn't seem necessary to me.

    And just so you know, spam party inviting someone is punishable.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
  4. I do believe /ignore should cover the listed above, along with party invites. I'm not sure why it doesn't already cover all of this, but I would love to see it happen. I could only imagine how annoying this may be and how much it could affect a player, along with their gameplay. I rely on chat a lot for cakewars mainly to know when something is getting captured. I couldn't imagine having my chat flooded all the time with unnecessary messages like that.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
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  5. Yo!

    I agree with this. Ignoring someone should be basically like blocking someone on a social media page (like Instagram). The person you have blocked shouldn't be able to message, friend, party, really not have any way of communicating to you through the server! That's why you ignore them right? Instead of having a whole new command for this, just change the /ignore command to consist of communication blocking. I'm sure a lot of people get spammed by invites or friend request by the person they ignored if they find out they got ignored. Anyways, I like the idea and would like to see it implemented. Thanks for the suggestion!
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
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  6. I definitely agree with this. I'm honestly not sure why /ignore doesn't already prevent players from continuing those actions. If you /ignore someone, chances are you don't want any form of communication with them, so it's quite confusing that they're still able to send you invites etc. It should be relatively easy to alter the command so that it does block those sorts of things, although I'm no developer so I can't say for sure. Good idea overall though, hopefully sometime in the future the command can be reworked!
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
  7. Yo!!

    I'm pretty sure this has been brought up in the past but I 100% agree with this idea. Players who ignore someone should not be able to receive any notification from them regardless. Whether it's a message in your lobby, community invites, party invites, and much more. This will allow players to have control over their preference on ignoring a player. Additionally, it'll give that quality of life kind of feel to it making players happier that those spammy messages don't appear anymore. I would love to see this be added in the near future.
    Posted Jun 25, 2020
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  8. It seems a lot of replies agree that indeed this should be a thing, and I do as well. It makes sense, doesn't it?

    I also want to touch on the part where you mentioned that /ignore isn't as feature-rich as it could be. I've always viewed the ignore list as something that needs to be on the same level as the /friends list: a fully decked out chest GUI with more features overall (like the one you suggested). The current system doesn't feel as easy to manage and can be forgotten often.

    Generally internet communities such as Mineplex experience some form of negative behavior so I think the ignore list should be advertised heavier and given more love overall on the server to deal with these situations. Perhaps using /report on a player due to breaking chat rules could bring up a prompt to block the player as well (similar to Instagram's system)? That could be an interesting start to a more customizable and detailed ignore/block system.

    Tangent aside, I agree with you!
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
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  9. Hello!

    Ignoring feature is something that may be cool to update because actually it never got any updates since the original implementation in 2014. Ability to block to not show friends requests and party invites by people whom you are ignoring in your chat is sounds good to be added for me. It can be added for community invites as well but it's probably it's not so needed in my opinion.

    I will obviously agree with you that we should get some UI for your ignore list like with friends menu since it's so inconvenient to look on that in the chat if you are having a lot of ignored players. It's actually something which I was about to suggest myself.

    I don't think it's really needed. You always can use a command if you want to ignore a player whom you /report'ed.

    Overall, I think it's good a good ability and I'd like to see it be implemented in the future updates, so I will give +1 to that idea. Thanks for suggesting!
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
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  10. The only argument against this that I can see is that there are ways to toggle your alerts of new friend requests and community invites (and also party invites since it was mentioned in a reply above). Since you already have ways to toggle these off, is there a big reason to add it to the /ignore feature?

    I'd be okay with this suggestion being implemented, but I don't necessarily think it's a game changing addition. I guess the biggest upside to it would be that it would block those alerts from people you knew you didn't want to interact with but also allow you to interact with players that you do want to. Essentially, you wouldn't have to toggle on your alerts if you were in a position where you wanted to party someone while someone else was attempting to spam you with invites, though you had used /ignore already. It would be beneficial in those specific circumstances, but you could just toggle off those invites other times.
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
  11. I must admit, I don't often add people to my ignored list. I can't even recall the last time that I did. However, since /ignore is the closest thing we have to a block feature, I do feel that it should work deeper than just hiding messages so that all interactions are ignored.

    I like this idea and while it isn't an absolute necessity, I feel that it would be a great addition to the network in the next QoL update.
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
  12. Definite +1 from me. Though I don't have anyone ignored, I can totally see why this would be frustrating, to continue to get harassed by someone you've /ignore'd with friend requests and party/com invites. Like ItsFree said, ignoring someone should be like blocking someone on a social media page. I definitely think that this implementation would allow for players who have others ignored to be more sufficiently protected from players who they have had a negative experience with.
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
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  13. Hi! I've really only used the /ignore command for ignoring people I'm on bad terms with or if I've hit my limit for how much they're chatting (which is very few people), but I definitely agree that the command itself needs a minor update that expands how effective it is at ignoring and blocking people. Throughout the years I've been on Mineplex, I don't recall seeing a single update for /ignore. It should definitely block party invites and friend requests too since I feel like that's part of the point of /ignore, you want to make zero contact with that person (especially if you despise a certain person). As for community invites, I have mixed opinions since there's a lot of communities that have a large numbers of players and a good number of smaller ones too. Maybe it can be a preference since there's a chance you might not even interact with a certain person in that community if they are the owner or a co-owner. I also like what Worpp suggested with a GUI similar to that of /friend since i feel like it's more convenient to have it as a GUI option than in chat if you have a long list of people you've ignored. Overall, I like this suggestion and I think it would be nice to see it in the future. Have a wonderful day!
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
  14. This has been brought up in the past, and I 100% agree with it. Irritating chat messages aren't the only thing that players can do to annoy others; it could come in the form of party/community join requests, and I feel /ignore should accommodate those features. As said above, I've literally never experienced an update for /ignore, so I think this would be a great start. I've seen an increase in players complaining about spammed party/community requests, so updating /ignore to stop those requests seems like a good idea to me.

    +1, really good idea!
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
  15. Hey!

    I believe this is one of the more popular suggestions I have seen recently and there has most definitely been a wealth of discussion around the topic. Personally, I see no reason to have any objections whatsoever around the topic. If a player has become annoying/irritating enough to deserve a /ignore from another player, the other player should have the right to fully ignore the offensive player. I think that this has always been the intention of /ignore, however, as you mentioned in the post some people do unfortunately get creative with their means of annoying other players. The things blocked by an ignored player should include but are not limited to all chat messages, party messages, personal direct messages, party invites, friend requests, community requests, broadcasted messages in an MPS, team requests in team games, and messages in all shared communities. This is merely my opinion, of course, but players who require the use of /ignore should not be allowed any other outlet to continue messing with a fellow community member. I am also not saying that list is complete and any other actions that you guys see fit to be hidden should be included in this post.

    Overall, I cannot agree more with this thread and I think you speak for everyone in this post. Hopefully, we can see a future implementation of this idea! Thanks for posting! +1
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
  16. Hello Erik! :)

    I really like what you thought about what /ignore should provide and more, especially with the prevention of party and community invites from the players that you ignored. Another thing that I would like to add to this suggestion would be an automatic message that would read as "The player you tried to message no longer accepts messages from you!" so the player doesn't have to ask other players to message you to find out that you ignored them. This would also happen if the player tried to mention you in chat and their message won't be sent to the rest of the public chat, essentially like an additional chat filter.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas on updating /ignore, I think it should also be updated since it has been years since a lot of our current commands have received any attention!
    Posted Jun 26, 2020
  17. Hello!

    As for my opinion regarding that idea, I have already expressed that above in that thread, and I'm still agreed with that, so I'd like to see that be implemented in the future.

    Anyway, I'm here to say that luckily that idea which is suggested here is already planned to do for the future update, and it was already included to Social Update proposals from CCO team which can be found on that thread. As for now due to that, I will mark that idea thread as Processed. Thanks for submitting that idea!

    ~ Idea Processed
    Posted May 3, 2021
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