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In Discussion Nano Games - Creeper Frenzy

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by LilReaper, Nov 11, 2018.


Would you like Creeper Frenzy to be added?

  1. Yes, I would love it!

  2. Yes, if you made some changes.

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  3. Maybe, not rly sure.

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  4. No, but if you made some changes maybe.

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  5. No, doesn't sound good.

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  1. I think I've never heard of/seen a game like this, I hope it's original and no one ever suggested something like this.

    Idea: All players would turn into a Creeper. The players would have 2 hearts as health. Of course PVP wouldn't be enabled. The game would last multiple rounds, each round would have 20 secs to spread out. These would continue until there was a last man standing.
    All creepers (players) would explode, but you can't die by your own explosion. The idea is that you're gonna have to avoid all the other players to not die, or to keep track of your health, zones, vertical damage & damage overlap. A strategic game, for example you could bait someone and in the last moment get up 1 or 2 blocks so you survive.
    There would be 5 zones.

    Red = Death Zone - instant death damage = 2 hearts (3 blocks every side)
    Purple = War Zone - near death damage = 1.5 hearts
    Pink = Danger Zone - half health damage = 1 heart
    Gray = Neutral Zone = 0.5 hearts damage
    White = Safe Zone = 0 damage


    The damages would overlap, if say a person was in between two players pink zones.
    There would also be vertical damage, for example: You're two blocks up but a person is below you so you're in his red zone. Then you would take 1 heart damage. I'll show you a list of it.

    0 blocks up = 1x damage of the zone you're in, self-explanatory
    1 block up = 0.75x damage of the zone you're in. for example: red zone does 1.5 hearts to you if you're one block up.
    2 blocks up = 0.6x damage of the zone you're in. for example: pink zone does 0.6 hearts to you if you're two blocks up.
    3 blocks up = 0.5x damage of the zone you're in. for example: gray zone does 0.25 hearts to you if you're 3 blocks up, and red zone does 1 heart to you.
    4 blocks up = 0.4x damage of the zone you're in.
    5 blocks up = 0.25x damage of the zone you're in.
    6 blocks up =0.1x damage of the zone you're in.
    7+ blocks up = 0 damage

    The map would also include some parkour. Like in the picture here. Of course the parkour would be relativively easy, as anyone should be able to do it.It would also have multiple escape plans.
    The map wouldn't be too large as the game should go fast. Those rounds would be used to try to escape the other players. Though if you're an evil player you could try to eliminate another player.

    NOTE: The images above have no relation to the map you would be in. Just examples for parkour.

    Scenario 1: The round have started and you parkour up onto the roof, two other players are also aiming for the roof so you continue to jump around up and down from the roof through parkour. You notice that a player has started chasing you and you're within his death zone, also meaning he is in your death zone. You're both on the ground, meaning no vertical damage. This would mean you both die, so you try to escape by making unexpected movements. This works and you survive.

    Scenario 2: The round have started and you target a player you have a grudge against cause last nano game he rekt you. You chase him around the map and you're within his danger zone at the end, you know he has taken damage but you have full health so he dies but you survive with 1 heart, this was on the ground, so vertical damage was not involved.

    Scenario 3: The round have started and you stay hidden behind an object (stone, tree etc). No one notices you since you shift and then your name isn't visible. You do take some damage by being in a gray zone. But you survive.

    Scenario 4: The round have started and all crazy players run into each other and it's chaos. You and a few other players are sneaky so you sneak away and successfully survives with just a puny 0.5 hearts taken from vertical damage.


    End: That's my idea, don't forget to vote on the poll, and please suggest changes that would improve it. I'd love to hear your opinions and feedback.
    If you think I'm not specific enough, please ask questions about it and I'll also edit it a bit to make the idea clearer.
    Posted Nov 11, 2018,
    Last edited Nov 11, 2018
  2. Yo,

    I'm not sure if this would be a very great idea since it's a game mode that only lasts 10 seconds and the ideal time of a Nano Game is from 1-3 minutes. For my questions, would the damages overlap? Say a player is between 2 players and in both of their Pink zones, would they die? Also, would the damage be vertical, say if a player was underneath or above someone and the player was in their red zone, would that player die? I also think the map is a little too small, since there is a 24 player cap in Nano Games, with all of the players spread out, the entire map could be covered by the explosion zones. Overall, pretty interesting idea, however, the time of the game seems too short for a Nano Game.
    Posted Nov 11, 2018
  3. Thank you for the feedback.

    And yes, the damages would overlap. I'll also add information on vertical damage.
    And the map isn't shown, I just gave an example of parkour and damage.

    We could also just make the game multiple rounds. Like the survivors continue until there is one last standing player.

    Updating my post :]
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 11, 2018,
    Last edited Nov 11, 2018
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