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Nano Ideas

Discussion in 'Nano Games' started by KilledByVoid, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. After playing alot of NANO and checking out nearly everything of the games, I noticed some things, that rly needs a change.

    Game changes

    Chicken Shoot
    -Make players invis, so they can't troll other by jumping infront of them (Happened to me alot)

    Hot Potato
    -Remove the time counter and make a sound, that will play faster. Means if the potato goes closer to explode, the sound will go faster. Time on explosion will be always random
    Reason: Makes it not able to abuse the timer by giving away the potato on the lest sec of the round

    Nano Minekart
    -Add Items to this game. Atm, you can just win, if you do the race perfectly, without any misstakes. Items should make it possible, that you can catch up from back (Example Speed Items and other, that will slow players down)

    Nano Wizards
    -Get a spawn platform under you, after you died. Reason is, that some players trap nearly every respawn point with void holes

    Reverse Tag
    -Add a 5 sec (or higher) claim time, befor the tagged players get there score. So players, who dont spawn with it, will still have a chance to win, even tho, when they spawn a bit away from players with an emerald

    -Lower the bottom border. The games, where you need to avoid falling down (Block snake and the wool one) can get you gwen kicked really easy, if you try to move over a block, that disapear. I also noticed that, if Gwen trys to pull you down, but you die fast enouth, you won't get an unfair kick. So it could fix this issue, till a fix for the false kicks will be out

    Achievement Ideas

    Find Ores - Lucky Miner: Get more than 500 points
    Chicken Shoot - Chicken Dinner: Shoot more than 40 Chickens on a game
    Sploor - It's over 9000: Win a game with more than 9000 blocks in your color (Yes its possible on a map; I did it multiple times, so its not a big deal)
    Overall - NANO Killer (Tier Achievement): I = 25 kills II = 50 kills III = 100 kills IV = 250 kills V = 500 kills
    Posted Sep 18, 2018
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  2. Very nice no issues I can see. I like the Nano kill achievement but its too low at 500 kills for the max you can get that really fast. I think maybe Tier 1 is 100, Tier 2 is 250, Tier 3 is 500, Tier 4 1000, Tier 5, 2000.
    Posted Sep 18, 2018
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  3. Yea kills can change. Also every tier will starts from 0, so my numbers would be total of 925 kills. Not all games are good for kills too, so ya
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 18, 2018
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  4. Nicely put together Void. I definitely agree with these changes and the new achievement ideas are pretty good.
    Posted Sep 18, 2018
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  5. I agree with this a lot! Especially the quick one, I've seen many players get unfair kicks. The achievements are cool as well, though I know I'll never be able to get the miner one since I'm awful at that game. Overall, nice ideas. +1 from me.
    Posted Sep 18, 2018
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  6. So that's not how the system I suggested will work. so It would need a total of 2000 kills to get max. also I think it should not be just a killer achievement. maybe it should be like NANO KING? so if you like if you get 1st you get 3 points 2nd you get 2 and 3rd you get 1 and per kill gets 1 point.
    Posted Sep 19, 2018
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