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My "Swaggy" Art Showcase

Discussion in 'Arts & Banner Showcase' started by Achiived, Sep 3, 2019.


Would you like to see more of my art?

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  2. No!

  3. I'm indifferent.

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  1. Please excuse the lame name - I couldn't think of anything else for this thread.

    So first off, hello! My name is Emma and I've been doing art for as long as I can remember. Digitally, though, only for a couple, maybe 3 years now?
    Secondly, when looking at my art, you might see a lot of "unicorn girl". She's my OC Chii (Chee). You will also see a lot of inconsistency in my art since I'm always experimenting when life lets me draw. However, coloring could be somewhat consistent.
    I'm such a scatter brain haha, my apologies!

    My most recent art is really simple since they are from random bursts of creativity and flash art giveaways (which will resume next Sunday (9/3)! However, since I haven't done a fully flushed out piece for a while I included some older art.

    Hope enjoy looking at my spew of lines and colors! Also sorry in advance for so many files and big pieces (i tend to work on large canvases but when it can be helped and the composition is on my side, I can crop out most empty space).

    I know most of you guys are very nice - but just to slide in here, please do not edit my work, crop out/edit out my signatures, or use without permission. All of these pieces are not up for free use btw and were either done personally, commissioned, or won from GAs.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Posted Sep 3, 2019
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  2. Hey again!!

    I’ve seen your work in the past, and you know how much I love it! The details, the colours, the outlines, everything about them make them really unique and amazing! I definitely think you should keep working hard and focusing on art, because who knows where a talented person like you could end up. Anyway, I love your style and everything about your drawings, I don’t really have any feedback as in my eyes they’re near perfect. Keep it up, and please do update this post or make a new one when you’ve drawn more, I’d love to see other work of yours eventually. :)
    Posted Sep 3, 2019
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  3. Hello!

    If anyone knows me they know I'm an art-appreciator (Yes, I came up with a name for it). I love to find work that looks cool and original. Undoubtedly, your artwork is absolutely fantastic! I love your art-style and the color schemes that you use. Keep doing what you do and you'll surely make it big in no time.

    ~Your new fan c:
    Posted Sep 3, 2019
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  4. Since you keep your art caged in a spoiler, an unsatisfied piece jumped out of it and has settled on my profile picture.

    In other words, it's certainly nice to see an artist with a great feel of perspective, incorporated into brilliant headshots/halfbodies. I hope the art giveaways you're hosting are helping you to get back in shape and hopefully do another larger drawing in the near future. The forums are already grateful for your giveaways so all eyes are on you. :p
    Posted Sep 4, 2019
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  5. Wow─ just wow. I’ve seen some of your art on Enjin awhile back when Mineplex used that system but your art is like something that is just so satisfying to the eye. You have such a great feel for perspective that is just doesn’t make any sense at all how someone can actually be so talented. I really hope you host more giveaways as the next person will win is in for a special surprise ;)

    Cheers! ☕️
    Posted Sep 4, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 4, 2019
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  6. Wow, these are literally the most beautiful pieces of art I've ever seen on this website! I hope that you're planning to host more giveaways in the future. If I'll ever need a profile picture I'll contact you. Keep up with your great work ;)

    Posted Sep 4, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 4, 2019
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  7. I love all of your artworks you have! It looks so adorable, ahh! The cat ears of these characters so cute and adorable together. The color texture is excellent and very detailed. Is there a way if I can request the art from you? My profile picture is too old, and I'd want to update mine in general.

    Other than that, keep up the great work you have! :D
    Posted Sep 5, 2019
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  8. [​IMG]
    This one looks brilliant! I love the detail in the hair
    Posted Sep 5, 2019
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