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In Discussion New Game Suggestion: Maze Wars

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by SavageDorito, Jan 14, 2019.


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  1. Disclaimer: This is old. in fact it was created August 6th, 2017. Player names may have been lost through website transfer.


    What it is:
    Maze Wars is a survival based game very similar to Maze Runner. Their are two game modes (4 teams of 4 and 8 teams of 2), each team spawns in their own glade. Each glade has four entrances that lead to the Maze. During the day all players are able to explore the Maze, build up their glade's defenses, or pillage the other glades. During the night all glade entrances to the Maze close. At this time Maze Monsters spawn in the Maze to terrorize everyone left in it.

    Goal of the game:

    To protect your Old Man and be the last team alive.

    Game Progression
    Nights #1-3 the Maze entrances close.
    Nights #4-10 the Maze entrances no longer close. Maze Monsters are free to enter the glades.
    If more than one team survived all ten nights then the Death Match begins.
    This is where all the players are teleported into the MMG where the last team to survive wins. Once the Death Match begins players are unable to leave the MMG.

    *Note* Each day is 4 minutes and each night is 4 minutes. While it is long, it's necessary for people to have enough time to explore the maze, get chests, and then get back to their glade. This is not a fast paced game, though it's not probable for people to make it all the way through 10 nights.

    The Glade
    This is the spawn of each team. It contains trees in one corner, a garden in another corner, an animal pen in the third corner, and a hut in the last corner containing the team's Old Man. Players are free to dig and build in the glade, but neither precious ores nor stone is found in the glade.

    *Note* Only one block of water will be present in each glade. This makes it difficult to get an unlimited supply, but at the same time it's still possible.
    Not made by me - player name lost through website transfer :(

    The Old Man
    The Old Man is what keeps every team alive, so it's in your best interest to keep him alive as well. Each team has an Old Man. Players can feed the Old Man. The Old Man wanders around the glade unless in wheelchair or carried by Nurse.
    The Old Man can die three different ways:
    1. Death by player. This is when an enemy player attacks your Old Man and kills him.
    2. Death by Maze Monster. This is when a Maze Monster attacks your Old Man and kills him.
    3. Starvation. This is when your team fails to feed the Old Man for too long and he dies due to lack of food.
    Upon the death of your team's Old Man everyone on your team dies and all that's left of your Old Man is an enchanted sword or piece of armor.

    Starts with 100 hearts
    Loses 1 hunger per minute (max of 10)
    Upon reaching 0 hunger he loses 50 health per minute
    Armor can be placed on him. Each armor point results in +10 health
    Cannot regenerate health except for Health potions which give +10 health

    *Note* The Old Man has a bold name-tag above him. He can be pushed when in special item wheel chair and can be carried by the Nurse kit.

    The Maze
    The Maze connects all the glades together as well as the Maze Monster Glade which is located in the middle of the Maze. Every day chests can be found in the Maze. At the beginning of every day the old chests disappear and new chests appear, but in different locations of the Maze. The Maze cannot be changed by the Players. Nothing can be built or destroyed in the Maze, besides vines and water. Maze Monsters roam the Maze at night. It is incredibly hard to survive the Maze at night.

    *Note* There is no way out of the Maze, players are warned of this at the beginning of the game with a message on their screen displaying "WARNING: GOING ABOVE THE MAZE RESULTS IN DEATH

    Basics of the Map
    8 teams of 2:

    4 teams of 4:

    *Note* Remember that everything that isn't a glade is the Maze.

    The Maze Monsters
    These ugly beasts defend the Maze at night and they have only two goals: Kill all players and all the Old Men. They have a decent amount of health, can shoot arrows, and they explode when an obstacle is in their way. This catches things on fire in their blast radius. When in contact with a Player they deal blindness, nausea, and a large amount of damage. Their only weakness is water, which prevents them from exploding. Upon daytime these despawn, leaving portal particles.

    Maze Monster Glade (MMG)
    The MMG is located at the middle of the maze. This is where all Maze Monsters despawn. The MMG is rather gloomy looking. The area in this glade cannot be edited by Players at all. In the middle sits a fortress which is protected by the Maze Monster Guards. At the heart of this fortress is the Maze Chest, which refills daily.

    Maze Monster Guards

    As stated above, these Maze Monster Guards protect the MMG. These are basically Maze Monsters, just buffed up a bunch. They do extra damage and have a lot more health. The Maze Monster Guards respawn at the MMG and will continue attacking during the day.

    The Maze Chest
    This chest contains very valuable loot. Things such as iron/diamond enchanted armor, enchanted weapons, and golden apples. This chest refills daily. This chest always contains a compass pointing to the nearest enemy.

    Normal Chests

    Normal Chests are found all over the Maze. These chests refill and change position daily.
    Possible loot found in chest:

    Various types of food, such as apples
    Pieces of gold, chainmail, or leather armor
    Wooden and stone swords
    Chicken, cow, or pig eggs
    Wheel chair (appears as Minecart) Special item: right click your Old Man with this. Once inside, the Old Man can be pushed.

    Daily Reward
    Every day (in game day), Players receive a daily reward.
    This reward can consist of:

    CobbleStone 16-32
    Iron Ore 1-4
    Gold Ore 1-4
    Wheat Seeds 2-8
    Wolf Eggs 1-2
    Bones 2-4
    The occasional Diamond 50% change to give 1

    *Note* The daily reward will only provide 1 or 2 of these things at a time.

    The Player
    Players start out with one of the kits below. It's up to them to get the resources to survive. That's why there are trees, a garden, and an animal pen in the glade. Each Player only receives ONE LIFE. Once a Player dies they spawn at the MMG as a Maze Monster Scout. Players can NOT kill their own Old Man

    Kits for Player (Inspired by suggestions in comments. For more info scroll down to the "Suggestions Section"

    Runner (Free)
    -- Permanent Speed I
    -- Leather Boots
    -- 1 Apple every minute. Maximum of one.
    Level 5: Gain Leather Leggings
    Level 10: Maximum of 3 apples
    Level 30: Gain a Wooden Sword
    Level 75: Gain Leather Chestplate
    Level 100: Gain a Potion of Speed II

    Farmer (Free)
    -- 1 Iron Hoe
    --12 Bone Meal (Recieves 1 Bonemeal every 30 seconds, max of 16)
    -- 1 Wheat Seed, 1 Potato, 1 Carrot
    Level 5: Decrease Bone Meal Cooldown by 2 Seconds
    Level 10: Decrease Bone Meal Cooldown by 2 Seconds
    Level 30: Decrease Bone Meal Cooldown by 2 Seconds
    Level 75: Gain 1 Mellon Seed
    Level 100: Gain Knockback I enchantment on Iron Hoe

    Nurse (2000 Gems)
    -- 5 steak
    -- Has ability to carry old man for 10 seconds (30 second cooldown)
    Level 5: carry old man for 20 seconds
    Level 10: Reduce cooldown to 20 seconds
    Level 30: Starts with 10 steak
    Level 75: Reduce cooldown to 10 seconds
    Level 100: No cooldown, can carry old man forever.

    Healer (2000 gems)
    -- 4 Instant Health Potions (can heal old man with these)
    Level 5: Gain 1 Permanent Heart
    Level 10: Have Regen I permanently inside of your own team's Glade
    Level 30: Gain 1 Permanent Heart
    Level 75: Gain Chain Helmet
    Level 100: Gain 1 Splash Potion of Health

    Hunter (2000 gems)
    -- Stone Sword
    -- Compass pointing to nearest scout
    Level 5: Gain Chain Leggings
    Level 10: Gain Chain Boots
    Level 30: Gain Smite I and Bane of Arthropods I enchantments on Stone Sword
    Level 75: Have Resistance I permanently inside of your own team's Glade
    Level 100: Gain Chain Chestplate

    Ranger (4000 Gems)
    -- Chain Boots
    -- Bow
    -- Receives an arrow every 6 seconds, maximum of 6

    Level 5: Decrease Fletched Arrow Cooldown by 2 Seconds
    Level 10: Decrease Fletched Arrow Cooldown by 2 Seconds
    Level 30: Gain a Power I Enchantment on Bow
    Level 75: Gain Chain Leggings at Game Start
    Level 100: Gain a Punch I Enchantment on Bow

    Sneak (4000 gems)
    -- When shifting for more than 5 seconds, gains invisibility. Armor shows when invisible, and can move and stay invisible if still sneaking.
    -- Weakness II (Only when invisible)
    Level 5: Decrease Time required while sneaking to go Invisible by 1/2 Second
    Level 10: Decrease Time required while sneaking to go Invisible by 1/2 Second
    Level 30: Gain Night Vision Potion (One at the start of every "day"; Max: 1)
    Level 75: Decrease Time required while sneaking to go Invisible by 1/2 Second
    Level 100: Lower Effect while invisible from Weakness II to Weakness I

    Berserker (Achievement Class)
    -- Starts with 6 full hearts. Each time they kill a Player (killing an old man results in +2 kills):
    - 1 Kill: Gain 1 Heart and Speed I
    - 2 Kill: Gain 1 Heart and Strength I
    - 3 Kill: Gain 1 Heart
    - 4 Kill: Gain 1 Heart
    - 5+ Kill: Nothing
    Level 5: Be able to Gain 1 Heart after killing a 5th Player in One Game
    Level 10: Start with 7 Full Hearts
    Level 30: Be able to Gain 1 Heart after killing a 6th Player in One Game
    Level 75: Start with 8 Full Hearts
    Level 100: Be able to Gain Speed II after killing a 3rd Player in One Game

    Maze Monster Scout
    The Maze Monster Scout has unlimited lives. Scouts can NOT effect the game in anyway except for the placement of their banner. That means they can't open chests, collect items, build/destroy, harm players/animals, and feed the Old Man. but can be killed easily. The Maze Monster Scout receives a compass, a banner, and speed II 1. The compass points to the nearest Old Man. When placed, the banner spawns 8 Maze Monsters and then 2 Maze Monster Guards, one every two seconds. This ability can only be used at night and the cool-down is 30 seconds.

    *Note* The Maze Monster Scout is still on it's original team, and cannot be harmed by them. The Maze Monster Scout can see the name-tags of enemy Players/Old Men. Scouts do not experience hunger.

    Savage: Eliminate 2 teams in the same minute
    Heartless: Kill 5 Old Men with just your fists
    Addicted: Win 50 games of Maze Wars
    Beastmode: Kill 10 players in the same game
    Greedy: Open the Maze Chest 20 times
    Fearless: Kill 30 Maze Monsters in the same game
    Meanie: Kill 50 Maze Monster Scouts
    Maze Master: Survive 10 nights in the Maze

    Important Things to Know
    The Maze Monsters are spiders, and Maze Monster Guards are cave spiders

    The Maze Monster Scouts are baby zombies

    This game is based off of a game on the server MCPVP called Maze Runner, though it isn't a copy of it. MCPVP was shut down a few years ago due to changes in the Minecraft EULA.


    Preferred Ways to give feedback

    If you have a problem with any of this, please use constructive criticism and tell me how to fix the problem
    Feel free to leave suggestions for Kit balancing
    Also, please suggestions for achievement improvement
    Please tell me how to improve the Kit Progression
    Let me know how you feel about having two game modes


    I gotta give credit where credit is due, sooooooooo (Disclaimer: due to website change, usernames may have been changed, but this is what the old website said. rip)

    Previous Polls (from old website)
    Posted Jan 14, 2019
  2. Hiya,

    I think the concept of this game is very interesting, and personally, I loved the Maze Runner series, although there are some points I think should be addressed:
    From what I read, I didn't see a point of the estimated time this game would take to complete. Although, it seemed as though it would take 72 minutes to flow into the deathmatch. For perspective, a bridges game lasts around an hour, 60 minutes. You have stated that this game would not be fast-paced, and I don't think most people would switch over. Most people have set in stone the games that they enjoy playing, and usually, stick with it, but that is not to say some people would not play it. I would like to point out, this game sort of resembles cake wars, but has some twists in the mechanics and the overall maps are different.
    Another point, the game would be very complex, which would most likely not welcome new coming players, as the rules are far too complicated. The game would need a large investment of time from the development and QA teams, so they could produce a game that would be enjoyable, along with builders for a variety of maps. The maps would be on a large scale, which would consume large amounts of time to provide. The investment of this time could easily be invested to cake wars, nano-games, and bridges, all of which are currently thriving in the community. I don't believe a game, which this sort of scale, would come together to unite the community, but further separate it. The investment of this game development, in my opinion, could be used the improve the games that are still in the works.
    I think this idea is very well thought out and very detailed, I just don't think it is the right time to push the game out when there is no telling how it will thrive in the community.

    Those are just some of my opinions, I would love to see more!
    If you have any further questions/concerns feel free to PM me whenever! Have a great day! :)
    Posted Jan 14, 2019
  3. Thanks for your input, it's appreciated! I definitely agree that time would probably be the biggest issue. There are four minute days right now because it takes time to explore the maze and find loot, but changing a few different variables could make the days take less time. These variables could be things such as the amount of chests in the maze, maze size, and decreasing the distance between glades. There may be other variables, but those are what came to mind! Another thing to consider, due to the nature of the game, players rarely would reach the death match. This is because they are fighting both other teams and the environment. Furthermore, after the fourth day the doors no longer close, which means players can now be killed by the overpowered Maze Monsters in their own glades. It is very difficult to survive during this time. The death match is only put in place for the rare occurrence of multiple teams making it through night 10. And if this is still an issue, one way to fix this would simply be decreasing the amount of nights (i.e. maybe 8 nights instead of 10). Nothing in this idea is set in stone, I'm open to suggestion.

    Thanks again for your input,
    -- SavageDorito
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 14, 2019
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  4. Oh yeah, I remember this idea from the old forums. I've always been a supporter of it and I constantly wish this game could be added, I've been a bit bored with Mineplex games and this includes a lot of strategy.

    One problem might be trolling within the glade. A lot of people are trolls and may kill the animal to annoy their team. I think the animals should be invincible if there is only one left, otherwise, anyone can kill them.
    Posted Jan 15, 2019
  5. Hey there!

    That is an interesting concept that you brought in this thread! I know that it was from the old forums, so I did not have a chance to take a look at it. I like the basic layout of the map that you designed which gives us the insight of how does the gameplay works. All of the kits look fine to me, and I do not have any issues with it as well. Overall, the suggestion looks okay, but that is still good! Keep up the great work!
    Posted Jan 17, 2019
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  6. Hey, thanks for the support :D . So trolling may be an issue. But in almost every team game you can still troll your team. The problem with this is trolling isn't beneficial at all because you're on the same team. Just like getting rid of cake protection in Cake Wars or spleefing your team mates in Skywars. This ultimately still hurts the troller and so it isn't done too often. Just like these games, I don't think trolling would be too much of an issue in Maze Wars. Sure, it will still happen, but not that often.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 21, 2019
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