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In Discussion New Game Idea - ET

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Shqdyy, Oct 29, 2018.


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  1. This is a loong game, so who knows? This could be a mineplex stand alone game :O

    You and your friends (other players ) have been captured in the land of The Extra Terrestrial. You guys want to leave so you go to the king to help you leave the kingdom.. The King (a Huge alien) asks you to fulfill some tasks. The King has been wanting something (some jewel or something to complete his collection) but he has never been able to get it as it is guarded by some sort of guards that you have to fight (The guards are also nothing easy to fight. They are dressed up armorstands being teleported to an invisible zombie), and after fighting the guards there is some Monster (Like a lava monster) or something that is strong and you have to kill, and upon death there is a huge flash of light and fireworks and..... BOOOOM the jewel comes floating down (an emerald block) and once on the ground it becomes a collectible item that you can pick up, then return to the king so that he can fulfill your wish of leaving his kingdom.
    Posted Oct 29, 2018
  2. Yo,

    It doesn't seem like a very long game as you only do 2 tasks, which are both just fighting Mobs.
    I don't think any standalone PvE games should become a thing because that will make the holiday events become less appreciated and not as fun. If we were to ever consider a PvE game, I think you should add to it and include things that require not PvE only, but, parts that require other areas of skill such as a parkour course, mini-dropper area, some type of puzzle, etc.

    Now for questions on your game and specific suggestions for it. What would be in between the guards and the lava monster boss fight? It would be pretty boring to me personally if you went straight from the first encounter to the boss fight by just walking through a door. My suggestion would be to add some sort of brain game (examples above) in-between the first encounter and the mini-boss, which would be before the main boss. (Sort of like how the Pumpkin Prince is just before the Pumpkin King in Halloween Havoc)

    I like the theme of Aliens you had though, we did have an Alien Invasion event in April 2017 so I think you should tweak the theme to be something we haven't seen before.

    Thanks for sharing your idea with us though! Keep it up!
    Posted Oct 29, 2018
  3. While this does sound interesting, I don't really think this would make a very good game in the long run. Your idea reminds me a lot of Bawk Bawk Battles just with a story behind it. (Completing tasks to please the Alien) I feel like if anything, this would be better suited as an event for a holiday or something. I've noticed that games with a story behind them tend to die out unless they are a limited time mode. If you would be able to turn this idea into a potential idea for a holiday of some sort, I think your idea would be much better.

    Augend has some really good ideas for improving your game itself. He said everything I would've.
    Posted Oct 29, 2018
  4. Thanks for the feedback :P
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 29, 2018
  5. Hello! I could see this as an event game but other than that, that feels like some sort of map!
    Posted Nov 21, 2018

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