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My First Introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Geotarium, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Salutations!

    My name is Geotarium, and despite being connected to Mineplex since BetterMC,
    I have never, ever, written an introduction or actively engaged in the forums.

    First, I've been playing Minecraft since it's very first initial releases, and have always played the game avidly.
    Though, I lost my old account a while back, due to loss of the email + password I originally used- and a lack of Mojang's ability to help me with solving it.

    I am also currently a Sophomore, in a special medical High School.
    As a random fact, my name is a portmanteau of Geographic + Planetarium.

    I love working with computers, and I have been programming for almost six years now,
    first starting with basic calculators and simple machines, now working with embedded systems and moderate-sized games.
    Important or 'favourite' subjects/topics of mine include; philosophy, mathematics, human geography, and abstract thought/concepts.

    My favourite game on Mineplex is, and always will be, Champions (Dominate specifically), and I have been playing it for a very long time.
    Though, I'm starting to play games more on the Bedrock server, as it's more convenient when I am mobile.

    That should conclude this introduction; remember that I'm always very open to conversation, and I love communicating with people- and I try and be highly-approachable,
    so if you ever want to talk or play a game sometime, I'm available!

    Posted Oct 7, 2018
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  2. Hey there, welcome to the forums!
    Hearing about your progress with going from basic machines all the way up to where you are now is awesome. Champions is a great game and although I don't play it much, I love the kits and figuring out all of the different abilities they have to offer.
    Although I don't play Bedrock, I hope to see you around in game and on the forums!​
    Posted Oct 7, 2018

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