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My Mineplex clans Ideas: This is going to a long one

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Invader Plays, May 11, 2019.


Which idea do you like the best!

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  8. I liked them all!

  1. As I said this may take a while, but I will number them. Here are my ideas for improvements of mineplex clans, for the next season.

    #1: The ability to mix kits, only two though. I know this one sounds crazy, but here me out. The top two sets of armor would be the more dominant ones. Like helmet and chest for the dominant kit ability, and the others for secondary abilities. Here are some examples:
    D = dominant S= secondary.
    With D mage, and S assassin, you could Launch ice prisms, and use fire swords like a mage, but able to recall like an assassin.
    Or with those kits reversed, You could teleport forward, and use immolate.

    #2: The ability to know exactly how long you have left with the pvp timer. You could tell by /pvptimer. Since this was a small idea, I also suggest to add lava back into the game.

    #3: A new legend! The mega bow. With this bow you are able to fire 10 shots at once, This would be the only legend you would need an extra item to operate. Like arrows.
    Depending on how long you charged it, it would be a 1 shot kill. I am thinking it can look purple with 2 spikes with holes in them, on each side of the cube, then two holes in the middle.

    #4: The ability to refuse the texture pack. The only reason I said this one is because I think it is making me, and a lot of others lag. Maybe just a really low resolution texture pack if it is necessary.

    #5: I think we can all agree that clans gets very boring, especially when there is a clan of 10 camping you all the time, and you are solo. So I suggest an idea that the lower amount of players you have in your clan, the more buffs you have. For example. A clan with 3 players wouldn't get any buffs. A clan with 2 would get, damage resistance one, A solo clan would get an extra set of hearts. If this seems to over powered then, make it so that it is only in a area of 10 claims around your base.

    #6: I think we can all agree that clans gets very boring, so here is a few new event ideas. The wither event, this event happens every week, and has a countdown of four hours until it happens, and is announced all across mineplex when it does, It will also happen on all clans servers at the same time. This event releases 5 withers in the fields, with the ability to destroy blocks, I mean, claims, shops, anything! These withers destroy everything, and the players of all clans have to work together to defeat them. The ones who get at least 10 hits in get a rune, a bad one. However the one who lands the final blow to a wither, Gets their name, and clan name displayed as they slain the wither. This teleports a scythe in a chest exactly 2 blocks outside their base, where they have to /kill instantly to get to it.
    Here is the 2nd event idea.

    #7: The invasion event! In this event, two servers compete against each other, each of the two servers gets, a Mansion of Invaders to represent them, and for them to be their base temporarily. For example Invaders from clans-3 share a mansion in clans-4. This mansion will replace the fields during this event. And the size of the mansion will vary in size.
    Each clan that is in a mansion gets a 5x5 room, complete with chests, and a crafting table to be sent to their original clan base form their home server. During the Invasion event, all Invaders have a gray name tag, and can not hurt each other. Each mansion has a portal to the home server to get back to the "safety" of the home server. To Invade other servers, you just have to go to the shops. This event should last 30 minutes, to an hour, and be very rare. Warpoints will be disabled during this event, so You can invade casual servers! This one was my favourite idea.

    That is about all I can think of right now tell me if you liked them. Total time to write this about 30 minutes or so.
    Posted May 11, 2019
  2. heyo. I'll just put my feedback here on each one below [this also includes some feedback from other members in the GI Discord].

    #1: wack. I understand the idea that you're trying to portray, but this would be extremely difficult to balance and the exact opposite of what is wanted in Clans. We already had a glitch like this (flashing knights kek) and I don't think it's practical for enjoyable gameplay.

    #2: I like this one :) This has been suggested many times and is probably already on the Trello, but I see this as a great potential QOL change! One person suggested to place it on your boss HP bar instead of a command. I doubt lava will be readded, as it was turned to water for what is likely an important reason (idk specifics).

    #3: basically barrage but it oneshots players. hm. Personally, I don't think another ranged legendary is necessary; keep brainstorming more ideas.

    #4: /rpoff is a thing, the texture pack is also needed for textures like cannons and warpoints.

    #5: not practical imo
    #6: ^ this would be extremely laggy, the only way I see this happening is for EOTW (fun).
    #7: Technical reasons make this extremely difficult if not impossible to implement.

    Let me know what you think about this feedback and always keep thinking of more ideas c:
    Posted May 11, 2019
  3. Thanks for the /rpoff. I did not know it was a thing. For #3 how about a melee legend where once you hit them, it teleports the enemy about 10 blocks into the air to inflict some fall damage. Or when you are too low it auto teleports to a random area 100 blocks away.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 11, 2019

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