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Processed New Color for Completed Orange(Tiered) Achievements

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Eat, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. I think that the orange colored achievements in /stats should change color when finally completed, just like the normal ones do. In order to show that they still are different in a way compared to normal achievements, they can change to dark green instead of just green.

    When checking /stats on someone else or yourself, it’s a little confusing(at least for me) to see that someone has completed all achievements, yet still has some orange colored ones in their stats. It doesn’t feel like the color orange represents a completed achievement very well, especially not if the achievement is shown in the same color when it hasn’t even been started.

    Maybe, these achievements could start as red, turn orange when the second achievement has been completed and, finally, when the 5th one is completed, turn to green/dark green?

    I don’t know if this is something that other players agree with, but I think that it could be a nice change that wouldn’t need too much work to implement. Let me know what you all think about this!
    Posted Mar 25, 2019
  2. Hi!

    I think this is a good idea! I always get confused with the Nano Winner achievement as to if I’ve completed it or not (I haven’t lol). I believe that if this was to be implemented then it’d be very useful to see if I’d completed it.

    I like the idea of the different colours too, with the red and orange and green.

    The only thing I could possibly suggest is maybe the colours could be different for each achievement? For example, the first one could be red, then orange, then yellow, then green, then purple and then blue? Then you’d always know which you’re on. But I do like the idea of traffic lights as it’s more universally understood.

    Good idea Eat!
    Posted Mar 25, 2019
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  3. Hey Eat!

    This will clear up some of the confusion to some of the players who have completed the achievement. I like the idea of having to label the colors for the achievement progress. I can always check my current progress and see how much do I need before completing my achievement. I will have to agree with the idea that you have! +1

    I have some of the suggestion that I want to add to your idea. For the color red, orange, yellow, green, and light blue, there should need to have the percentage based on the progress. The red color will be around 0-25% which will be the lowest one. Next, the orange color will be 25-50% and the yellow color 50-75% that will be the medium area. After that, the green color will be 75-99% before it makes to 100%. Finally, the light blue color will be 100% which represents the completion!
    Posted Mar 25, 2019
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  4. I would love to see this ingame! I come across the same problem as you quite a bit, so having just a general color for completed would make it simple and nice. Personally I don't have much more to suggest other than agreement, so I'll keep it short as a +1!
    Posted Mar 25, 2019
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  5. Love this idea! In my opinion, I feel like the /stats GUI at the moment is a bit cluttered and looks a bit messy. I've seen various suggestions from the community of a /stats revamp which I'm totally all in for and I think this would be a great addition to go along with it. Having the color change from orange to green when completing a tiered achievement would definitely be a nice QoL change and would make stats and achievements look neater. I also enjoy your idea of having it change from Red to Green from beginning to the end of the achievement, seems like another simple change and would make it easier to see how far along you are to complete the tiered achievement. Overall, these seem like nice QoL changes to /stats, and would probably make tiered achievements less confusing for new players on the network. Have a good day!
    Posted Mar 26, 2019
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  6. Hello there!

    I really agree with you on that colour there should change. When I was creating my stats GUI revamp idea I did not even think about it. Most probably, I'll add this to my idea if you don't mind.

    I think these achievements will look better if they will start as Orange and once all tiers would be fully completed, it will turn in Yellow. It also can turn into Light Green how other completed achievements look like now. They won't look special as they used to be if they will be just like other completed ones - green. Anyway, in my opinion, it's better to make them Yellow when fully completed.

    +1 to this idea.
    Posted Mar 26, 2019
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  7. Hello!

    I still like that idea even more than a year passed since my reply here but now we are going to mark that thread as Processed now. That change is something which may be included in the stats menu revamp that can be so great to get if it will be ever decided to be updated. We can't give any promises if it will be included to the updated stats menu but it's definitely should be and I will try to get that be changed.

    I just see that topic should be made like that completed tiered achievements will be turned into Dark Green once they have been completed fully which will be a way to highlight them from other achievements. In case if achievement isn't completed with any tier, it will be still displayed as Orange just like it's right now. That colour change will be visible both on game page in the stats menu and on the main page when you hover on the game. I just see it's as a better for that thing.

    Anyway, thanks for that idea! Feel free to submit more ideas if you got any.

    - Idea Processed.
    Posted Aug 9, 2020
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  8. make green the completion please
    Posted Aug 11, 2020

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