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[Nano Game Suggestion] Hoppy Road

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by infomaniac, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. I had worked on this post for some time, but it was deleted due to a server error when posting. Now, I have re-written it, and have made several edits and additions. Here it is...

    Here's another nano game suggestion...
    it's called Hoppy Road...

    The game is similar to Crossy Road or Frogger. You play as a rabbit who tries to jump and run the farthest within the game's time limit. Each time you go forward one block you gain a point. You won't get points for moving sideways, and you can't move backwards. As you jump and run forwards, you progress through different areas. Each area has its own unique set of obstacles and/or advantages. The areas progress and become harder to proceed through the further you go. If you touch an obstacle, are hurt by one, or don't move for longer than 10 seconds, then you die. At the end of the time limit, the players with the most points win.

    Throughout the areas there are regular and golden carrots scattered around. The regular carrots could be dispersed similarly to the coins in crossy road, and the golden carrots could be dispersed in hidden locations, or just in much rarer quantities. If a player collects a regular carrot, they gain a brief speed II boost. If a player collects a golden carrot, they gain a brief speed III boost (this could be a slightly longer speed II boost if a speed III boost to powerful).

    Areas would be arranged based on their level of difficulty. If some areas are of similar difficulty level to one another, they could be re-arranged to add interest and variety to the otherwise predictable sequential order of playing through the game, while still keeping a feeling of progression of challenge throughout. Toward the peak of difficulty, the most challenging areas could then cycle between each other. Because of the interchangeable nature of the areas, they would be the same length so that they could be swapped and still fit accordingly together. In-between each area could be a road, so that areas would not have to have set linkage points to connect to each other, the road could then serve as such.

    Some ideas for areas I have come up with are:

    A desert with geysers that can spout up and kill the player if they are too close, and moving cactuses that slowly creep horizontally across the area, then can quickly dart across when a player is near. Hitting a cactus could cause death to the player as well.


    An snowy shore where the player is forced to cross the seas solely by icy bridges comprised of ice blocks that fall into the water after they have been stepped on. Chilling snow (snowballs) could rain down in small bursts in limited areas, freezing and killing the player. Frigid waves could come from the ocean below and wipe across the icy bridges, causing the players to be pushed into the frostbitten waters.


    Okay, this picture doesn't really help to show this at all, but its where I got the idea from.

    An ocean village made up of huts on stilts connected by wooden bridges. Inside the huts, there would be friendly villagers that would drop a regular carrot when a bunny visits them. They would be pleased to have such a visitor, and giving them a carrot would be a sign of peace and gratitude.


    This image is a little different though. The huts would be in the bridges' path. You wouldn't have to go out of your way to get carrots from the villagers.

    Hills of farmland with tunnels that players have to go through. At the end of the tunnels, bales of hay roll off the hills and can hit players kind of like boulders. Once they hit the ground, they turn into wheat, then disappear.


    A forest with a building that looks like an upside down carrot, but isn't. Just to be clear, it is not just a cheesy wool recreation of a carrot upside down, it's made out of bricks and clay or something. This area would be the starting area, and all the players would begin inside the building, until a beginning countdown ends and they are released. Being the first area, it wouldn't have obstacles, except maybe water in a river that the players have to jump on logs to pass. The reason behind a lack of obstacles is so that the players could figure out the controls and mechanics of the game early on.


    A sweltering desert canyon valley. In the areas where the sun shines through the roof of the valley, the sand on the ground is very hot, and if a player steps on it, they could catch on fire. Throughout the valley there would be small cave entrances, like the one toward the left of the image. If a player goes through one, the could be spit out from a cave exit that is farther behind from where they were, or, though it is less likely, they could be spit out from a cave exit that is farther ahead from where they were when they entered.


    Chocolate hill jungle, except its the golden carrot hill jungle. In this area, the main path would be around these big golden yellow grassy hills. Obstacles such as tripwire dispenser traps, and poisonous mushrooms could make this area seem dangerous. But hidden among the lush foliage small paths lead atop some of the hills. When a player reaches the top of a golden hill, they'll find a golden carrot waiting for them there. They can then use the boost from the golden carrot to jump off the front of the hill on to the jungle's main path to get a little bit ahead of other players.


    An eerie black sand beach with towering rocky cliffs. When players run across the sand at first they wouldn't notice the danger. After a few seconds in the area, a killer bunny would quickly hop down the cliffs and begin targeting players and running with them. When a killer bunny targets and kills a player, that other player is killed and replaced by another killer bunny (the killed player does not control the killer bunny). That killer bunny would then target other players. As the players get closer to the end of the area, the killer bunnies would slow down so that the other players could get ahead. There would have to be some serious limits in place so that the killer bunnies wouldn't kill every player really quick. I was thinking that killer bunnies could only target the nearest player to them and could have a cool down period after attacks to limit the frequency and scope of their kills. The water would also kill the players, and the tides from the ocean could come in and out close to the shoreline.


    A Watery glacier tunnel. As players go through the tunnel, a flood begins to flow through the tunnel behind them. The further the tunnel goes, the larger and longer the flood reaches. Icy stalagmites would be in the way of the players, and they would have to navigate around them fast. If they get stuck behind one, the flood would consume and kill them. At the end of the tunnel, the players would come out of it through a small mountain, and the flood would rise and stay at ground level within it.


    Thanks for reading this, let me know what you think in the reply section.
    Posted Sep 25, 2018
    joshbet9 likes this.
  2. How many suggestions have you added? lol, I hope at least one of your ideas gets added.
    Posted Sep 25, 2018
  3. This idea has potential, too big for a NANO game imo.
    Posted Sep 25, 2018

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