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In Discussion Neffs And Buffs That I want. Vote

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by TerrorBoss, Sep 21, 2019.


Which do you want in a balance update

Poll closed Sep 28, 2019.
  1. Witch Buff Ex: Recovery

  2. Squid Buff Ex: Super Squid Recovery When you kill someone

  3. Horse Buff Ex: Melee

  4. Blaze Nerf Ex :Firefly And Inferno

  5. Chicken Nerf Ex:Chick Missiles

  6. Slime Nerf Ex: Slime Rocket

  7. Buff Zombie And Skeleton Ex: Bow Fix

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello Super Smash Mobs Player Base and Staff Team. I hope you think about balancing some of the ssm kits in the near future thank you.
    Posted Sep 21, 2019
  2. umm please don't buff horse
    Posted Sep 21, 2019
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  3. Hey, I'll just go down the list and give my opinion on each of your buffs/nerfs.

    1. (Witch Buff)

    Definitely agree. Not being able to change the direction you are flying can be extremely frustrating, and it's also a bit too slow. I think an interesting fix could be, being able to control the direction in which the bats fly while using it (similar to super squid), and also increasing the speed.

    2. (Squid Buff)

    I don't agree with this. Not much to say other than that the squid's recovery is already pretty good as it not only carries you in the direction you choose, but also makes you invincible.

    3. (Horse Buff)

    I don't agree with this one. His abilities already do a ton of damage and bone kick has insane knock-back, so it's not really in need of a melee buff.

    4. (Blaze Nerf)

    I definitely think Blaze needs a nerf on firefly. It goes very far, has a very short charge-up, and makes you pretty much invincible. I think an increase in the cool down, plus an increase in the charge-up would put it back into a more balanced state. Regarding inferno, I do think it needs a little nerf, perhaps a little decrease in damage.

    5. (Chicken Nerf)

    I don't agree with this because the chicken is already at a bad spot right now. Sure it may seem like chicken missile does a lot of damage and is spammable, but it's definitely diluted by it's lack of decent armor. It definitely doesn't need any nerfs, but buffs to it's armor.

    6. (Slime Nerf)

    100% agree with this one. Slime has so many advantages such as: fast regen, high damage, low cool-downs, and a small hitbox. Slime rocket does SO much damage and knock-back, and can be fired back-to-back quickly. I think a nerf to knock-back, damage, and an increase in the cool-down would be great. Additionally, I think changing the cool-down to start AFTER firing the rocket would balance it out a bit more.

    7. (Zombie/Skeleton Buff)

    I wouldn't really call this a "buff, but rather a bug fix - which should of course, be fixed.
    Posted Sep 21, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 22, 2019
  4. Witch: Yes, recovery needs to be more reliable.
    Squid: Not sure what you mean. Are you saying the cooldown should reset when you kill someone?
    Horse: No, Melee is fine. Especially if you are Bone Rushing at someone.
    Blaze: Particles need to be rethought on it so it isn't so lag intensive. Firefly could use a cooldown increase.
    Chicken: It's a terrible kit it needs a buff either in armor so it can withstand some damage to use chicken missile effectively.
    Slime: Big yes.
    Zombie/Skeleton: Bug fix, no buff plz
    Posted Sep 22, 2019
  5. Witch Buff
    I agree with you on the recovery. If you mess up and you are partly in the void, still able to recover, you are most likely dead. The recovery is really slow and it only goes in one direction.

    Squid Buff

    My main is squid. The recovery is good enough. In fact, it is probably way too overpowered considering it is used to attack as well because of its invincibility. Squid's recovery is one of the best as in my opinion.

    Horse Buff

    In my opinion, horse is already good. Bone rush can apply massive damage if used right, bone kick does decent damage and gives extreme knockback to the opponent. Giving more melee damage would just make it more overpowered as well as a common kit that gets played.

    Blaze Nerf

    I am not saying this just because it is annoying fighting blazes. What they do is run away, use firefly, in the midst of firefly they also use inferno as well as just attacking. The invincibility when using firefly just makes it worse. I'd say you can use a full inferno and after you finish it requires a cooldown because it is just annoying to deal with when dealing with a constant inferno spammer. Firefly should have a slightly increased cooldown as well in my opinion.

    Chicken Nerf

    Personally, I despise chickens. It is pretty underestimated what you can actually do with them. Such as PVP combos using chicken missile. Regarding the chicken missile, it is annoying and overpowered. Although, it can be predictable on how people use it. As soon as you miss one shot with it, you are screwed. Plus, the armor is terrible, so I see no need for a nerf for chicken because a few hits on a chicken and they are just going to die.

    Slime Nerf

    I agree with nerfing the slime rocket. It has many advantages to it as Milad listed. The slime rocket is really overpowered because of the insane knockback it can inflict. Also, you can use your fully sizes slimes to defend you when players are going for you. The slimes can set you up with a combo.

    Zombie and Skeleton Buff
    I am not bragging, but I am pretty good with all the kits. When playing a Skeleton or Zombie, the bow is the main weapon. Most of my shots are deflected when it actually hits the player which messes me up.
    Posted Sep 22, 2019
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  6. Thread Moved to Game Alterations

    I do not have any thoughts on this.
    Posted Sep 22, 2019

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