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In Discussion New Elytra race game for mixed arcade.(Bedrock)

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by Oggygaming, Sep 15, 2019.


Time penalty or Death or elytra disables?(If a wall is hit or a hoop is missed)

  1. death

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  2. time penalty

  3. elytra disables

  4. Hitting/missing ring sends you to previous ring.

  1. Players would be given 16 fireworks each and the objective of the game would be to fly through a series of hoops without crashing if they crash or miss a hoop they either die or suffer a time penalty or elytra disables for 3 seconds (Not sure yet i'll put a poll).
    Kit ideas:
    Disruptor (or something like that)
    -Right-click with stone bricks to place a 3x3wall.
    -Gain an extra firework every three seconds.

    Open to other suggestions.
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
  2. Thread moved to Bedrock Ideas

    Before I begin, I'd like to start off by saying that I am Java-oriented, so my feedback may not be perfect as to what Bedrock players experience, but I'd still like to give feedback, as it is really interesting. Overall, I like the idea of the game. It seems simple, quick, and fun. The only thing that I see that could potentially be overpowered is the speedster kit. Getting those extra fireworks sounds like it could be gamebreaking, since you could easily use them to fly around the walls that are deployed by the other kit, making it unfair for the players who are not using the kit with the possibility to get the extra fireworks. However, for your question, I think that a good idea would be to just have the player die if they miss the the hoop or run into a wall, as it would allow the game to continue to go on fast. In the end, I think its a good idea with a lot of potential!
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
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  3. I think this is an awesome idea! Minecraft used to have a built in-game for this, I can't remember what it was, but you'd fly around a cave and I think that's where you got your inspiration from. Like Noodlezz says, the speedster kit seems a little too powerful, maybe nerf the time until they get another firework to about 8 seconds instead of 3, that might make it a little less game-breaking.

    I think this would be an excellent addition to Mixed Arcade as it is fast and well planned and simply built. When it comes to people crashing, I'd say they'd restart because if they just died then that would make the wait time for people to complete the challenge boring, and because of the younger audience, they'd just get bored and join a different game. My recommendation is to just have them immediately respawn at the start or at a checkpoint if you think checkpoints would be a good idea.

    Anyway, I think this idea is amazing so it's a +1 from me.
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
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  4. I would love to see this added. This sounds like a simple but fun concept, and it would be well suited in Mixed Arcade due to its simplicity. I like the idea of your kits, except for the fact that Speedster seems very overpowered as mentioned above. Also, the Disruptor kit doesn't seem to provide a large advantage since it may only stop people behind, instead of trying to beat anyone ahead. A short speed boost when placing a wall could be a good buff. When failing to go through hoops, I think it would be nice to respawn at checkpoints like DarkNinja2004X said as it won't be very frustrating when missing a hoop nor boring when killed instantly. Overall, I think this is a fantastic idea and I am very glad you brought this up.
    Posted Sep 16, 2019
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  5. I would definitely say this is a really good idea! +1 from me ^-^
    Time penalty would probably be the best punishment for missing a hoop in my opinion. If you die missing a hoop, it would be pretty hard to complete the course... but with time penalty (just like dragon escape where you teleport backwards a few blocks) this could keep the game competitive and people wouldn’t die so easily.
    Posted Sep 16, 2019
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  6. From the feedback so far I think a lot of people want to nerf the speedster kit.Two ways the speedster kit could be needed are
    Players with the kit should start with 24 fireworks not 16 but not gain any extra during the game.

    Or as a few people suggested matey delaying the rate fireworks are given like Darkninja said and I think around every 8 seconds is a bit more balanced.

    I think a delay before power ups are used could be implemented so that a player with the disruptor/Waller kit can’t just block off spawn or a large portion of it.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 16, 2019
  7. Heyo,

    I personally really like this idea. It would fit well with the Bedrock community and would be a new gamemode for the players. I am sure this gamemode could have loads of interesting, fun mechanics like speed boosters, extra fireworks, etc. In terms of adding it to Mixed Arcade, I would personally want it to be a stand-alone game. I can understand the benefits with adding it to the Arcade roulette, but I think this game would be slightly longer than the other Arcade games and would have some pretty advanced fun features!

    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  8. This kinda already steals the concept from skyfall though
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  9. I think this is a creative game
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  10. But then again, skyfall doesn’t use fireworks. Well yea it does use booster rings so I guess you’re right.
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  11. So who do i talk to to make this into a game?
    --- Post updated ---
    is there an application form
    --- Post updated ---
    or do i wait for an admin/owner to see this? im not sure
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 22, 2019
  12. I don't think there is one. Usually staff just critique the idea and it seems to just stay there idk.
    Posted Sep 22, 2019
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  13. Yo,

    There currently is a game named Glide by Mojang. This game is extremely similar to that but with added mechanics and a less detailed map, but I'm not sure if it would be possible to add due to possible copyright issue? Either way, for it to be interesting and fun it would need to have more interesting maps than just hoops in a void map, good idea though!
    Posted Sep 23, 2019
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  14. I was thinking of a cave map idea and Mabey a nether map too.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 23, 2019
  15. That's it! I forgot it's name. I don't think copyright is really an issue as Mojang haven't made it clear that, that hame is copyright. Would be a good idea to check though.
    Posted Sep 24, 2019
  16. I mean, we can add fireworks in skyfall
    Posted Sep 25, 2019
  17. Hey! To me this sounds like a great idea, because I enjoy the game called Glide that Mojang made and Skyfall (really just anything with elytras). If this game were added, how long would it be and where would be a good placement for checkpoints? Also, would there be a time limit? I think it should max out at 5-10 minutes, depending on how long the course is. Also maybe add like a 1 minute timer remaining when someone finishes the course. I think it should work like this: You must fly through the hoops and when you do you will get a slight speed boost, which would be useful if you want to make players fly upwards to make the course more interesting. You respawn at the last checkpoint if the game notices you missed a hoop or died (touched the ground), and maybe you'd gain one firework when you've reached the half way point or something, to help make gameplay more exciting and go a little faster. But if you missed a hoop or died you'd lose this firework. Also, I'm going to have to disagree with your Speedster kit, giving only some players endless amounts of fireworks every three seconds is not a good idea because they'd be able to finish the course in half the time of the other people. I think the Disruptor would work well, as long as you can't place walls directly inside hoops or checkpoints or right at the end. Maybe give them 2 stone walls for the entire game, but a 30-45 second cooldown between placements. One idea for a kit I have is called "Distractor" (not the best name), and basically what it does is it gives you 3 "Flares", which would show up as either a fire charge or clay ball in your hotbar, and when you click it a wall of firework particles behind you will deploy to the point where it makes it somewhat difficult for the opponents behind to see past that wall, and it will last for 2-3 seconds. Cooldown between uses is 15-20 seconds. Besides that -- I also have some achievement proposals:

    - God/Godess of the Skies - Win like 30-40 games.

    - Aviation Expert - Win without dying or missing a hoop.

    - Wall Wipeout - Have 20 people crash into your wall as Disruptor.

    - Comeback - Win after being in last place.

    That's pretty much it for all of my suggestions; overall I think this would be a fantastic game and I'd love to see it implemented!

    Also as to what Strafer303 said, I don't believe this steals the concept of Skyfall at all as it would have different components and mechanics, as well as an entirely different gameplay style.
    Posted Sep 30, 2019
  18. it seems like your idea is really good, now we just need to wait for the big bummer that it "isn't approved by microsoft"
    Posted Oct 2, 2019

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