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My 2020 Halloween Skin

Discussion in 'Arts & Banner Showcase' started by DeluxFTW, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Hello! I started making my Halloween skin this week and I thought I'd share it!

    Posted Sep 26, 2020
  2. Hi!

    Your Halloween skin is very cute! I think you did a really good job at giving the skin detail and making it spooky. Overall, this was a really cool skin showcase, and you seem to be very talented at making skins. C:
    Posted Sep 26, 2020
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  3. Hey Delux!

    That's actually crazy good! It looks super great. As @Amg_ (Amgeh) said above me, I can also tell you put in a lot of detail into this, and it most definitely paid off. It's perfect for Halloween! I've never actually seen someone make a skin from scratch, and I'm glad I did! I can obviously tell that you're very talented when it comes to art, and making skins. If I see you in a lobby, I'll be sure to find you and check out the skin if you're using it right now. Thanks for sharing!
    Posted Sep 26, 2020
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  4. Wow!! It came out amazing! The effort and time you put into making the skin definitely shows. The amount of detail you're able to put into such small spaces blows my mind! Awesome job, thank you for sharing!
    Posted Sep 26, 2020
  5. Hey!

    I absolutely loveee how this turned out. I saw you post it on the Mineplex Discord and was super excited to come across the speed paint video on the forums. You never fail to amaze me with the attention to detail, and realism. You're colors always blend so perfectly together. Amazing job as always <3
    Posted Sep 26, 2020
  6. Hey!

    This looks amazing! Definitely gonna fit with the theme of halloween and I'm glad you were able to share it with us. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this one and it definitely paid off cause now you got a good looking skin for halloween. The fact you had nothing to work with at the start makes it wayyyy better cause we can see it's an original skin made by yourself. The pallet used also fits with the season and I'm glad you didn't stick to just black and orange like the majority. Amazing work!
    Posted Sep 26, 2020
  7. Wow!

    First of all, the detail of this skin is so incredible. I love how you blended out each colour of the skin by adding lots of similar colours. The outcome was phenomenal! Great job
    Posted Sep 26, 2020
  8. omg your halloween skin is sooo cute!! the details are absolutely on point <3_<3
    Posted Sep 26, 2020
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  9. Aww, Delux! I love your creation of the Halloween skin you have! All that I'm going to say is that it looks absolutely fantastic all the time. I cannot wait to see your new skin soon, and October is coming up soon.

    Fantastic work you have!
    Posted Sep 26, 2020
  10. Fantastic work on your skins they are very detailed and plesent to look at. Keep up the good work!
    Posted Sep 26, 2020
  11. This skin looks amazing, you have done a fantastic job making this! I have never been someone who is great at making skins, so I usually look for ones online or let my friends make me a skin, but it's so good to see you have a lot of skill in this area. Keep up the high-quality work, and I'm sure you're very excited to start rocking this skin in-game once Halloween comes around!!
    Posted Sep 26, 2020
  12. This is a really nice skin you've put together, it looks really detailed and pretty cool if I say so myself. Good work on it! :D
    Posted Sep 27, 2020
  13. I've always been wondering how people can create such good-looking, detailed, and realistic skins since I've never been good at skin making myself.
    I can tell that it takes a fairly long amount of time and a lot of work to create one, so you should really be proud of yourself for being able to do such a great job.
    Thank you for sharing this video with us, as it really motivates me to try and make a skin myself, instead of just downloading one.
    Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to see more from you, make sure to upload more videos and share them in case you ever feel like making a new skin, I would very much appreciate it :)!
    Posted Sep 27, 2020
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  14. Heya!

    This is super awesome! I am definitely not that great at making skins. I made a Halloween skin for my friend the other day, but personally I'm not that good at them. These are super awesome and high-quality. I would love to see more soon. Thank you for sharing! <3​
    Posted Oct 3, 2020
  15. Helloooo

    Wow, I'm very impressed! I'm awful at making skins, but I still alter my normal snorlax skin for every holiday just to change things up a bit and be festive. It's usually monochromatic and basic editing that I do, but the amount of detail you put into making this skin is very satisfying to watch. I love how the skin turned out and I think you're very talented at what you do! Keep up the great work!
    Posted Oct 3, 2020

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