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New Build Leads [3/7/22]

Discussion in 'Build Team Updates' started by joshuart, Mar 7, 2022.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Just recently, both @dutty and @Intoxicating have decided to leave the Build Team and Mineplex altogether. It is hard to see them go because they have made a forever lasting impact on the server over the many years they both have been here. It'll be something we will always remember. We all wish them well as they continue their journeys outside Mineplex.

    Due to these changes, I was fortunate enough to take on the responsibilities of leading the Build Team and MTT. I am also going to be handing off some of my other responsibilities to both Mappable and Nepchunex! Please join me in congratulating @Mappable on becoming the new Map Submissions Lead and @Nepchunex on becoming the new Map Issues Lead! They have both shown great dedication to their teams and I'm confident they'll do many amazing things within their new roles.

    If you have any questions regarding map submissions or map issues moving forward, feel free to message them as I'm sure they'll be more than happy to assist! Thanks everyone!:bt:
    Posted Mar 7, 2022
  2. Congratulations to both! Sad to see Dutty and Intoxicating leave (good luck in whatever you do! :D), you were both great Build Leads, but I'm also sure that Mappable and Nepchunex will also be great Build Leads. Also, congratulations on becoming the new leader of the build team and MTT Joshuart.
    Posted Mar 7, 2022
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  3. Congratulations both Mappable and Nepchune! I can't wait to see what y'all have in store for everyone : )

    Its quite a shame to see both Dutty and Intoxicating leave and I hope they enjoy whatever they do next in life.
    Posted Mar 7, 2022
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  4. Congrata joshuart, Neptune and Carter and thank you for everything dutty and intoxicating! Best of luck to all of you in your new roles/whatever you have planned next!!

    edit - fixed my error with names :p
    Posted Mar 7, 2022
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  5. I think you mean Neptune xd
    Posted Mar 7, 2022
  6. Gratz Carter and Neptune
    Posted Mar 7, 2022
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  7. OOPS. I TOTALLY DID ;-; (In my defence I wrote that so fast as I was walking into my life science class).
    Posted Mar 7, 2022
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  8. Congrats!!!
    Posted Mar 7, 2022
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  9. I could've applied if I were given the freedom and I would've been a great builder.

    Posted Mar 7, 2022
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    wish you well emma & zak <3
    Posted Mar 8, 2022
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  11. Congrats Noobable, and Nepchune!
    Posted Mar 8, 2022
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  12. Lol

    Congrats to Carter and Neptune
    Posted Mar 8, 2022
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  13. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Josh, Carter and Neptune for a while now and I have no doubt that this is a power trio and a half.

    @joshuart , you are one of the kindest, hardest working people that has ever touched this server. Emma left some massive boots to fill but if anyone can step it, it's you. You're going to be awesome, I can't wait for even more testing sessions with you at the helm. Also, good luck, you're properly stuck with us MTT now, you're going to need all the luck you can get. We're your problem now.

    @Mappable , we don't speak a whole lot but you've got a good heart and heaps of commitment to this server. There's always a new map by you to be tested and you're creativity knows no bounds. You're going to do awesome!

    @Nepchunex bb, you did it. I've seen your care for the team. Every single Java player has probably played a map you've helped fix. You're going to be running testing sessions now, that's a scary thought. hell, you even outrank me in during testings now so I better watch my cheek. I'm immensely proud, you've worked so hard and it makes me smile so much to see it come into fruition.

    Congrats all, here's to the future of the build team!
    Posted Mar 10, 2022
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