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In Discussion New Game Idea: Slime Jumpers

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by GamersDecision, Jun 13, 2019.


Do you think this is a good idea?

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  2. No, I don't

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  3. I'm not sure / It has it's flaws

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  1. I thought of a game idea for Mineplex. Everyone jumps down a path of Slime Blocks and every Slime Block where a player lands they earn 1 point. They can also try to punch blocks in the air which will give them 3 points 5 points or 10 points depending on the difficulty of the touchable blocks position. The players will slowly fall down and go closer to the goal continuously. The more slime blocks they miss during the descend the more points they also miss. When you hit the goal your scores can't be changed anymore in anyway. The goal would be a wide platform in the bottom of the map. If you miss the goal it still counts you landing in the goal (The goal is just an indicator that you finished the game)
    Kits would be:
    Puncher: Allows a player to punch another player which will deal weak knockback. Usable every 5 seconds.
    Leaper: Allows a player to leap higher twice to obtain more points. (You can't get points more than once from one slime block so this can't be abused for infinite points)
    Achievement Kit: Slowfaller: Allows a player to fall slower using an hotbar item. Slows their descend for 5 seconds. Has a 20 second cooldown
    Achievements Would Be:
    ScoreSlimer: Win Slime Jumper 30 times.
    Total Hardcore: Hit a 10 Points Score Block 3 times in one game.
    Accuracy On Point: Land on every single slime block in one game.
    The Traitor of the Year: Smack 5 players in one game.

    This is just an idea I thought would be good for an Arcade Game but it could also be a Nano Game so tell me what you think.
    Posted Jun 13, 2019
  2. I obviously haven't read the whole thing but I saw part of it. Where you jump and get points from blocks, then you we're able to punch it... That sounds like a "Hypixel" game called "Kangaroo Jump. I don't think Mineplex should be able to copy anymore games from Hypixel or any game similar to them. Otherwise people will hate and hate then it would ruin it even more. But I do agree Mineplex would have fun with this game but I think it needs to be smaller and put into Nano Games! I also think the name "Slime Jumpers" Wouldn't fit in with the other game names. So maybe the name can be something like "Gravity Wars" and have the theme based on you're on the moon and it's your job to collect them all in 2 minutes? Have the Daylight be night. But I really do like your idea.
    Posted Jun 13, 2019
  3. I honestly think this sounds like a really fun game. I think it sounds more like it could be for Nano Games than a game on its own. I hope I'm understanding you right that players would get points for hitting slime blocks as they went down the map. I'm a little confused on if players would have points deducted if they missed the slime blocks or if they just wouldn't get points that others may. The general idea is good though as it's a type of parkour but not your classic parkour map style. I also like the kits and achievements that you have come up with. The kits seem well balanced and the achievements are reasonable with being not too hard but not too easy.
    Posted Jun 18, 2019
  4. Heyo!

    This sounds pretty cool! As _H20 said, I could definitely see this being apart of Nano Games.The kits are well thought out and balanced, and are all unique. However, I do feel like there should be another element to the game. Possibly an elimination round, where players with the least amount of points within a certain time period will be eliminated. This would continue until there is only one remaining. All in all, you did a very good job with this idea, and I would love to see something like this implemented onto the server in the near future! :)
    Posted Jun 18, 2019
  5. [​IMG]
    Thread Moved to New Game Discussion.
    I have to agree with the two people above myself. It seems like an exciting game, and would fit in well with the other Nano Games we have. It’s almost like reverse dropper, in which you’re trying to actually hit the blocks on the way down. The one thing that concerns me is how the players can melee the blocks on their way down. What’s stopping them from touching those blocks or falling onto those blocks? Along with that, how many slime blocks are there and how would players fall onto new ones? What’s stopping them from just jumping onto one and then landing, and then jumping onto another until they’re at the bottom? Maybe having a time limit of sorts to get to the bottom would be nice, and the last player with the most points at the end wins? I enjoy your kits/achievements, they’re quite thought out and balanced. However, I do think the entire needs some work and a little bit more explanation. I’m sort of on the fence with this game idea.
    Posted Jun 18, 2019

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